The Weekly Rundown: Nov. 27- Dec. 3

There is no honor in running oneself into the ground”. – Anton Krupicka, ultrarunner

I’m a grinder. I like writing out and crossing off workouts. As a technical writer, I like closing out work request tickets on the same day they’re placed. I don’t like anyone having to wait on me. I can’t stand being late- I can’t stand NOT being early. If you’re on time, you’re late.

My work ethic is unapologetically heads down, get shit done.

Looking at my original training schedule, this was supposed to be my last “big week” before the Kiawah Island Half Marathon. Almost a year ago and fighting a different injury, I took some shots and surrendered my credit card number to register for the race when it was only $40. I succumbed to #BeerPressure and said Kiawah would be the half marathon I’d PR.


We all know what happens to the best laid plans. My priorities have shifted from training and workouts to recovery and rehabbing my right glute/high hamstring. 2017 hasn’t been a great year for running or racing, and at this point, I only hope to start 2018 off on the right foot- the healthy foot.

Speaking of healthy feet, at least I’ve got SOME uninjured body parts, right?


Monday 60 min. Arc Trainer + PT exercises
Tuesday 8.1 miles + 60 min. yoga
Wednesday 60 min. elliptical + PT exercises
Thursday 7 miles
Friday 60 min. hot yoga + PT exercises
Saturday 10.1 miles
Sunday 8 miles
Total 33.2 miles

As you can see, running was pretty lackluster this week. 33.2 easy miles and NO WORKOUTS. I spent some time on the elliptical and arc trainer, mindlessly “doing cardio” and watching The Goldbergs, my favorite guilty pleasure cardio show.

I went to the PT this week, and she suggested I cut back my (already super low) volume and (already nonexistent) intensity. I also got a laundry list of exercises to do to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings. I have some new things to add to my usual routine, which is now three times a week instead of two. I’m not allowed to do any fast running like track, but the knot in my glute that hurts when I sit at my desk prevents me from opening up my stride to run fast anyway.

I went to yoga a few times a week and enjoyed it so much! On Friday, I tried a warm flow class, which was sweaty and fun. I like the vinyasa flow style of yoga, whether the room is cool or hot. I absolutely love my yoga studio, Soul Yoga and Wellness. They have so many good classes, and it’s very diverse for a yoga studio- all genders, races, body types, etc. I’m glad to have a studio where no one judges me for wearing Target workout pants instead of Lululemon or Athleta.

In non-running life, Clay and I went to 82 Queen for brunch again. If you’re looking for a classic southern restaurant on the peninsula, 82 Queen is it. It’s perfect for locals as well as guests, or for going out with out of town friends. Plus, it’s only blocks from the excitement of King Street.

82 Queen has been around for 32 years, so they’re clearly doing something right. The specials are always delicious, like this weekend’s seafood linguini.


I went out to Charleston Sports Pub with Emily and Shawanna on Saturday. Shawanna’s marathon is next weekend and she’s hoping to OTQ. I hope she does! We hung out a bit after lunch and it was fun being around other runners since I ran so many solo miles this week. I miss my training partners and friends a lot when I’m running less, and working from home can be lonely too, so I was glad to see them.


On Sunday, I felt good enough to run with the Hampton Park group, and Brent and I logged 8 conversational miles about setbacks, comebacks, and dreams and races deferred. Even if I run fewer days, it beats not running at all. I may be shuffling along, but at least I have good people to shuffle with.

Here’s to the grind of PT exercises, NSAIDs, referrals, heating pads, ice packs, thera bands, copays, and still being the captain of #TeamJanky.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Come join the fun!


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17 Responses to The Weekly Rundown: Nov. 27- Dec. 3

  1. Hollie says:

    I know how frustrating an injury can be and sorry you’re dealing with it. Part of the reason I get worried to sign up for a marathon or distance event is because you never know what will happen. Injury, life plans, whatever…it’s hard for anything to ever go “perfectly”.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That’s why I don’t like race lotteries. I don’t mind signing up a week or a few weeks out, but a whole year out is tough. I signed up for Kiawah early because it was $40 and they don’t do discounts at all. I figured that if I was injured, I’d get the shirt and go spectate and have a drink with friends, and it would be worth $40 (it is a very nice shirt, probably the best race shirt I’ve seen). For things like 5Ks I never sign up until the week of the race.

