Weekly Rundown: August 21-27

The last few weeks have been pretty busy with life and training. Life has been quite fun, but training and running, not so much.

I ran the Race for the Ark 5K on Saturday and did not meet any goal I set. I was a ball of nerves and anxiety before the race, and my legs and lungs just didn’t want to go. I put too much pressure on myself in the race since it’s the first 5K of the summer and fairly competitive.

It’s tough to train all summer and run a 5K in the same pace you ran in May and June. Thinking positively, I didn’t get injured and I didn’t get any slower. I still believe my fastest times are ahead of me- even if it takes me longer to get there.


Monday 7.2 miles
Tuesday 5.2 miles
Wednesday 30 min. yoga + 5.5 miles (track)
Thursday 4.1 miles
Friday 30 min. yoga
Saturday 7.1 miles, including Race for the Ark 5K (21:58)
Sunday 12.4 miles, including Summerville Tri Club Relay
Total 41.6 miles

On Monday, I took the day off work and ran 7.2 miles around the neighborhood instead of my usual bridge run. I didn’t want to brave traffic or wake up early to run the bridge, and I skipped lifting because of Saturday’s 5K.

I went to the eclipse viewing party at the Joe Riley Park with Cindy, Ed, and Amy T. Our view of the eclipse wasn’t the greatest due to clouds and storms in the distance, but we all had glasses and got to see it. The storms hit the neighborhood where I live right as the eclipse was entering totality, so Clay and all my neighbors didn’t see as much as we did in downtown Charleston.

Afterwards, we stuck around for the Charleston Riverdogs baseball game and it was a fun day in general.


I ran a short run in the neighborhood on Tuesday and did the same on Thursday. When you’re used to running 6-8 miles, a 4-5 mile run feels incredibly short.

On Wednesday, I did a yoga video at lunch, and I ran a track workout with friends that evening. I ran 8 x 200m, followed by 8 x 100m. With the upcoming race, I wanted to run a short, intense, workout.

After our run, we went to Icehouse to drink recovery beverages, eat, and celebrate Theresa’s birthday. We celebrated on Saturday night but we wanted to celebrate again because birthday months are real life. Icehouse has great salads, sandwiches, and has become one of our favorite places to go out.


On Thursday, I volunteered at the Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K by working at the race registration/walk up/t-shirt table. The trails were a little wet and muddy, but fortunately the rain and storms stopped about an hour before the race, and the temperatures even cooled down a little for the runners.

After the race, the runners and volunteers went out to Wasabi on Daniel Island for an after party and I tried some delicious sushi. I don’t go out for sushi nearly enough and it was great.


On Friday, I did some gentle yoga before Saturday’s Race for the Ark 5K. Race for the Ark is one of my favorite 5Ks in the Charleston area and is the largest and most competitive race in Summerville. The 5K didn’t go how I hoped, and while 21:58 isn’t a bad 5K time, I know I’m capable of faster and was pretty upset after the race.

I love running races for the camaraderie and using them to push myself, but I want to enjoy training and trust that the times will come instead of obsessing so much over the numbers. If racing isn’t fun, why bother?


On Sunday, I did the Summerville Tri Club’s “Tall Bill Triathlon”. Each year, the Tri Club hosts a mock triathlon for those training for Ironman events. The mock tri started last year when people’s training called for tune-up races that we don’t have in this area, which prompted the club to host one. You can’t beat a club that CREATES a race to help others train and meet their goals.

It’s only fitting for a Tiny Terror to participate in an event directed by Tall Bill (it was named after him since he lives in the area, secured the pool for us, and served as race director). Solo participants could do an Olympic or Half Ironman distance. I was on a relay time with Jenn, our swimmer, and Theresa, our cyclist. We all had the same idea that this was for FUN, so I used it as my long run. The run distance was basically the 10K course twice, so it was a 20K instead of a half marathon, but we were fine with that since this served as training and was not timed, certified, or sanctioned.


I had an AMAZING time at the mock triathlon relay. Best of all, I finished smiling, proud, and surrounded by friends, which means so much more than times and records.

Here’s to recovery, finding the joy, and falling back in love with the process.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC.

