Chronicles of Cross Training: Dec. 18-24

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends. Clay and I are celebrating with some friends today. If anyone is in the Charleston area and wants to celebrate with us, you’re more than welcome to join us! 

It’s official: I’m once again the captain of #TeamJanky.


Injuries are tough, but since I’ve had a few, I’ve learned to cope. One thing I’ve learned from years of running and from so many of my running friends is that BODIES HEAL. They do not always heal on our terms, our timeline, or our race schedule, but THEY HEAL.

I’ve had friends endure pneumonia, heart surgeries, bike accidents, cancer, and car wrecks that they shouldn’t have survived to run successful races, win age group and masters awards, qualify for Boston, and inspire me. Running is an endurance sport, and the same enduring spirit that carries us through races carries us through tough times.

As a wise friend once said, whether you’re on the top or on the bottom, you’re never there forever.


Monday 5.1 miles + 60 min. hot yoga
Tuesday 60 min. Arc Trainer + PT exercises
Wednesday 60 min. Arc Trainer
Thursday 60 min. Elliptical + PT exercises
Friday 60 min. Arc Trainer + 15 min. strength
Saturday No Workout
Sunday 60 min. Elliptical + 30 min. Arc Trainer + PT exercises

On Monday, I tried my first run in over a week. The test run hurt MORE than the run the day after Kiawah. My left knee and right glute/hamstring were killing me. I kept running hoping that it would feel better a mile or so in, and it didn’t. No one likes feeling dejected after a run, and I won’t run through pain.

After that run, I decided to just take the rest of 2017 off from running. At this point, my fitness is gone (see: Kiawah Island Half Marathon recap), so it’s not like I have much left to lose. Being injury-free was fun for six months, but now, I’ve got to serve my time in what my friend Roscoe calls “running jail”. For me, running jail is cross training at the Purple Prison… Planet Fitness.


I called a new-to-me sports medicine doctor who came highly recommended from a few local runners, triathletes, and running coaches. He gave me different exercises as well as offering more of a full body perspective on my injuries. I go back next week and hope that he’ll offer some treatments and insight- plus he does active release therapy, Graston, and other cool stuff.

Enough of the injury talk because it’s CHRISTMAS! This weekend, Clay and I celebrated with both of our families. It was good seeing them and getting some fun presents, plus stuffing our faces with delicious food. Greek seasoned salmon, anyone? Red velvet cupcakes? I’m there! I don’t know when my comeback race will be, but if my family has anything to do with it, I’ll be adequately carb-loaded for when that time comes.

I also introduced my mommy to the world of hashtags and selfies. My mom is 71 and walks 2-3 miles a day a couple times a week. Running (or walking) really is the fountain of youth and keeps both of us looking young.


Clay and I also celebrated Christmas Eve. This is our first Christmas Eve at home since we’ve been living in Charleston (five Christmases!), so we brought back one of our traditions from when we lived in Florence: Getting takeout Chinese food and watching A Christmas Story. In the movie, Ralphie’s family’s Christmas dinner gets ruined, so they go out for Chinese food. It was a great cheap date night.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Come join the fun!

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10 Responses to Chronicles of Cross Training: Dec. 18-24

  1. runeatralph says:

    Sorry you’re dealing with injury again. The good news is that mentally you know what you’re up against and you’re handling it intelligently. Hope you’re back to your speedy self soon! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Elizabeth C. says:

    Watching a Christmas Story while eating Chinese sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas eve. The “purple prison” is hysterical! Sorry you are dealing with injury, but having a prolonged time off will really set you up for a strong 2018, I know it.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, injuries suck but there are worse things in the world than not being able to run. I can still do a lot of working out, so I am. We tried a new-to-me restaurant for Christmas Eve and it was SO GOOD!

  3. Angela says:

    BOO. Sorry to hear that your body is still in rebellion. F*** those guys. Hopefully some rest will get you on the right track!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. It’s been a really rough past few months. I took some antibiotics before and during a cruise vacation and think those may have contributed to the tendonitis. Once I got off those meds, I literally woke up one morning and every injury from the last few years was bugging me (I thought it was because the weather turned cold and rainy that day, but maybe not). The main issue has been my right hamstring/glute, but my left knee also bothered me a LOT.

  4. I think I missed the race recap last time so I’ll have to go back and read it! Reading blogs happens pretty infrequently over here! I don’t feel like I’ve had a full comeback from all of my injuries (mostly my hip- that’s been 3 years and still isn’t back to normal and I’m still working on my ankle) but I can at least still be active. I think I’ve just realized that I may not always be able to continue with the activities that I love, but I can at least find other things to do that keep me moving. I was thinking about how nice it would be to be at home for one Christmas. We always go see Jon’s family, which is nice, but we never get to wake up in our own house on Christmas when we do that. I’m hoping one of these years, we establish our own traditions!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I think everyone is reading blogs more infrequently considering it’s the holidays and we all have other stuff going on.

      Injuries are all about movement patterns and I think that’s why they are hard to get over OR recur. My friend has hurt his knee multiple times, and my peroneal tendon injury in February 2017 was the same thing that happened back in May 2014… just happened again. I also read a good article somewhere that people tend to get injured more in the winter, which seems to be the case for me (3 of 4 injuries were winter). Our joints and muscles aren’t warmed up when we start working out and it happens, plus with running the cooler temps make people want to run faster than the heat/humidity.

      • That totally makes sense about winter. I still feel like I must be broken to get these random injuries (WALKING ON A FLAT SURFACE!), especially because I work out so lightly! I really want to try that yoga with you one of these days, but we’re going to FL this weekend since we didn’t make it for Christmas! Maybe when I come back later on this month for a birthday party we could meet for yoga!

        I think my blog reading just sucks now with school. I just don’t sit down much to get on the computer unless it’s for school, and at night, I just want to relax so I never get online anymore. Too lazy! I use FB and IG on my phone and that’s about it!

  5. It sounds like you had a great Christmas with family, Amy! Your mom really does look so youthful for being 71! Also, love what you said about our bodies healing. Maybe not on our timeline, but they do! We just have to trust and be patient!

  6. Yes indeed, injuries suck!! But you did make me giggle on the Planet Fitness and running jail comment, so there’s that! 🙂 I have been running (so slow compared to what I used to!), but I’m not sure I’m really getting any better. Kinda just plateaued at a “minimal amount of annoyance”. Sigh. Here’s to both of being all better in 2018!

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