Weekly Rundown: March 5-11

I’ve never understood why we “Spring Forward” at 2 AM on Saturday night. Personally, I’d rather lose an hour of my on a Friday at 3:30 PM.


Another week is done. This week wasn’t quite as stressful, which was nice. My runs weren’t fast or remarkable, but they managed to get done despite the circumstances- and I’m grateful for that. Even a tough or slow run beats no run. My glute/hammie is still not 100% but I’m seeing a new physical therapist next week and (separately) getting bloodwork to make sure I’m not anemic or deficient in anything.


Monday 7.1 miles + 45 min. BodyPump
Tuesday 5.1 miles
Wednesday 25 min. stair climber + 35 min. elliptical + 5.4 miles
Thursday 6.5 miles + 60 min. BodyPump
Friday 5.1 miles
Saturday No workout (Working Foam Fest 5K)
Sunday 11.3 miles
Total 40.5 miles

I ran around the neighborhood on Monday morning, then went to BodyPump that evening. I lifted heavier on the squat track, which is one thing I’m not scared to do since I’m not doing any running workouts right now. When I was doing track intervals and tempo runs each week, I didn’t want to put more weight on the bar to fatigue my legs even more before or after a workout. Being limited to jogging/easy runs sucks but it is nice to challenge myself in the gym.

On Tuesday night, I went to the Charleston Running Club grand prix dinner at Mellow Mushroom Avondale. I’m one of maybe, three, ladies in my age group who are members of the Charleston Running Club and the only one who completed the 10 races, so I think I placed in my age group by default. Given my injuries, I didn’t bother signing up for 2018’s Grand Prix.


On Wednesday, I hit the gym for some cross training that morning, mainly to work off the Mellow Mushroom. Sure, I ran five miles on Tuesday, but I ate like I ran fifty miles- may as well take advantage of the carbs, right?

I drove to the track that evening to run with the group, then found out track meets have started (the meets WERE NOT on the SHS calendar). I was kinda sad about having to run alone instead of with a group, but I logged a couple miles downtown anyway.

Clay and I went out for frozen yogurt Wednesday night. It was a nice post-run treat! Clay is looking great and doing so well with his weight loss. I wish I had an ounce of his willpower. The scale didn’t budge for me this week, but thankfully I didn’t find any of the pounds he lost.


On Saturday, I skipped my usual long run to work at the 5K Foam Fest on Johns Island. It was a paid position working the registration/check-in table, and later the finish line. I had SOOO much fun helping people get signed in and excited about the obstacle run.


Even though I don’t participate in these events, seeing how they operate was a great experience and you can’t beat some extra cash. I hope to someday direct a race of my own, so I take every chance I get to learn what makes races successful. My biggest takeaway: Every race is someone’s first race, every race is someone’s last race, and every race is someone’s “Boston”. You’ve got to make your event a great experience for all three of those AND everyone else.

On Sunday, I did my skipped long run. I was a bit tired and run down from Daylight Savings Time, but it’s done. I ran the bridge then met up with some friends for the monthly fun run at One Broad. I enjoyed the company, slightly different route, and breakfast. I’ll be out of town for April’s fun run, but I highly recommend them, as well as One Broad. It’s a solid breakfast option downtown, especially since they start serving fairly early on Sunday mornings.


After the run, I mainly took it easy and enjoyed the extra daylight. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I’m linking up with Holly, Wendy, and Courtney for their weekly wraps. Come join the fun!


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17 Responses to Weekly Rundown: March 5-11

  1. Hollie says:

    I completely agree with that attitude about the race. For a race to be successful, it must be a good experience to all three of those runners. I once raced a 5k, that didn’t give out awards (honestly I didn’t care), however, someone who placed it their age group for the very first time was upset because of that and I don’t blame them. I think you would be a great race director though.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I agree with you on awards, at least if the race is timed. The Foam Fest wasn’t timed, so no awards- which I understand. I feel like it’s really disheartening to have a timed event and then give runners nothing at the end. Awards and medals cost, but that cost is a lot less than your race having a negative reputation, especially in this day of social media but also word of mouth.

