Weekly Rundown: September 11 – 17

Never forget: You have a 100% success rate at surviving hard days.


With Tropical Storm Irma, a trip to urgent care, another postponed race, mourning Cindy, and a janky right glute, this past week was a crazy one. You take life a day at a time and get by with a little help from your friends.

Monday Rest Day – Tropical Storm Irma
Tuesday 8 miles (6 at long tempo pace) + 60 min. yoga
Wednesday 6.3 miles (track) + ITBS Rehab Routine
Thursday 7.1 miles + ITBS Rehab Routine
Friday Rest Day + Sports Massage
Saturday 12.1 miles + ITBS Rehab Routine
Sunday 8 miles + 60 min. BodyFlow
Total 41.5 miles

On Monday, Tropical Storm Irma dumped rain, winds, and tornado warnings on Charleston. Gyms, yoga studios, and businesses were closed. We had a small window that morning without any tropical storm conditions, but I overslept until 9 AM. My body obviously needed sleep more than it needed a run, so I didn’t stress about it.

Clay and I went to Waffle House for lunch (note that Waffle House is less than a mile from our home and the tropical storm conditions were not terrible at the time). Since the power was flickering, we had to order off the Waffle House “limited menu”. We tipped really well because the servers and cooks were rockstars during the storm.


Downtown Charleston took a rough hit, but fortunately our home had no damage, and all the businesses (even downtown) were up and running by Wednesday. The trail race I was supposed to run was postponed because the trail was flooded, full of limbs, and wouldn’t be ready by Saturday. I was bummed, especially since the 911 Heroes Run last Saturday was also postponed, but if the worst I experience from Irma is another postponed race, I am very lucky.

Tuesday evening, Clay went to BJJ and hurt his knee. He cooked dinner that night and walked around the house and up the stairs, and we thought it was typical post-workout hurt. On Wednesday, he woke up and could hardly walk, so we headed to urgent care. Clay got a brace for his knee, an ace bandage, and medicine. Nothing was broken or torn, and he is doing much better now- just had to take the week off BJJ.

The trip to urgent care, combined with still being upset about Cindy’s death and the heat, made my Wednesday night track workout tough. The workout was mile repeats (3 x 1600, 400m jog recovery), which is hard enough without any outside stress.

The first mile repeat wasn’t so bad, but the second one was slower and tougher. I forgot to press the lap key when I paused my watch, so during the last mile repeat, I saw my watch was not working. I wanted to stop in the last mile repeat and make it 2 x 800m instead (which is still a great workout), but I powered through it. The last one was the slowest, but not giving up was a victory.


I’ve had some tightness and aches in my right glute lately, so I did the ITBS Rehab Routine after some of my runs this week. Even if you don’t have ITBS, it’s a good stretching and strengthening routine for runners, and I’d rather do prehab than rehab. I don’t have much going for me lately with race times (when I get to run a race), but I want to still be able to say “At least I’m not injured” after all these crummy race finishes. I also got a much needed sports massage.

On Saturday, I ran a long run on the bridge. I saw a few other runners I knew, but a lot of the regular bridge runners were running races. I considered a few, but decided not to since I’d already done a tempo run and a mile repeat workout. I’m going through race withdrawals, but maybe the temperatures will drop by the time I race again.

Sunday, I ran 8 miles with the OnShore Recreation group. I ran with Brent and Skylar, and it was hard to believe that the streets we ran on were flooded on Monday! We saw a few signs of Irma, like furniture sitting by the road and debri waiting to be picked up. It was pretty warm, so we took some water breaks and chatted the whole time. It’s always good to share a run with friends, because the memories you make are what this sport’s all about (thanks Skylar for the photo!).


I hope everyone has a great week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC.

