Charleston Chocolate Chip Cookie Crawl: Mt. Pleasant

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference downtown and had a delicious chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery. My friend Vy is also a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, works downtown, and believes it is the BEST chocolate chip cookie in Charleston. In the name of science, I wanted to put our theory to the test and try ALL the chocolate chip cookies in Charleston- a Cookie Crawl.


However, Charleston is BIG- especially if you include bakeries in our surrounding areas. If you live in Charleston, you probably don’t live on the peninsula- you live in the suburbs and frequent a local bakery close to your home.

With the help of a Yelp search and recommendations from friends, I made a list of chocolate chip cookies to try in several parts of town. Since I was in Mt. Pleasant for a doctor’s appointment recently, I hit all four bakeries on my Mt. Pleasant list- Bakie’s, Kudzu, Saveurs Du Monde, and Sena Cafe.


I brought the cookies home for a taste test. This way, I could try bites of each cookie and take notes, rather than eating two whole cookies and being too stuffed to try others.


Location: 426 W Coleman Blvd, Ste C, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Price: $1.67

Thoughts: I’ve lived here for six years but never heard of Bakie’s until I searched for chocolate chip cookies on Yelp. Bakie’s has a storefront with a few cookies and items for sale, but the majority of their business consists of custom-ordered cakes and cookies. Their website claimed to have signature chocolate chip cookies, which piqued my curiosity.



Bakies was the first cookie I bought and, when I got out of my car to get the other cookies at each shop, I smelled the Bakies cookie. If Yankee Candle ever produced a chocolate chip cookie candle, it would smell exactly like this cookie.

The cookie was soft in the middle, with crispier edges and both chunks and chips of chocolate buried inside. It’s not the most visually appealing but the chocolate is underneath that exterior. The flavor was overwhelmingly chocolate, and the cookie was very clean. It didn’t melt or crumble.


Kudzu Bakery

Location: 794 Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Price: $.53 or $9.50/lb

Thoughts: Unlike Bakie’s, I knew about Kudzu because they have a location in Georgetown, SC, close to where I grew up. Plus, Kudzu’s baked goods are a staple in the breakroom at Clay’s job. Unlike other bakeries, Kudzu’s pricing model is by the pound- this is important. The products are designed to be bought by the pound and taken home, not as a dessert that you eat onsite. This is important.



If you’re on a budget, Kudzu’s chocolate chip cookie is for you. At 53 cent, it’s cheaper than the vending machine and you can find the change in your car’s console. The cookie was the smallest of all four, but also considerably cheaper, and if you have a major sweet tooth, just buy multiple cookies.

Kudzu’s cookie was a bit crunchier. The chocolate was all chips- no chunks, and the sweetness came from the buttery flavor. The chocolate chip to cookie ratio yielded a balanced flavor with chips in every bite.


Saveurs Du Monde Café

Location: 1960 Long Grove Dr, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Price: $3.27

Thoughts: Saveurs Du Monde is a French bakery with two Mt. Pleasant locations, and they sell a variety of pastries and desserts as well as food items. I sat down for awhile inside the bakery and saw some delicious food coming out of the back, so I’ll definitely be coming back here for lunch one day. This was the fanciest bakery as well as the most expensive and biggest cookie. After Kudzu’s 53 cent cookie, it was time I paid the 29464 tax anyway.



Now’s the time to reiterate that I did not eat ANY of these cookies at the bakeries- I brought them all home. When I arrived at my home, the cookie’s brown paper bag was very greasy, with crumbs inside and some melted chocolate, despite being in an air conditioned car. If you have a small child to clean up after, you may want to consider eating this cookie at the bakery, or at least grab some napkins.

Despite the crumbling, Saveurs Du Monde’s cookie was the most visually appealing. The cookie was very chocolately and the chocolate was all chips (no chunks). The cookie was soft all around- both on the middle and in the edges, with chocolate chips in every bite. I pinched off a very small portion of “just cookie” which had a distinct vanilla taste.


Sena Café

Location: 2170 Snyder Cir, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Price: $1.39

Thoughts: After only a few weeks in business, Sena Cafe has already gathered a following on Instagram and Yelp, so I was excited to try it. A book signing was taking place, so before I purchased my cookie, I tried a sample of a chocolate cake that was to die for. It was hard to “just” buy a cookie after that sample of cake, but I will be back to Sena for that cake (by the time you read this, I’ve probably already been back).



