About Amy Lauren

I’m Amy Lauren, also known as The Tiny Terror.

I live, run, and work in beautiful Charleston, SC, with my husband, Clay.

Clay and I met at Francis Marion University, where I majored in everything but graduated with a degree in professional writing. We loved our alma mater so much that on March 5, 2011, we got married on the campus.


After Clay graduated with his second degree in computer science in 2012, he found a job as a software engineer, and we moved to Charleston. Moving to Charleston was the best decision for our careers, lives, and hobbies, like my running and Clay’s BJJ/MMA.

Blogging and creative writing may feed the soul, but professional writing feeds a family- and a runner’s growling stomach. I work remotely as a technical writer for a computer software company, where I write training manuals, troubleshooting articles, online help articles, and manage client data and social media.

When I’m not running and writing, I’m busy with reading, painting, yoga, volunteering, trying new restaurants, exploring the world of home ownership, and travelling. We love cruises, weekend getaways and enjoying Charleston life!


My Running Story

Growing up, I was an unathletic, clumsy kid who was always picked last in gym class. I wasn’t a team sport girl, but I enjoyed marching band, art, some academic clubs, my youth group, and working at a local grocery store.


My college days were much of the same- I was busy with honors classes, writing for the student newspaper, leading a campus ministry, and serving in student government. Clay and I met and started dating, too. I ran and worked out occasionally, mainly to keep the Freshman 15 away, but my passion was in writing.


After college, I got a job as a professional writer for a computer software company. In 2010, my company sponsored a local trail 5K, and our company’s president talked me into running it. I had fun training for and running the race, so I decided to train for a 10K a few months later. Finishing a 10K in my cotton t-shirt and soccer shorts was a huge accomplishment for me.

I didn’t know many runners or know much about running, but I fell in love with it.


Running kept me sane through job changes, planning a wedding, moving to a new city, and Clay earning his second degree. Between a stress fracture, two cases of anemia, and hip bursitis, I’ve had my share of setbacks- but each setback resulted in a comeback.


I love the sport and love supporting local races, charities, and runners- including beginner runners. I’ve worked hard to improve but hope I never forget the joy of my first 5K in under 30 minutes and my first half marathon under 2 hours.

Since I work at home, running is my social life. I’m easily persuaded into most local races, many of which I use as tempo runs or training runs. This may be an individual sport, but the Charleston running community is super welcoming, and you won’t find a more supportive group of people.


Run Fast. Take Chances. Dream Big.

First and Fastest

5K: 33:15 (2010) > 20:53 (2016)

10K: 1:04:16 (2010) > 44:41 (2016)

Half Marathon: 2:08:36 (2011) > 1:38:14 (2017)