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23 Responses to Weekly Rundown: September 11 – 17

  1. Ahhh I’m glad you guys are okay after the storm, after the urgent care trip.. holy crap though! So much going on! I’m glad you got that good sleep until 9. Isn’t it amazing how our bodies will just do it if we need to?! And that quote at the very top spoke to me. I needed to read that today. xo

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I totally understand you having to read that because I know you’re super busy right now (I’m shocked you have *any* time to blog but love reading when you do). I guess when there’s a tropical storm out, the best thing to do is sleep and get some extra rest, right?

  2. So glad things in Charleston turned out to be mostly ok, I was watching a few other friends there nervously along with everyone we know from living in miami. Good luck with the continued ITBS recovery!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! I actually do not have ITBS (as metioned in the post). It’s a nagging glute pain, but the exercises on that sheet are mostly for strengthening and engaging the glutes, so they’re helping a bit. I found that list of exercises when I had ITBS, but it’s a good “pre-hab” routine for any runner.

  3. therightfits says:

    Wow, what a crazy week! So glad you’re okay after Irma..that must have been a surreal experience though. I live in Minneapolis and will probably never experience a hurricane…plenty of blizzards though!

    That ITBS routine is awesome 🙂 for injured or non-injured runners alike!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve always lived in SC, so I’ve experienced a few hurricanes. I was 3 when Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989, then I remember Hurricane Floyd when I was maybe 13 or 14 (in high school). Hurricane Hugo was by far the worst storm to hit SC in years, and we haven’t had one that bad since. It was a Cat 3. Hurricane Floyd wasn’t as bad, it weakened a LOT before landfall, but caused crazy evacuation traffic jams here in Charleston, and we didn’t have nearly as many residents and as much development then.

      I feel like every area has some weather issue they experience! It’s something you grow used to, but a lot of people here haven’t experienced a hurricane because we just haven’t had one hit us in so many years, thankfully. I’d be crazy nervous too if I moved up north and had to experience a snowstorm (we don’t get snow here at all).

      I will say the silver lining with hurricanes, if there is one, is that you have several days notice to prepare and plan if you evacuate.

  4. sarahdudek80 says:

    I’m so glad you guys are okay and didn’t end up with any damage. Having been in NYC during Sandy, I remember how scary it was waiting everything out and walking out when everything was done to see what was going on. We had wonderful eating and drinking adventures while we waited. Waffle House sounds like a perfect one! I hope life calms down for you now. I think you have had plenty of adventures and are due for some calm!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Sandy was so terrible for the northeast :(. I still remember that storm, and how it was so bad that it was called a “superstorm” rather than a hurricane.

      I feel like the hardest thing is coming back after a storm- we left for Matthew and went to my inlaws house (it was actually worse there- way worse). We came back to our home before they lifted the evacuation orders mainly because Charleston had power and the city we evacuated to did not (for several days). The whole car ride, you’re anxious to see how your house will look. Even when a storm isn’t causing mass devastation, there can still be BIG issues like trees falling on homes and cars! It’s the longest, most nerve racking, ride back.

      • sarahdudek80 says:

        I absolutely agree. And having seen the damage and watched so many people’s lives changed, it is crazy that it was “super storm.” We made the best of it, but it was very scary waiting it out and then watching the city and surround areas come back. We worked in Central Park at the time and we couldn’t even go near our work for over a week! For awhile they thought we might not work for the next few months.

  5. Bummer on the ER trip! I had to Google what BJJ is, but now I am in the know 😉 I can’t imagine what it was like during the storms down South. So glad you are OK. We pretty much just get bad snow storms here, but I love snow so no big deal.
    Grumpy Cat always makes me smile – thanks for that!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Irma really wasn’t bad here. It was just like a really long thunderstorm for us, minus the areas that flood because those areas flooded (but they flood a few times a year).

