Weekly Rundown: August 14-20

Happy Monday and happy Solar Eclipse day! Here in Charleston, we are directly in the path and get total coverage. I took today off work to have a 3-day weekend and just enjoy the day. The eclipse is big business here with tourists coming to watch (and visit the Holy City) and we even saw a NASA trailer on our Sunday morning group run downtown.

Clay is working from home and we have had our NASA approved eclipse glasses for about a week now, but a lot of locals have been scrambling to get them.


As far as the running week goes, it wasn’t perfect, but I’m healthy and hopeful for the Fall. Staying positive – and well hydrated- are the only ways to survive summer running in the South.


Monday 30 min. strength + 7 miles (bridge)
Tuesday 8 miles
Wednesday 45 min. yoga + 5.4 miles (track)
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.9 miles, including 40 min. tempo
Saturday 11.1 miles
Sunday 8.1 miles
Total 47.8 miles

Monday was the usual morning strength workout and evening bridge run. I ran with Allison and Emilie, and the miles went by quickly.

Tuesday’s run was around the neighborhood, and while it was warm out, the sky was overcast for the first five miles. A golf cart tried to mow me down on the bike path, and I saw a neighbor out riding her horse. This is what happens when you live in what was once a rural area that is now suburbia- you see everything from golf carts to horses.

On Wednesday, I did yoga at home, then headed to track that afternoon to do a workout of 8 x 200m and 12 x 100m. Jason and Bruce were nice enough to wait for me to cool down and finish so that I wouldn’t be alone. I didn’t want to keep them waiting, so I cut my 100s short and only ran six.

I should probably start earlier next time to get all the repeats in, but looking back, I don’t regret cutting the workout short. Sometimes you shorten a run, and that’s okay. Any miles are better than none. When it cools down, I’ll have days when I run longer than planned and it evens out.

We were under a heat advisory on Wednesday, which made the workout tough. All of us ended up cutting our runs short because of the heat or just being tired from other activities that week. The temperature in my car read 98 degrees after track, with a “feels like” of 105. With no shade and heat radiating off the surface, I’m convinced the SHS track is the hottest place in Charleston.


I took Thursday off to recover, then ran a 40 minute treadmill tempo on Friday. I guess I wanted to make up for cutting Wednesday’s run short, but I felt good and went a few more minutes than normal. I’ve starting running tempo runs at goal pace like I did last year when I followed the Hansons Half Marathon Plan. I feel like it made me a stronger runner at every distance. I do my tempo runs indoors because I can’t imagine LT efforts when it’s 100 out and because I can watch trashy TV.


I got a sports massage Friday evening, and while it hurt so good, I didn’t do a great job of recovering from the massage OR the tempo run. I don’t think I drank enough water or ate enough protein, and Saturday’s long run was tough. I took a few breaks during the run and even took a nap that afternoon.

Emily, Cindy, and I went out for coffee after the run, so that was fun. I love the cold brew at Cooper River Coffee Roasters and it’s a great place to recover from a Saturday morning bridge run.


Saturday evening, I went to Summerville for Theresa’s 35th birthday party. We ate kabobs and cake and hung out at her pool. It was a big birthday because she moved up in age groups.



Since Saturday’s run was tough, I took it easy on Sunday. I ran the group run’s 8 mile route at an easier than usual pace to recover AND to rest up for this weekend’s Race for the Ark 5K. I skipped brunch to buy some groceries and come home and eat leftovers.

I hope everyone has a great week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC.

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23 Responses to Weekly Rundown: August 14-20

  1. I hope you have a nice cloud-free day to view the eclipse! I’ll be taking a break at work to check it out, but it will only be 80% here, not a total eclipse.

  2. Okay, that’s the one really great thing about getting older is moving up in age groups! Ha ha! SO TRUE! And so cool you guys get to see the full eclipse today. Great week of running! That day at the track sounds incredibly hot though. You guys are tough!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Wednesday was one of the hottest afternoons of the summer. It was really tough. I feel like once your fun birthdays are over, the only ones that really matter are when you move up in age groups as a runner!