Sena was the final bakery I visited in Mt. Pleasant. The counter worker asked if I wanted the cookie heated up, which I declined since I was taking it home, but if I return, I’d take her up on that offer and eat it warm.

Like Saveurs Du Monde’s cookie, the bag was a bit greasy when I got the cookie home, but there were no crumbs and no melting. Sena’s chocolate chip cookie is crunchier all around and not as sweet as the other bakeries. This cookie was more cookie/less chips, and the buttery flavor of the cookie came through.


Final Thoughts: Chocolate chip cookies are subjective, so I won’t name a “best”. Some prefer chunks vs. chips, or soft vs. crunchy, and my favorite cookie may not be your favorite cookie. I’ll let you decide based on your own tastes, but if you’re in Mt. Pleasant, I’d encourage you to try one of these Mt. Pleasant bakeries and give me your thoughts.

Bakie’s, Kudzu, Sena Cafe, and Saveurs Du Monde are all local businesses, and the customer experience at each was great. I plan to recommend and return to ALL of them and try other menu items- and possibly more cookies, if I’m in the mood.

I have at least two more cookie crawls planned to try bakeries in Downtown Charleston as well as West Ashley. I want to try cookies on the islands as well as in the north area (North Charleston/Summerville/Ladson/Goose Creek) if I can find bakeries. Send me your suggestions!

To comply with FCC regulations, I purchased all chocolate chip cookies for this post. None of these businesses compensated me monetarily or provided free product in exchange for this post. If you’d like to pay me to eat cookies, this is basically my dream job and I will not turn you down.

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12 Responses to Charleston Chocolate Chip Cookie Crawl: Mt. Pleasant

  1. runeatralph says:

    They all look delicious! I think the fancy one looks like the kind I’d enjoy most.

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    Honestly they were all really good. I do have a favorite out of these four, but I would visit any of these bakeries again. It was fun to find so many new-to-me places.

  3. Try the Charleston bakery in Summerville on Dorchester road by Stoners Pizza…. the cookies are good but the other baked goods like the cake, pies, brownies not so much (they taste frozen) haven’t tried the lunch menu yet but will do so soon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Charleston Bakery is good. When I moved here, it used to be down the road from where we lived in West Ashley- it moved to Summerville (bigger location) about a year later. Tami O. and I love their desserts- the red velvet cheesecake is REALLY good, and so are the salted caramel brownies. Haven’t had a cookie from there, though. I always wanted to go there for breakfast after a run, too.

      They were the only bakery I found in Summerville to try. Trolly Dolly is at the Farmer’s Market (she lives in the ville), and some of the coffee shops downtown have cookies but I don’t know if they’re baked in house. I will probably have to hit Summerville on a Saturday so I can go to the farmer’s market.

  4. ostapiej says:

    I’m sure you’ve already thought of Baker and the Farmer on Johns Island. Can’t speak for chocolate chip, but their PB is toooooooooo die for. Worth every calorie!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I went there yesterday and it is such a cute little place. I saw the listing on Yelp but had never been and it’s not TOO far away from me. I really should cross that bridge more often!

  5. This is SUCH a fun idea! All in the name of science, right?! 😉 So funny, I’m literally eating a chocolate chip cookie as I read this post so I’m totally in the cookie zone!

    You’re so right about chocolate chip cookies being subjective. When I first started reading, I thought I’d love the review of the one from Saveur Du Monde, but I hate when cookies are super messy and crumbly! Too funny.

    I can’t wait to read more reviews 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I tried three more cookies last week. I have the blog post written, but still need to add pictures and publish it- hopefully later this week.

      I also went back to Sena Cafe on Saturday- that’s the first bakery I’ve visited for this “experiment” that I’ve gone back to. I got coffee this time and the coffee was some of the best I’ve had in town.

  6. If you haven’t already, look for the Cookie Chick stand at the local farmer’s markets. I love her oatmeal based cookies. Her stand is at the Summerville Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. I don’t know what day the other farmer’s markets are. ☮

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I haven’t heard of the Cookie Chick! I know Trolly Dolly Treats is usually at the Summerville market and her baked goods are wonderful (also very nice people).

      I’m most likely going to have to time Summerville’s around the farmer’s market because that’s where all the cookies seem to be, with the exception of that one bakery downtown and Charleston Bakery on Dorchester.

      • I hadn’t heard of Trolly Dolly Treats. TDT will be at Summerville Farmer’s market on Aug 18th according to their website calendar. I might check out TDT and Cookie Chick. Will have to cycle a double century after all that. 😉

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