Chronicles of Cross Training: April 2-8

Monday morning after a race-cation is always the hardest!


I spent the weekend in Savannah for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon and 5K. It was a great weekend, and I “just ran” the 5K and had fun with it. I thanked the volunteers, cheered for the other runners, and ran at a conversational pace. Between my hamstring injury, which is still lingering, and feeling like dirt this week, I didn’t even THINK about pushing the pace. The last thing I wanted was to finish exhausted or in pain and not enjoy the beautiful city or seeing friends.

The Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon and 5K is a wonderful event that celebrates women of all ages and abilities. I had an amazing time and hope to be a part of this event for years to come. I’ll write more about the race later this week.

Monday 60 min. stairclimber + 45 min. BodyPump
Tuesday 4.2 miles + 30 min. bike
Wednesday 60 min. elliptical + PT
Thursday 4.2 miles + 45 min. BodyPump
Friday No workout (Doctor’s appointment + Travel to Savannah)
Saturday 3.1 Miles (Savannah Women’s 5K) + Walking in Savannah
Sunday 60 min. elliptical

After last Sunday’s “easy five miler” that felt anything but easy, I basically took the week off. I ran twice before Saturday’s 5K, just to be sure I remembered how. I strength trained twice this week and spent way too much time in the gym cross training.


On Friday, I went to the doctor for bloodwork, because I suspected I was anemic. I’ve been really tired, it’s hard to breathe on my runs, I feel foggy, and I just want to lay around. The doctor ran blood tests and x-rayed my hip. Turns out my hip isn’t broken, and I’m not anemic. Most of my labs came back normal, minus a low WBC count.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my bloodwork wasn’t scarily bad- but I still feel run down. Maybe this is just how it feels when you’re out of shape?

Six months ago, I was running 45 miles a week and running 5Ks in 21 minutes. Now, a 9 min/mile feels tough. I’ve gained too much weight, and I don’t recognize myself in the mirror or as a runner. I haven’t felt like a runner since December, and I miss that feeling.

I’m scheduling a follow up with my doctor soon and going to the orthopedist later this month. I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I’m linking up with Holly, Wendy, and Courtney for their weekly wraps. Come join the fun!

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25 Responses to Chronicles of Cross Training: April 2-8

  1. Sarah M. says:

    Your photos from Savannah are great – I’ve always wanted to run that race. I’ve felt similarly about test results. My last annual check-up, I just wanted a (treatable) reason for why I’d been feeling run down. Fingers crossed this feeling will pass quickly for you.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The Savannah Women’s Half/5K is a lot of fun- I hope you can run it one year. It celebrates all women- no matter the age or ability. The course is beautiful as well, and the race is just the right size (big enough so you’re not alone, but not huge!).

      It stinks to feel run down and injured and have no real “reason”. I want to feel better, but it stinks when people ask what’s wrong and I can’t really tell them anything. I almost want a diagnosis just so I can tell people what I have and maybe avoid that question constantly. My first PT thought I had high hamstring tendonopathy, but my current PT doesn’t really think that.

  2. runeatralph says:

    Unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel about not feeling like a runner. There are plenty of things to do for cross-training, but none of them can even come close to running. I can get good workouts, but they don’t get me like running gets me. I really hope that we both get everything figured out and get back to kicking butts.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I don’t have anything against cross training- if you turn up the resistance enough on the machines, it’s not a bad workout.

      But it’s lonely. I have tons of running friends- I’ve never made a friend being zoned out with Netflix on an elliptical, but I make friends at group runs and races. I don’t have a ton of non-running friends, and sometimes people are… less than tactful… when talking about running with someone who is injured. Not that I mind talking about running, but it’s hard for me to empathize right now.

      • runeatralph says:

        That’s true. Runners understand what running can mean to people and sometimes non-runners don’t quite get how much of a void there can be for a runner without it (not just for the exercise).

        I can definitely break a good sweat doing plenty of other things, but none of those things are quite what running is. They don’t have the same soul.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Honestly, I don’t think runners always realize how much of a void there can be when a runner can’t run. The stuff people say… “Oh, I was injured, I didn’t let it get me down… I kept my hopes up! You would be surprised at what a little rest does!” etc.