  3. I’m so jealous you get to see the eclipse in totality! Jimmy has been soo excited for this! My neighbor just gave me some glasses, so thankfully I can see it. I think Pittsburgh is going to see 80% coverage!

    It looks like you had a solid week of training! Almost 50 miles!! That is amazing!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      From what I saw on FB, a lot of people along the East Coast got a great view even if it wasn’t 100%. It was a bit cloudy here as well so we didn’t have the greatest view, but it was still a lot of fun.

  4. Elizabeth C. says:

    You’re doing an awesome job surviving the heat. I think that it was totally okay to stop if you needed to on the long run. And I almost always nap after a long run for about 30 to 60 minutes. It’s the best! Hope you enjoyed the eclipse! Hope you have a great 5K!

  5. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    The “free eclipse glasses” truck pic is hilarious! I bet it was cool there. Here in Pgh we weren’t in the path, but my whole office was still borrowing the one pair of glasses someone had to look outside. I would definitely be on the treadmill too if it were that hot here. Nice job!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Everyone in the stadium had glasses! They gave us glasses as we got off the shuttle buses or walked in. People were selling the glasses for crazy prizes online though, it’s weird that people were willing to pay so much for a pair of glasses that they won’t need the next day.

  6. Hope you had a great day enjoying the path of totality! We had about 80% here in DC and I thought it was amazing. I hear you on the need for hydrating appropriately before / after long runs. When I haven’t done that, it’s really taking it out of me. Hope you are having a great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly- I hope you had a good time viewing in DC too, from what I heard the whole East Coast had a good view. It was kinda cloudy here but I had fun at the game and hanging out, and I enjoyed the eclipse even if the view wasn’t as great as it was hyped out to be.

  7. sarahdudek80 says:

    Another rocking week of running for you! So awesome. I love a sports massage that hurts so good. I feel like the sign of a good massage is pain and more pain. If it doesn’t hurt, I’m disappointed. I hope you enjoyed the eclipse. I missed it due to work. But I did see on the news that you guys were getting a ton of business from eclipse viewers. Pretty cool.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- my massage therapist kept asking me if it hurt, and I told her to keep going with it. It’s never the most comfortable feeling, but at least it’s not pain.

      I honestly don’t think we had many more tourists in town this weekend than usual. I drove all over on Saturday and traffic didn’t seem too bad.

  8. Almost 48 miles in this weather is amazing. I have been struggling bad and the weather has really been burning me out. seems like you are pushing through really strong.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, technically only 40 miles were in the weather, since almost 8 were treadmilled on Friday. It’s just impossible to do a tempo run in this weather, though :(. With no races, I’ve been able to train pretty hard the last few months…

  9. I love that meme about the treadmill. I really do hate mine, but it has saved me on many days when I couldn’t run outside for whatever reason! Hope it cools down a bit soon! We are in winter so looking forward to warmer days soon!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Treadmills are definitely saviors in the heat and humidity, or when it is thunderstorming. I would prefer to run outside since races are outside, but treadmill beats not running!

  10. I also like doing my speedwork on the treadmill. I am actually missing my treadmill since I’ve been outside so much lately! I’ve got a ton of shows on my DVR just waiting for me to make my winter return 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I kind of like treadmilling speedwork too, unless I’m at the track with friends. I like that I can control the speed on the treadmill and I don’t have to stop for traffic and things like that. It really is a good option for tempo runs.

  11. HoHo Runs says:

    That’s very impressive mileage! And, more power for you to getting on the track in this nasty heat. You are definitely setting yourself up for a great fall/winter season. Funny, we had kabobs around the pool on Saturday evening as well.

  12. Marcia says:

    Lucky you to be in the path of totality! We had 74% coverage and it was cloudy so a marginal viewing day. Great week and miles, especially in the heat!

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