  2. runeatralph says:

    Every race is someone’s first race, every race is someone’s last race, and every race is someone’s “Boston”. – That’s so very well said.

    I totally get not being afraid to wear your legs out right now. That’s the one thing I’ve been happy about while not being able to run. I can’t use my next run as an excuse not to push on my cross-training.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m so glad your recovery is going well, and you have the right attitude. I know this is blogging and social media, and it’s probably a lot tougher than you let on, but glad you have not had any complications or issues, at least. You will come back super strong with all that upper body work too.

  3. What, a paid position? Foam fest looks fun! I agree with runeatralph – very well said about the race being important to everyone. I will need to share that one! That’s interesting that the squats don’t bother your hamstrings. Mine would be crying if I did weights like that. Good for you!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah- I still have the goal of volunteering once a month in Cindy’s memory (and I will be volunteering at a race this month), but this was listed on a temporary job site. My husband found it and showed me, the pay wasn’t huge but it gave me something to do on a Saturday when he was out of town, and I learned a lot.

      Plus I love helping out at runs anyway, may as well earn a few extra bucks for it- especially when you have to pay for PT and sports massages!

  4. Wendy says:

    I”m not a fan of those novelty races, but you are right, everyone has a different reason to run!

    Thanks for linking! Have a great week.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You know, I always said I would never run one- and I’m still super afraid I’d get even more injured out there… but people were having a great time and smiling!

      Plus, the race was EXTREMELY well organized. I guess if you host a traveling race that’s in a different city each weekend, you have to be, but I feel like a lot of races could learn from this type of event, at least when it comes to the registration/sign in process. This race had over 1,000 participants, but as someone who volunteers at the registration table for many races, I’ve encountered more “issues” at much smaller events.

  5. I love those race takaways! So so true. And wow – I feel like I can see Clay’s dedication. Good for him! Love that you volunteered 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I didn’t volunteer- it was a paid position (well, I haven’t gotten the check yet, so I suppose if I never get the check, I “volunteered”).

      I will always wish I had an ounce of Clay’s willpower when it comes to food and workouts. He works out way more than I do.

  6. Working at a race (volunteer or paid) is so rewarding! I would love to do it more in the future.

  7. I so agree with wanting to lose an hour during the workday, not overnight!! Love that coffee meme, haha. So. True. I was exhausted on Sunday!

    I’m glad your week wasn’t as stressful and I hope the bloodwork turns out well! Love that picture of you and Clay out to get froyo. I am jealous that it’s warm enough to get froyo! We got snow today, lol.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Whats crazy is that some of my coworkers saw snow yesterday! But, they live more in the upstate of SC. It definitely wasn’t cold like that in Charleston. We eat froyo year round here- our shops do not close for the season like some do up north.

  8. sarahdudek80 says:

    I love the idea of losing an hour of workday. Brilliant! I am in Florida right now (leaving tomorrow) but noticed a Mellow Mushroom here. I didn’t realize it was a chain? I was curious when I saw it so I might have to do some research for next year.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Mellow Mushroom is a chain, but each one is a little different. I think it’s kind of like how Fleet Feet is a chain- they are independently owned and operated. Every Mellow has a few menu items that are exclusive to that location, and all of them have different decor/interiors. I like their pizza, have always enjoyed Mellow in any town I’ve visited!

  9. Elizabeth C. says:

    Those foam runs and color runs always crack me up! It’s cool that you got to be a volunteer at that one. I know you said your runs weren’t fast but I think the consistency here (40 miles) is really impressive and if you keep progressing like this you will continue to see great results! Meanwhile, I think it’s a great idea for you to get your blood work done.

  10. HoHo Runs says:

    A foam obstacle race sounds like a blast…as long as I didn’t get it in my eyes. LOL. I love your perspective about the race being someone’s first, last, etc. I think it’s a wonderful goal to someday direct a race. You’d be great at it. Nice mileage this week. Thanks for linking!

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