        I think any runner who has been injured and supposedly kept their hopes up, was positive the whole time and “didn’t let it bother them” is stretching the truth.

        To me, no other activity has the community running brings. I love my bodypump classes- at my non-PF gym- but it’s not running. Different people come each week, we do the workout and make small talk, then go about the rest of our day. It’s not like a run, where you get to know someone and hang out after.

      • runeatralph says:

        You’re right! I’m happy to still be involved with this running community as well as the one here in Lynchburg. Even just the coffee after everyone but me has run helps a lot.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Agreed- I’m in a group here, Charleston Beer Runners, and still went out to Taco Boy a few weeks ago even though I can’t run. It was nice to have dinner and drinks with everyone and chill- the socialization helps a lot!

  3. I love the picture from the Savannah race! It’s so beautiful there and I’m glad you had a nice time! I think it was smart not to push the pace and make any injuries worse.

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick and tired, Amy! Hang in there and keep us posted (if you want, of course!) on the follow up and appt with orthopedist!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I wish I could’ve taken more pics in Savannah. It rained on Saturday afternoon, so instead of exploring the city, we had a “Belk date” so Clay could buy some dress shirts and other clothes he needed (Belk is a department store here… you know it’s married life when your dates are to department stores). We did have a nice day to hang out outside on Friday, though!

  4. I hope you figure out what’s wrong quickly and can get back to where you were, and where you feel like YOU!

  5. AJ says:

    I hope you’re back to feeling like you soon! I know that feeling and don’t like it either. Last time I had it, turned out I had mono:(

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh yuck! Mono is NOT good. Another one of my readers had it a few years ago. My heart goes out to anyone who has it because it is really tough and brings you down.

      • AJ says:

        It was a horrible experience! I didn’t know I had it until I was almost better so it was scary to fall asleep everywhere and not know why!

  6. Ugh sorry to read this. Have you had your vitamin D checked? A couple of years ago, I was feeling the same way and mine was INCREDIBLY low. I have known many other female runners who had a similar issue. Either way, I hope you have answers soon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yep- my doctor ran a ton of tests on Friday and I got the results back Saturday night (online, I haven’t talked to him about them yet).

      Vitamin D was normal. Vitamin B12 and Folate were actually high. Everything on the CBC was normal, minus low white blood cells. Ferritin was in the normal range but on the low end- actually the lowest its been in years. I’ll keep supplementing with iron.

  7. Pam says:

    Amy, I’m sorry your blood results didn’t have anything show up, it’s hard to feel crummy and not get a firm diagnosis. I was also getting blood work and tests for feeling lethargic and run down…..they also turned out normal, but on Sunday when I was connecting to my Boston flight from the Charlotte airport, I discovered bumps on the side of my waist. Went to the walk in clinic Sunday afternoon and I have shingles. All the tiredness was a lead up to the diagnosis. Thankfully we caught it super early and the antiviral drug seems to be working well. Good luck with your situation and hopefully you will be back feeling normal soon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I am so sorry you have shingles and glad it was caught early! I feel like being a runner or athlete, we are all very in tune with our bodies so if something is a little off, we feel it. I hope you feel better soon too!

  8. Wendy says:

    I hope you get an answer to not feeling well. It’s got to be so frustrating!

  9. Christine says:

    So frustrating! I don’t really think that’s what out of shape feels like, although, it’s good your overall bloodwork was looking good. Keep digging for answers! I’ve been there. It’s so hard to feel like that. I haven’t recognized myself since maybe fall 2015? It’s slowly coming back. I hope you’re comeback journey is much shorter than mine was!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! I am so glad you’re running again and also strength training, doing yoga, etc. You were on the struggle bus for way too long and it’s good to see you back and so much happier.

  10. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I hope you feel better soon, it isn’t easy when you can’t easily do the thing you love and can’t figure out what’s wrong. Wishing the best. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Savannah!

  11. So it’s not just me who wonders if something is wrong when they are just too tired or things feel too hard. Good to know! I think it’s good to be proactive about stuff like that. Hope you figure something out (actually, I hope it just all goes away!).

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