Winter Storm Grayson and Snow in Charleston

Last week, Charleston decided to participate in winter, and we got a record snowfall from Winter Storm Grayson.


Note: The upstate participates every year, but this was the lowcountry’s first time in a while.

The snow started falling on Wednesday around 11 AM and continued throughout the afternoon. Those flakes were big, and I watched it fall while working in my home office. I even gave my coworkers updates by taking pictures from the window.




The snow was pretty on Wednesday, but it stuck around. You see, not only did we have a record snowfall, we also had a week of record low temperatures. The temperature didn’t creep above 40 degrees for the whole first WEEK of 2018.

On Wednesday afternoon, Clay and I bundled up, walked around our neighborhood, and took pictures. It was a winter wonderland.



Most businesses closed early on Wednesday, did not open on Thursday, and a few opened on Friday (mostly late or delayed). By Saturday, most everything was open again, although the roads were still icy- especially non-major roads. The interstates were fine, along with major highways, but we quickly learned that the SCDOT does not consider the road by my subdivision a major road.




SIX inches of snow is laughable in other areas, but very rare in Charleston. Summerville got SEVEN inches. This was the most snow our area has seen since 1989, when I was four (and don’t remember much about it). Our area experiences flooding and hurricanes/tropical storms often, but we don’t have snow plows or salt for roads.

Also, many people in Charleston do not own coats. Hooded sweatshirts are not coats. I have two North Face fleece jackets, which were fine for the small amount I had to be outside in the snow, thankfully. There’s really no use to spend money on coats, let alone winter gear like tights, when you MIGHT get to wear them once a year. The temperatures do drop here, but typically the weather warms back up the next day or two days later.

On Monday, the snow started to melt significantly. We had a high temperature in the 60s, which is closer to normal (our normal high for early January is 56 degrees). I was super excited to get outside and run. We still had snow on the ground, especially in shady areas, so it was super fun running in shorts but with snow on the ground.

It was 57 degrees during my run on Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, almost all of the snow had melted.


You know 2018 will be an epic year when the town of SUMMERville has the highest snowfall total in the state of South Carolina- but here’s to warmer days ahead!

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17 Responses to Winter Storm Grayson and Snow in Charleston

  1. The only reason my younger kids had winter coats is bc I saved them from our move from Virginia 😂 They had to dress in layers and since I only have 3 pairs of cheap running gloves, I had to throw everything in the dryer to get it dry for the next time they went out to play!!! We ended up getting 7.5 inches in our backyard. We enjoyed every bit of the winter wonderland, especially the extra week off of school!! I’m glad the snow is finally gone though!!!! Crazy that it’s supposed to be in the 70s on Friday! Anyways glad you made the best of the snow and even got a run outdoors! (I stayed on the TM😬) hope to see you tonight at the track!

  2. runeatralph says:

    The shorts and t-shirt with all that snow around make you look SUPER tough. I lived in Charleston for about 9 months and did nothing but sweat.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I came back from this run sweaty too. It was 57 outside so it was shorts weather, and it’s a cotton shirt so it’s a little warmer than a tech shirt. Even yesterday morning when I went to the gym, there was STILL snow on the ground!

  3. AJ says:

    That would be so cool to run in shorts with snow all around you! Unfortunately, my entire wardrobe is for warmth! I have people tell me not to buy stuff because I’ll be cold,lol

  4. LOL at Charleston deciding to participate in winter this year. I can’t believe you guys got so much snow and cold temps!! Crazy! I’m glad things are warming back up, though. Love the pictures from you and Clay walking through the winter wonderland!

  5. drdanweb says:

    Nice write-up! I can’t attach any pics here of what we’ve had here in upstate NY, but it was -2 at the start of our club’s New Years Day 7.5 miler.

  6. sarahdudek80 says:

    Wow, six inches is a lot when you don’t typically get it. I love the pic of the palm trees in the snow. So glad you guys stayed safe and warm!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh, we have plenty of palm trees here and they were ALL snowy. It was so crazy to see 6 inches of snow on the ground at my house, especially when other areas got even more.

  7. If I lived down South I would be prepared because we go snow skiing – but I think I’d be a bit irked I would only get to use my expensive ski jacket on ski trips! 🙂 That’s so funny that they closed so many businesses. We are getting hit with a lot of ice right now. Luckily my kids didn’t have school today, but it would have been closed if they did!
    Glad you got out to enjoy the snow!

  8. HoHo Runs says:

    How pretty! I know you enjoyed the Winter Wonderland. I love the picture of the palm trees with the snow! It says it all.

  9. Elizabeth C. says:

    I have to admit that I LOL’ed a bit because that is not a lot of snow or that cold for my area! I never even thought about people not having coats. I love your photos and it’s cool that you got to see something out of the ordinary for your town!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Six inches of snow is pretty decent- and other areas got more (Summerville got seven). My aunt who passed away a few years ago lived in DC for awhile and said it was the coldest place she ever lived, and she also lived in Alaska at one point. I think it’s because DC is on the Potomac river.

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