Chronicles of Cross Training: March 26 – April 1

Move over Christmas and Valentine’s Day- Easter has the best candy!

We don’t celebrate in the religious sense, but I’ll make a special trip to Walmart today for discounted bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs and Reese’s Peanut Butter Clusters, my favorite holiday candies. Mondays after a holiday weekend are always tough, but the candy will get us through.

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I’ve given up on any sort of “training” right now. Between this hamstring/adductor/glute injury and stress from life and work, I don’t want the added stress. I’ve had more bad than good runs recently, and it was time to shut it down. I’m not ruling out the Kiawah Island Marathon, since it is 8 months away, but Spring and Summer aren’t looking too promising. Good thing running is a lifelong sport, right?

To keep it real: I had more medical appointments than runs this week. Welcome to the new normal.

Monday 60 min. elliptical + 45 min. BodyPump
Tuesday 60 min. stair climber + PT
Wednesday 65 min. elliptical
Thursday 60 min. stair climber + 60 min. BodyPump
Friday 4.1 miles + PT + Sports Massage
Saturday 60 min. elliptical
Sunday 5 miles

Work was a beast this week- as we had a five day work week crammed into four days- so I was at peace with my decision to not run. I’ve taken on a new project at work that’s basically doubled the number of meetings every week and increased my workload, and adapting to work demands is obviously more important than runs and working out. Running might feed my soul, but technical writing feeds my family.

On Tuesday, I stair-mastered for an hour then had PT that afternoon. My PT dry needled my adductor so I was in running jail for the evening, but I still went to the Charleston Running Club group run and social at Lotus in Park Circle. I timed my arrival to drive up in my car just as everyone was finishing the three mile run. We had some delicious apps and saki, and the service at Lotus was great.


On Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment, where I found out I had a cavity. The dentist could’ve filled it on Thursday, but I wanted one day of the week (well, besides Monday) without a medical appointment. Plus, cavity filling involves needles, and I’m already a human pincushion from dry needling. It sucks to put it off, but I’ll go back in a few weeks for a filling.

When Thursday came around, I kinda wished I’d went ahead and gotten the filling- you know, to at least be “done” with the cavity. Oh well.


I was off work Friday, so I went for a short run before PT. I figured if there was any time to try running, it was before a PT appointment and a sports massage, so I could tell my PT how the run felt and that the massage would help any pain, if I had any. PT was needle-free and I got new exercises to do.

My sports massage was pretty incredible. Andrew at Elements Massage beat the $@&#* out of my lower body, but I felt good- and pain free- after. I got dinner at Dellz on the Macon, a new restaurant in North Charleston, where I had the veggie tacos. If you’re vegetarian or just like plant-based foods in Charleston, Dellz is the place to go. I already want to go back!

I felt fine on Saturday morning, but decided to elliptical so I could watch trashy TV and give my body a day between runs. After lunch, I headed out to the Kiawah Island Kids Triathlon to volunteer with Summerville Tri Club. About 250 kids completed the triathlon, and my job as a volunteer was handing out medals.


I love volunteering in general, and I’ve done it all- from race day registration to beer tents- but my favorite thing is volunteering with kids. The kids are the future of our sport, and if the Kiawah Kids Triathlon was any indication, that future’s a bright one. The kids had great attitudes, and I’m so proud of every one of them.

On Sunday, I ran with Virginia and Kelly in Park Circle. We ran an easy five miles, although it didn’t feel nearly as easy as it should have. I didn’t have much pain during the run or after, so at least that’s a plus. I shared a run with friends and had a change of scenery, which is always good. Plus, it was Easter Sunday- so no excuse to skip church (of the Sunday group run).


I hope everyone has a great week! It’s another short work week for me, as I’ll head to Savannah on Friday for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon and 5K. I can’t wait for a mini-vacation and chance to see so many running friends.

I’m linking up with Holly, Wendy, and Courtney for their weekly wraps. Come join the fun!