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19 Responses to Weekly Rundown: August 21-27

  1. Christine says:

    Sorry you didn’t have the race you hoped for. That’s so frustrating and disappointing. I hope you start to see some changes in the fall when the weather is better and the insane humidity is behind us.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. The weather on Saturday really wasn’t terrible, which was the thing. It was actually nicer than what I usually train in. I was just a ball of nerves and after the first mile, I knew it wasn’t in the cards.

  2. Bah. I hate it when our bodies don’t do what we want them to do! Man, you have such a fun social life though–I love reading about all the things you’re up to during the week!

  3. Sounds like a solid week of training though, despite not meeting your goal at the 5k. That is still a great finish time and oh how I wish I could run 6 days out of the week without getting injured! This old lady body can’t handle that anymore. lol

    That mock triathlon sounds like a really fun event…especially to take on as a relay team. Have a great week!

  4. sarahdudek80 says:

    What a great week. Sorry to hear about your 5k let down. I am super competitive even when I say I am not going to be. That is why 5k’s are something I tend to skip. I put far too much pressure on myself and they really are a sprint. So little time for so many things to not go perfectly! Drinks and sushi sound amazing. Living vicariously through your fun right now!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the race itself definitely wasn’t what I hoped for, time wise… BUT I still had a good week of training and hopefully a faster race will happen in the future. I was a ball of nerves and that probably affected me big time. I feel like if I run more races, I enjoy them and use them for workouts and fun, rather than trying to set “goal races” where it’s all or nothing.

  5. I know it’s not what you wanted, but I would looooooove a 21:58 and doubt I will never see that speed for me (24:30 is my best)! But still, I know what you mean. I was a coach this year for a PR5K program and the funny part was that several people in my group weren’t even going to run in the 5K at the end because they “hate 5Ks”. haha! At least they loved getting together with others and training.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We have a store here called Fleet Feet that hosts training programs, and a lot of people sign up for them just for the accountability and to meet friends rather than training for the specific race. I think I’m just really BAD at 5Ks!

      And nothing wrong with a 21:58, it’s definitely an above average time for a 5K- but I definitely think I can run a faster one.

  6. So very glad you had a good time at the triathlon relay! Finishing proud is just the icing on the cake! No matter what time you got in the 5k you got out there and enjoyed it!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I hated my life, lungs, and legs every minute of the 5K, but that’s what happens when you race a 5K. I had MUCH more fun at the triathlon relay.

      The funny thing was, after Saturday’s 5K I told someone I was quitting running except I had to wait until Monday to quit, because I was on Jenn and Theresa’s team for the tri relay. Then after the tri relay, which was an awesome experience, I realized I can’t just quit :).

  7. Elizabeth C. says:

    Congratulations on a solid week of training! I am jealous that you got to see the total eclipse, even though there were storms. My fastest 5K of the summer was in May. The ones I ran in July and August were slower, and my August 5K was the slowest of the entire Spring/Summer season! It’s just a really, really tough distance and I think sometimes we underestimate how hard they are to pace and how hard it is to truly push to your limit. I don’t necessarily think it has anything to do with your fitness. Plus, you have started packing on the miles lately and your legs could have been more on the tired side from that. Anyway, good to see you having so much fun with the running!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I probably could have cut back a little more on some of the mileage this week as well, or either ran a few of the miles slower. It’s hard to know what my easy pace really is because I was injured for so long, then it got hot, and because I’ve run some speedy 5Ks off hard weeks of training.

      Sometimes I also feel like 5K just isn’t my distance. There’s not much room for error in 3.1 miles, and by the time you realize you’ve made a pacing mistake (a mile in), it’s almost too late to correct it.

      The main thing now is that I want to have fun with running and workouts. I didn’t like doing the shorter workouts. Maybe this means I won’t follow a plan-in-a-can and maybe I’ll do my own thing, but I just want to be happy running. I was happy on Sunday but I certainly wasn’t happy after Saturday’s race.

  8. I’m so sorry you didn’t meet the goals set but I also loved your last thoughts of being surrounded by friends which really is so much more important than records and times! Here is to enjoying the process again!

  9. Cheers to finding the joy, lady. Also – I think sometimes you are just going to be upset after a race. Dealing with it and then moving on is normal. Kudos to you for keeping it real!

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