The Weekly Rundown: April 9-15

Another week of work, workouts, and doctor’s appointments begins.

I have a few friends- both real life and blogger friends- running the Boston Marathon and I hope they meet their goals and finish injury-free and smiling. Remember, some runners are in PT or orthopedists’ offices while you’re running the marathon, and we’d gladly trade places with you.


Being injured for a few months has certainly changed my outlook on running, weather, “bad races” and “bad days”. I may not be able to run where I want, as much as I want, or completely pain and discomfort free, but at least I can do something.

Even Kiawah, which is in December, isn’t looking good, but right now, the only “PR” I want this year is pain relief.


Monday 5 miles + 45 min. BodyPump
Tuesday 5 miles + PT
Wednesday 3.1 miles
Thursday 5 miles + 60 min. BodyPump
Friday 6 miles + sports massage
Saturday 4 miles + 10 min. Stair Climber
Sunday 4 miles + 10 min. recumbent bike

I have an ortho appointment on Thursday and a laundry list of questions to ask him, so I decided to run as much as I could- even if those runs were slow, short, or treadmilled. I plan to continue this trend until my appointment.

I had a Tuesday PT appointment, Wednesday dentist appointment, and Friday massage, so I didn’t do as much cross training this week.

I got a cavity filled on Wednesday, and my mouth stayed numb for a few hours. I don’t like the numbness or the resulting bills, but it was nice to zone out and daydream for thirty minutes. I couldn’t have my phone in the dentist chair so it was nice not being chained to a phone or laptop for work.

On Wednesday afternoon, I got an easy three miles in with Melissa while Erin did a track workout. I miss doing actual workouts at the track, but it was good to share a run with Melissa and be in a post-run picture.


All of my other runs were treadmilled, because my form isn’t as off or janky as it is when running outdoors. Treadmilling is quad-dominant, so I don’t compensate as much on my right side, and I’m not in any more pain afterwards than I have been when cross training. Of course, being confined to a treadmill isn’t fun, so I visited The Foot Store on Friday and talked to Carolyn. She prescribed some exercises to help with my running gait (one of my hips is tilted up) and gave me some ideas to try this week.

As for this week, I’m hoping to get my ortho to approve an MRI to get better answers for my hamstring/glute. I’ve been through two PTs, ART, dry needling, and massage, so the next step might involve more needles, who knows?

I’m linking up with Holly, Wendy, and Courtney for their weekly wraps. Come join the fun!

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18 Responses to The Weekly Rundown: April 9-15

  1. One of the first things I did as a personal trainer was study for my corrective exercise specialist certification. I work with a lot of runners and being able to catch their muscle imbalances from the beginning is so helpful in preventing injury. With a tilted hip that causes all kinds of things! Hopefully she’s got you on the right track to strengthening the correct muscles! So wishing you could run totally pain free my friend!! I miss training hard too…just for different reasons 😉 ugh. C’mon baby girl…aren’t you weaned yet?!?! 😆

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I think you’re doing great so far, with just having a baby and also dealing with life with a newborn. One day you will be able to train as hard as you did before, this is just a different stage of life- but being a runner is lifelong!

  2. I love taking body pump! That is always a great cross training activity. I bet that sports massage felt great!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The massage felt good, but it really didn’t help my hamstring tendon as much as it did last time (he didn’t do as much cross action massage). Still, money spent on a massage is never wasted. It was great to relax and be away from a phone or computer screen and work during that time!

  3. Wendy says:

    I have trouble on the treadmill–it kind of jacks up my stride. I can do a short, occasional run but anything more than that really messes me up! I hope you find answers to what is going on with you!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it does change your stride. It’s definitely more quad dominant, and it’s 100% flat.

      A lot of runners seem to think treadmill miles don’t “count”, but I do. It’s mentally tough…

  4. Yes, treadmill running is definitely different and actually seems more difficult to me. I hope you get some answers soon as no runner enjoys being sidelined …it sucks seeing everyone else out there running and racing! However, we’ve all been injured at one point or another we get it! Good luck with the ortho appt!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I keep reminding myself that I have a 100% comeback rate from all my other injuries, but none have lasted THIS long.

      This is my first ortho appointment- I’ve seen my MD (as well as PTs). My MD keeps talking about some sort of ultrasound guided injection- not sure if it would be cortisone or something like PRP. The main thing is, I hope the ortho doesn’t just want to send me for another round of PT or write me off completely.

      • I understand. I’ve been through several orthos over the years and have found that if you can find one who is also a runner …you tend to get more action/results! Good luck!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        This ortho isn’t a runner, but my friend is a runner and has seen him and said he’s very runner-friendly and will want me to get back out there. Plus, it speaks volumes that other runners see him- maybe he’ll be familiar with my injury and know how to treat it?

        I really hope any sports med physician will understand that “athlete mindset” of wanting to get better and get back out there. After all, something has to motivate them to go into this field.

      • I agree ..if other runners continue to see him, then I’m sure he understands the runner’s mindset!

  5. Christine says:

    Sorry you’re still dealing with this injury and have to keep constant doctor visits in rotation. I despise the treadmill. It’s just so boring. Good job getting some running in and figuring out a way that doesn’t cause you as much pain. I hope you get some answers (and get better) soon!

  6. runeatralph says:

    I know you’ve been fighting the injury battle for what probably seems like forever and I truly hope that you find answers and improvement soon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Randy. I’m really glad to see you up and running again, too :). I’m glad for what I can do, because I’ve been able to run a decent amount- but I hate being in pain at night and just feeling janky :(.

  7. Interesting about the treadmill being quad dominate. I’ve never heard that before! I just love running on my treadmill because it gives me comfort – kind of a safety blanket because I can hop off whenever I want, and I won’t get stranded out somewhere. Which honestly has never happened to me, but it’s just one of those fears I have!! It will be interesting to hear what an MRI shows. Hope you get the answer you are looking for! As for me, still plugging away at the PT exercises (which I am avoiding doing right now!!)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That’s another reason why I choose the treadmill so much- if it’s not going well, I can hop off and just get on a different machine or leave the gym entirely. I’ve had a few nightmare runs that ended with walks of shame and that feels much worse, mentally, than running on a treadmill.

  8. I hope your appointment goes well with the ortho and that you can get some pain relief and hopefully an MRI that gives you some answers! And hopefully not so many needles?! I’m glad you got some running in!

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