Weekly Rundown: February 5-11

Same story, different Monday: Another week of too much gym time and too few runs. The ratio of running to cross training is improving, slowly but surely. The best things in life, and distance running, come slowly anyway.

We still have a few months of not-blistering-hot running weather until summer, then plenty of Fall races, so I’m enjoying the process. I don’t do goals or goal races anymore, because all my best runs happened when I least expected them to anyway.



Monday 60 min. Arc Trainer + 45 min. BodyPump
Tuesday 7.1 miles
Wednesday 30 min. StairMaster + 6 miles (25 min. HMP tempo)
Thursday 6 miles + 60 min. BodyPump
Friday No workout
Saturday 11 miles
Sunday 5.2 miles
Total 35.4 miles

I started the week off with more cross training on the Arc Trainer, trying to be smart about increasing mileage and wear and tear on the body. After all, I want to keep my Tiny Terror nickname instead of having to change it to say, Tendonitis Terror.

I hoped to make it to track this week, but after a crazy power outage in Summerville and a messy night, decided to stay in and treadmill. I ran a 25 minute tempo run at half marathon pace, which served as a reminder of just how much fitness I’ve lost. I set the treadmill for current half marathon pace and not goal pace, and I still wanted to throw up when I finished (I didn’t throw up). Workouts never get easier, but the first few back are rough.


On the gym front, I increased my chest weight at BodyPump this week. I think the leg tracks are helping my injuries by strengthening the whole kinetic chain, and I’m confident enough to put a few more pounds on the bar. I wasn’t sore after BodyPump this week, so I’ll probably add a bit more next week.

On Saturday I ran 11 hot, humid, and windy miles, including the Cooper River Bridge. The fog was so dense that I couldn’t SEE the uphill of the bridge as I ran, but my legs sure felt it. No matter how often I run the bridge- and I used to run it twice a week- it never gets easier.

I was stoked to run another double-digit long run and promptly went to Fleet Feet Mt. Pleasant, where I bought a new Oiselle hoodie and joined the Fleet Feet Running Club to get a cute tech shirt.


You know you’re on #TeamJanky when you’re happy to spend money on running gear rather than copays at the doctor’s office or PT.

I did an easy recovery run on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day to run downtown. One of the local restaurants, One Broad, now has a 5K/1 mile fun run on Second Sunday. For $10, you can run and have a delicious breakfast of two eggs, meat, bread (baked in house!) and a mimosa. Plus, One Broad has delicious pastries like King Cake Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls.

PRs are fun, but you can’t beat the simple joy of sharing a run – or breakfast – with friends.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I’m linking up with Holly and Wendy for their weekly wrap link. Come join the fun!

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25 Responses to Weekly Rundown: February 5-11

  1. $10 for a run and breakfast is a great deal. Plus that donut looks amazing!

  2. runeatralph says:

    I have some serious donut envy. My running gear money is definitely going to my PT. Bummer.

  3. Christine says:

    Oh, I might have to come out to One Broad sometime. I’m glad you’re on the road again and at least doing some running. Being sidelined sucks.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It does, but the body heals :).

      You would like the One Broad Second Sunday runs- it’s a 5K so very manageable and also really family friendly. Plus the breakfast and mimosa for $10 was a steal. I think I might be out of town for the next few, though I am def. going back to One Broad for a croissant. Maybe a post MB Half Marathon treat…

  4. Now I want king cake. Great week!!

  5. You’re right about the best things taking time! I’m glad that slowly but surely, you’re running more and more! That treadmill e-card is so accurate. Also, I want to try King Cake now! It looks delish!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      A few years ago, I had traditional king cake at a party. I didn’t find the baby, but that was the first time I was introduced to it. A few places around here have it, but the donuts are a bit more popular. Most of the places that make the donuts put a baby in a few of them, and if you get the baby you get a free donut on your next visit.

  6. Angela says:

    That’s so cool a race followed by an awesome breakfast, I’m going to see if my favourite brunch spot will do this too, ha!
    You are right to take things slowly! You’ll be so strong from all the body pump you’ll be smashing Race PR’s when you get back to it fully!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m not looking for any PRs anytime soon. Training helps. Once I get back to running 6x a week and doing actual speed workouts, maybe I can PR something.

      The run is really a smart idea for businesses- they can have it early and get customers in the restaurant earlier than usual.

  7. Hollie says:

    I feel like $10 for breakfast in NJ would be a miracle LOL. I know you’re being smart about increasing mileage Amy, and glad to see you running again.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      $10 breakfast here is pretty rare too. Trying to be smart about increasing mileage, it’s not that hard since my body seems to rebel against running more than 3 days straight.

  8. HoHo Runs says:

    I love what you said about PRs. As an aging/older runner, it becomes more about the experiences you have and the time shared with good friends. When I left my house to pick up Wendy Saturday morning in Bham, I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me due to the fog. It was scary! That King Cake donut looks amazing. Thanks for linking!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I still believe my fastest runs are ahead of me, but honestly I am in no rush to try to set new PRs right now. I’m running, rehabbing, and enjoying it. Ultimately no one cares about our race times except ourselves, none of us are going to the Olympics, getting paid to run, or up for a scholarship or something- so enjoyment is always the #1 goal!

  9. Wendy says:

    I want me some king cake donut! That looks so fun and festive. Glad to see you are getting back at it. Your fitness will be back sooner than you think. The body doesn’t forget.

    Have a great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was festive! I mostly just love the mardi gras colors. And you’re right, my body really hasn’t forgotten. I’m not in peak shape or PR shape or even race ready, but I can still get out and run for as long as I was running before. That’s kinda nice!

  10. Sarah says:

    The truth of that e-card and also copays going to PT visits. So much truth. That donut looks superb hehe! Yippee for BodyPump – one of the best LesMills classes in my opinion!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I feel like BodyPump is the best 1 hour workout you can get- it’s full body, plus it combines cardio and strength training. It’s a really great way to get in the gym for strength training if you otherwise wouldn’t do it (i.e., me).

      Also the music is the best. I find myself adding the BodyPump songs to my running playlists all the time.

  11. That sparkly donut is just calling to me. Love the colors on it!! I will need to blog about it, but I did meet friends on Tues (Fat Tues!) and we went for a run, followed up with paczkis. Those paczkis aren’t my favorite – they are too big, and just feel like they are clogging my arteries, but for once a year they are decent!

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