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17 Responses to Chronicles of Cross Training: March 26 – April 1

  1. Wendy says:

    Glad to hear you felt a little better this week! Have fun on your trip to Savannah. That’s one place I’d love to go!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I actually didn’t feel better this week, but thanks. The massage helped for awhile, but yesterday’s run was still tough. I made an ortho appointment for April, I think I need a cortisone shot or something.

  2. As much as I love racing, it is always fun to volunteer as well as races. I have volunteered at Girl on the Run before and I really enjoyed that. I love going to get a massage that is very deep pressure too. It is like a good sore.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I agree- if a massage doesn’t make me a bit sore, I’m not sure if I really got a massage, you know? I can’t deal with that fluffy stuff that just feels good. I want a tough massage that eventually helps my pain.

  3. trexrunner says:

    Fingers crossed for a full recovery soon! It’s hard to take time off but it is worth it. I’m proud of you for stepping back.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I remember you taking tons of time off with your back, but you have recovered from so much and it is very inspiring, Danielle. You probably have no clue how many people you’ve inspired from sharing your surgery stories and journey on your blog. I’m really proud of you for doing as much as you can with the foster parenting as well as the injury you’re dealing with now.

  4. runeatralph says:

    I just texted my wife and asked her to pick up cheap Mini Eggs for me since I’m stuck at work. Those are my go-to! How has dry needling done for you? I had a referral to dry needle my hip before I tore my Achilles. I’m still looking forward (sort of) to that.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The first dry needling session helped, but it hasn’t helped since. My PT didn’t dry needle at all on Friday.

      The dry needling doesn’t really hurt. You feel it twitch as the PT moves the needle, but it doesn’t hurt. Injuries hurt and pain hurts. Dry needling doesn’t hurt.

      Good luck finding cadbury mini eggs. Our Walmart, Publix, and Harris Teeter stores here are OUT!

      • runeatralph says:

        Injuries DO hurt. I wish we never had to deal with them.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Yeah, and it’s a different kind of hurt than the pain of an injury treatment. When you’re injured and in pain, the pain isn’t going anywhere and you don’t know when it will. When a treatment hurts, you know that kind of hurt is temporary and hopefully will bring about pain relief, or being able to run again, or some sort of healing.

        What gets me is when someone asks how the pain feels on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being childbirth. I’ve never had a child, but people have one child and then want to and willingly have more kids. Plus, after having a baby (while I’m sure it hurts), you have a baby. Ideally you’re surrounded by your spouse, family… friends visit. You know it will hurt, but you know there’s an end.

        The hardest part of an injury- or illness, or anything chronic, really- is not knowing when it will end.

      • runeatralph says:

        Well said. That’s the only GOOD part about this injury I’m dealing with. I knew what it was right away, had the surgery and started a fairly set in stone timetable for recovery. It’s the nagging stuff that can really be mentally and physically taxing.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I feel like having some sort of a time table makes it easier, although there can still be setbacks in recovery. Even then, it’s nice to know how long you’re *definitely* out for…

  5. Aww I’m sorry to hear about all the injuries!! I think it’s important that you still participate in the running community by cheering on your friends. It helps you stay connected! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I really have no choice but to keep going. If I stopped, I’d have to make a completely new set of friends (which is easier said than done, especially when you work from home…). I have maybe two non-running friends.

  6. HoHo Runs says:

    I think it’s very encouraging that you were able to run five miles without pain! I’m glad you are still socializing with your running friends and volunteering at events. Have fun this weekend in Savannah. You deserve it! Thanks for linking.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t have pain, although my stride was still really… awkward. And I was super tired after a very easy run.

      Something is still up with me, I have no clue what. I’m going to the doc tomorrow and hoping for answer soon.

  7. The candy from Easter really is so great! I remember buying some Reese’s eggs on the Friday before Easter and just cringing thinking about how much cheaper they would be on Monday, haha. Oh well!

    Amen to running being a lifelong sport! That’s the goal, at least for most people!! I’m sorry about the cavity and feeling like a human pincushion, but I am glad to hear you were able to get 5 miles in!!

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