  2. sarahdudek80 says:

    I totally get everything you are saying. I am so Type A. I have a plan and I get to it. I can’t stand seeing unread e-mails or not immediately replying. And I can’t stand getting off track with my plans. That being said, I also know what not taking care of my body and trying to push through leads to far worse situations. I know it is tough to sit back and watch your training plans fall apart. But you are doing the smart thing and have a great attitude about it. Simply doing that, I am confident that you are going to have some great races soon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The good thing about your goals falling apart at the end of 2017 is that there’s a whole new year beginning in a few weeks. I know it will take a few weeks to come back even after the glute heals- but I’d been training consistently since April so that fitness isn’t going to just disappear right away. It still sucks though.

      • sarahdudek80 says:

        That is so important to remember. I wish more runners could do that. So many people freak out and think they will lose everything and force themselves to push through. You do lose a little but your body remembers and you come back far faster than you would think.

  3. paula rothman says:

    take care of yourself..massage, baths, yoga. stretch.. I am 58 and have 5 hernaited disks. do what I can.and know I am on borrowed time. The PRs are a thing of the past.. I have found something that helps me.. inflamyar cream ( but thru their site) it is NOT my product and this is not an advertisement. I am an Md and dont buy snake oil or the hype of many products.. I take turmeric daily ( with D) and eat a plant based diet… Give yourself time to heal and refresh.. download new music.. be creative. know that you will come back stronger mentally and physically…

  4. Oh no, I didn’t realize you were struggling with some glute issues. That’s been my year, and it sucks. Hope yours is gone fast! Looks like you are still getting in some solid cardio on your non-running days. Good for you! I also just read your Turkey Trot recap. I had to giggle about being the least dressed female and not winning. You were certainly dressed for the role – shame it was not you winning!! Next time.:)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If I had the guts for it (literally) I’d race in a crop top or sports bra. All the winners were kids!

      • Dang those speedy kids at the holiday races!! 🙂 I forgot to mention, I am never early for anything. I got to two things early during my Thanksgiving vacation and it was *killing* me to be standing around wasting time like that. I haven’t seen the benefit of it yet. LOL!!!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I hate being late for things to the point where if I’m going to be late and know it, I often just won’t bother showing up. If there’s even a possibility of me being late, I text someone to let them know.

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m sorry about Kiawah. Our local half is the only race I’ll sign up that far in advance because, like yours, it is dirt cheap. At least you are able to run some easy miles. And hopefully, your issue will be short lived. Thanks for linking!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Holly, but don’t be sorry about Kiawah. Barring anything too crazy, I plan to run the race on Saturday, but just run it- no real time goals.

      In the end, all races are just another run. There will be a race the weekend after Kiawah, and the weekend after that, etc. Kiawah will happen next year. Does it hurt that I won’t go out of 2017 with a bang and a fast race? Kinda, but 2018 is almost here with lots of new beginnings and hope.

      Plus, I already have two half marathons on the calendar this Spring, and hopefully I’ll be able to CRUSH them!

  6. Elizabeth C. says:

    Aw, sorry to hear about the glute/hamstring. I know that’s tough. But you are doing all the right things and your attitude is good. At least there is some running you can do so you aren’t completely benched. Hope everything recovers soon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it stinks, but there will always be another race. I already have two 13.1’s on the calendar for 2018. A few weeks of reduced mileage and no speedwork won’t kill me, especially when I start preparing for those upcoming races.

  7. laurenweiner says:

    Here’s to 2018 being a better year! I’ve been MIA for awhile, and sad to come back to see you dealing with injury issues. Keep that rehab going and you’ll be back at it in no time!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m forever dealing with injury issues it seems like! A lot of the terrible things that went down in 2017 weren’t injury related, but I sure hope I can stay healthy in 2018. That alone will make it a better year.

  8. I’m sorry about the glute and hip injuries holding you back from upping your training. You’re smart to think about how you want to start 2018 healthy and on the right foot, though! Yay for enjoying yoga and seafood linguine!

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