Chronicles of Cross Training: Jan. 1-7

After a tough 2017, I’m excited for 2018 and some new beginnings.

With my janky hamstring and knee, I’m not starting 2018 as I hoped. Santa didn’t bring me a brand new lower body, and I only ran 15 miles in the last three weeks of 2017. Even that 15 miles was over THREE runs. Whomp whomp.


Between a cruise vacation, injuries, holidays, and snow days, I gained weight. This is a taboo topic for many, but when I ran my 5K and 10K PRs back in April 2016, I was about six pounds lighter. At 5’0”, I feel like every pound shows, and I’m not happy at this weight. This isn’t “muscle weighs more than fat”- this is “I ate too many Christmas cookies and chocolate cake” weight gain. Thankfully, Clay has started a low-carb diet, so the desserts in our home have been replaced with lots of veggies (and meat for him).

The weather in Charleston isn’t doing me any favors. The temperature hasn’t hit 40 degrees ALL YEAR. The local news even posted this picture on Tuesday.


On Wednesday, Charleston got a legitimate snowstorm, with 6 inches of snow-  the most since 1989 (I’ll blog more about the snow next week, once it’s gone). Most of us don’t own winter coats, let alone winter running gear, because who wants to spend money on clothes needed MAYBE every few years. South Carolina doesn’t have snow plows or salt trucks, and the temperatures stayed low, so the snow that DID melt re-froze into a messy ice situation. This, combined with so many bridges and overpasses, made travel extremely dangerous.

Clay and I actually made it to the gym on Wednesday morning- bright and early at 6 AM before the action started. We said we were glad we got out when we did on Wednesday for one last workout before the snow, even if it was a short workout.


Later, the City of Charleston declared a state of emergency. Of course, some people “need” Starbucks, Chinese food, or a 10 mile treadmill run and believe that is emergency travel. No workout is worth risking your life over, or the first responder who is working (when you are off) and who may have to save you. Take a walk in the snow, pop in a fitness DVD, or do body weight exercises. Or… don’t.

Besides, snow is the perfect opportunity to train for a different kind of marathon- a Netflix marathon. I set a PR this week!


Monday 4 miles + 30 min. Arc Trainer
Tuesday 6.3 miles + 60 min. BodyFlow
Wednesday 40 min. Elliptical + PT exercises
Thursday PT exercises
Friday 30 min. Elliptical
Saturday 60 min. Arc Trainer
Sunday 90 min. Arc Trainer

The first week of 2018 was basically a fail on the running AND cross training fronts. I served my time in “running jail” (the gym) when I could, but my 6.3 mile run (too long), combined with missing Thursday’s Active Release Therapy session due to the snow, set me back a bit.


By Sunday, I felt like running but decided to hold off one more day so that I could possibly run outdoors on Monday and attempt an every-other-day running schedule next week.

I don’t believe in “signs”, but waking up hurting on Wednesday, the snow, and my overall lack of motivation were good reasons to take one more easy week and resume running next week. What little fitness I had is certainly gone, but hopefully sunny days, warmer temperatures, and melting snow will help.

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Chronicles of Cross Training: December 25-31

Goodbye and good riddance, 2017!

2017 wasn’t the best year on the running front, but 2018 brings new hope and possibilities. That’s the beauty of this sport- it’s a journey and not training cycle or “goal race”. You always have second chances.

I’ll reflect more on this past year in a future post, but for now, I’ll talk about my week of cross training.


Monday PT exercises
Tuesday 60 min. arc trainer
Wednesday 60 min. elliptical + PT exercises
Thursday 4 miles + 30 min. arc trainer
Friday 60 min. elliptical + PT exercises
Saturday 6 miles
Sunday 60 min. elliptical

Ten miles isn’t much, but it beats a zero week or last week’s test run gone wrong. I did PT exercises and a decent amount of cross training. Clay and I also joined a new gym with Les Mills group fitness classes, and I’m excited to get back into BodyPump and BodyFlow.

Of course, I joined the gym so late in the week that I haven’t attended any classes, but I’ve committed for 12 months so there’s no rush, right?


The best part of my week was volunteering at the inaugural Betty Carlton Beer Mile. Adam from I GOT LEGS hosted the race, which benefited his charity efforts to help re-enabled athletes.

You can’t hang around with Adam and not be inspired. Adam lost the use of his legs in a car accident, and while most people in that situation would’ve given up, he used it as a new opportunity. Adam travels to races to spread awareness and bridge the gap between physically challenged and able bodied athletes. He’s a fixture in the local running scene, often completing races in his exoskeleton or on a hand cycle, as well as participating in Charleston Beer Runners on Thursday nights.

Adam completed the Betty Carlton Beer Mile in his exoskeleton, at around 58 minutes and with a standing ovation. When Adam began his last lap of the beer mile, many of the other runners and walkers went back on the course to walk with him and cheer him on as he finished. Even the mayor of Charleston came out to cheer Adam on (Thanks Charleston Beer Runners for the picture!).


This race had a spirit of support for I GOT LEGS rather than a competitive spirit. Most runners finished smiling. Others went behind a nearby bush to puke, had a beer and a chocolate chip cookie, and were smiling soon after.

Adam, Kryssy, and the crew did a wonderful job organizing the event. As a race volunteer, I logged runners’ times as they crossed the finish. A few others from Charleston Beer Runners (Eryn, Kevin, Brian, Paul, and Aaron) also helped. It was a fun way to end the week and 2017- and I was in my element at the finish line with the clipboard.



This week, I’m volunteering at the Race the Landing 5K on New Year’s Day, doing PT exercises, cross training, and hope to get a few runs in, assuming I’m relatively pain-free and my sports med/ART therapist says it’s cool.

2018 may not bring PRs or injury-free finishes, but here’s to owning whatever life brings us and moving forward no matter what. I know that’s what Adam would do.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Come join the fun!

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