      I’ve only seen snow a few times in my life. The last time was 2011, on Valentine’s Day, and that barely qualified as snow- but it did cancel the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

  6. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    I am so glad that you are okay after a storm – although I am sorry to hear about Clay’s knee and hope he’s doing okay. I can’t imagine experiencing storms like that!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The weather we got from Irma, at least in my area of town, was basically like a very long thunderstorm- as in a thunderstorm that lasted about 5-6 hours. It was rainy and windy, but it was not a hurricane here. Flooding just happens in Charleston, and we recover from it quickly. Heck, downtown had everything cleaned up two days later.

      Actual hurricanes are bad. I hope you never experience one. I hope I never experience another one, but it’s something I deal with knowing that I choose to live in Charleston. Just like I deal with 4-5 months of heat and humidity because we live here.

      Clay’s knee is much better! We think it was just a strain or a pulled muscle, but he stayed off of it for the rest of the week. He went back to BJJ last night and was fine, so he only missed a few workouts, thankfully.

  7. Elizabeth C. says:

    What a week. I’m glad that your glute and Clay’s knee aren’t anything too serious. And as you said, even though the postponed races are annoying, if that’s the worst you suffer from the hurricane, you are doing pretty good. It’s awesome that you were able to do as much running as you did in light of everything. I agree that sleep is super important and worth sacrificing a run if you need to.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Injuries and seeing the devastation in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean really changed my perspective on things. Yes, it stinks to pay $35 for a race you will not be able to do, but at least some of that money went toward a charity. It beats paying $35 for a copay due to injury.

      I *completely* overslept! It wasn’t even like I turned the alarm off and decided not to run- I just SLEPT. It wasn’t even a conscious decision, so my body was definitely saying something. I try not to sweat missing a run or cutting one short, because sometimes when the weather is nice, I’ll get in an extra mile or two, which makes up for it. I am staying focused on the runs I got in last week, despite the circumstances!

  8. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m glad Irma didn’t do any damage. We were spared as well. I didn’t know Waffle House would even provide a Limited Menu. It was nice they stayed opened. I hope your glute is better. I make a conscious effort to do my PreHab do it doesn’t become ReHab. I hope hurricane Maria will NOT be an issue. Thanks for linking!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Waffle House never closes. They’re even open on Christmas, and supposedly, the best tips come in on stormy days and holidays. Even in Florida where Irma was really terrible, the Waffle Houses were some of the first places to reopen (if they closed).

      Hurricane Maria is a strong storm and it’s sad for the Carribbean! So much was destroyed with Irma and now they are getting hit again.

  9. I used to run with Skyler when she was up in Pittsburgh!! Small world lol.
    Despite all of the curve balls that you had – you still had a great week of workouts! I’m glad to hear that the storm didn’t hit your area too hard!

    When I first started running I had issues with my ITB. Prehab is soo much better than rehab for that injury! I hope the exercises keep you healthy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That is so cool that you know Skylar! She moved down here last year and runs with us occasionally on Sunday mornings.

      I had ITBS last year, and it kicked my butt for a few weeks- that’s how I found those exercises. They help a lot with engaging and strenghtening muscles that are often missed with running and even traditional lifting. I never realized clamshells with resistance bands could make me break a sweat…

  10. Laura says:

    Definitely a lot going on to make for a nutty week, and put a little emotional and physical strain. I’m glad that the storm left you guys unscathed (Like you said, worst case is a change in race date…lucky). I hope that Clay’s knee is okay, and i hope you and your community are able to lean on each other due to the passing of Cindy. So sorry to hear about that:(

    Regardless, nice week of getting miles in and good consistency with the ITB exercises, that will pay off big time.

  11. Thank goodness you faired well with Irma. And Clay with that bumbed knee too! Both could have been a lot worse! I don’t think WH ever closes!
    I do love your life quote of Taking life one day at a time and getting by with help from friends! Hope you have a better week Amy!

  12. Well that was an eventful week!! Amazing you got in your miles–inspiring!

  13. mommyrunfaster says:

    So glad the hurricane effects were minor. What a crazy few weeks it’s been! Awesome mileage too!

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