Weekly Rundown: October 23-29

Happy Monday! Here’s one marathon I’m well trained for, especially if we’re talking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Those are my latest Halloween candy vice.



Monday 8 miles (treadmill intervals) + ITB Rehab Routine
Tuesday 5.2 miles
Wednesday 5.9 miles + ITB Rehab Routine
Thursday 4.3 miles + ITB Rehab Routine
Friday No workout
Saturday 13.3 miles including Race 13.1 Charleston Trail Run (1:52)
Sunday 4 miles
Total 40.8 miles

Monday was a messy evening with tornado watches. Even the treadmill was scary, because the TVs in Planet Fitness lost signal and I was scared the power would go out, stopping the treadmill and throwing me into a wall. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and we didn’t have any tornados.

On Tuesday, I ran an easy 5.2 miles at the Charleston Running Club’s traveling group run. Each month, the CRC hosts a group run in a different area of Charleston, followed by food at a local restaurant. It’s a great way to run with different people and in a new place. This month, we ran in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, and after the run, we had dinner at The Granary.


I was fighting a sore throat/head congestion all day and my legs would hardly go during the run. I had fun with everyone but started freaking out about possibly being sick before a half marathon and after a 50 mile week. My legs were probably just wiped out from Monday and the head cold didn’t help.

On Wednesday, we ran around one of Summerville’s hilly neighborhoods (which is only hilly to someone who lives in the lowcountry). I was woozy from the cold medicine, so I contemplated skipping group run altogether, but that’s easier said than done when you organize the run.

Thankfully, I felt better after the first mile or so, and the cooler temperatures helped- it was much easier to breathe. We didn’t quite log 6 miles and I was super tempted to run an extra .1 to have an even number on my watch, but no one else wanted to. I think I’m a little TOO heat acclimated because I turned on the heat for the drive home.


Thursday and Friday were rough. I took OTC cold medicine, which helped when I was taking it until it wore off. I contemplated going to urgent care each day but didn’t, thinking I would feel better the next day… until I didn’t.

On Saturday, I woke up and decided to go for it with the half marathon. I didn’t feel great, but I felt like I could get through the race as a long run. I ran the Race 13.1 Charleston half marathon in 1:52:00, good enough for third place in my age group. The trail was pretty crazy with a lot of sand and high grass in spots. If you’re already going to do a long run, you may as well do it with a few hundred other crazies, right? I’ll have a race recap up in a week or two.

After the race, I came home, showered, and went to urgent care. Ironically, the race was sponsored by my health insurance company, I received a comped bib from the same company, and I used that very insurance at urgent care. Yay Blue Cross Blue Shield!

The doctor knew exactly what was going on because half the people he’d seen had the same sinus infection. I got a Z-pack and Prednisone. I’m pretty sure those are banned substances for running, so none of the 30-34 year old ladies of Charleston will have to worry about me racing next Saturday and potentially winning an age grouper pint glass.


And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear your half marathon finisher’s medal to urgent care.

On Sunday, I did a quick shakeout run and called it a week. I was feeling much better- never underestimate the power of tons of medicine and a delicious lunch with Clay and the family.

As for next week, my only training goals are to rest, recover, get a few jiggity-jogs in, and eat dessert every night!

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10 Responses to Weekly Rundown: October 23-29

  1. runeatralph says:

    I like your goals for next week. I have faith that you’ll accomplish all of them.

  2. trexrunner says:

    Dang, girl! You’re tougher than me. I would not be running with a sinus infection. Running is hard enough for me without one! Congrats on your age group win!

  3. Elizabeth C. says:

    I saw on Instagram that you were sick. That bites! Seems like you have a pretty good attitude about it which is helpful. Congrats on getting third in your age group for something that was a training run. That’s super impressive!

  4. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Reese Peanut Butter Cups are a weakness of mine also at Halloween time! I hope you feel better – a sinus infection is no fun to deal with!

  5. Tornadoes are so scary! I’m glad there weren’t any and you were safe. I spot a dalmatian in one of your pictures and I’m having major heart eyes right now!! Love the meme at the beginning of the post. Gotta love all the candy out at this time of year!

  6. Christine says:

    Sinus infections suck! Those are what I always got (along with upper respiratory infections) before I got my allergies under control with shots. I spent a good 2 years with non-stop sinus infections and they are awful. Sorry you got sick with one! I hope you’re starting to feel better and can enjoy this awesome fall weather we’re having now.

  7. Amy Lauren says:

    Honestly, I just ran the race to really see how tough I was. It was a rough one but I’m proud I did it. I do wish I hadn’t started so far back because second in my age group was pretty close by.

  8. I’m with you on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! I’d also take a Snickers, Kit Kat, Nestle Crunch, and M&Ms from that bowl of candy. 😉

    Great job in the half-marathon even though you weren’t feeling well. Enjoy your week of rest!

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