Weekly Rundown: July 17-23

Happy Monday! We’re another week closer to Fall, football season, and cooler temperatures.

I decided to cut my mileage back a little this week. With workouts and the Race the Landing 5K, I felt a little run down. Running a 50 mile week looks fun on paper (or online training logs), but I recover better and feel stronger running a little less. Besides, I don’t have anything longer than a half marathon on the calendar this year.


I got invited to Myrtle Beach to run the Battle of the Border, so I shifted some runs around. Border Battle was worth the trip and I will recap it later this week.

Monday 30 min. strength + 8.2 miles (Bridge and 12 x 100m)
Tuesday 7.1 miles
Wednesday 6.3 miles (5 x 1000m)
Thursday 7.1 miles
Friday 60 min. yoga
Saturday 6.5 miles including Battle of the Border
Sunday 11.1 miles
Total 46.4 miles

Monday and Tuesday were nice runs. We had slightly cooler temperatures, overcast skies, and even a few raindrops that made them pleasant. I ran the bridge with Steve and did some 100m surges, both on the flat roads and on the uphills of the bridge.

Wednesday’s weather was crazy. The tri-county area was under a severe thunderstorm warning until 6 PM, which is when our track workout starts. I headed off to track to run and drove through a pretty rough patch of rain. I figured this would either be the worst workout weather of the summer (and doom me to the treadmill) or the best- because the storm would cool things down.

Tammie, Theresa, Erin, Heather, Melissa, and Jason showed up at track, and we all decided to start our workout a little early and do as much as we could, knowing that if the weather got severe we could stop. We heard thunder and saw some lightening in the distance, and it drizzled rain, but we got our workout in.

The cooler temperatures helped me nail my paces on the 1000m repeats and gave me a bit of confidence in my training plan.


On the other hand, my run on Thursday was 90 degrees, sunny, and miserable! I had to stop to walk twice and was disappointed when I saw that the “feels like” temperature was under 100. I drank so many tervis tumblers full of water on Thursday- I could never get hydrated.

On Friday, I took off work and went to yoga then headed to Myrtle Beach, where I ran the Battle of the Border trail run Saturday morning. It’s a competition between the Grand Strand Running Club (SC) and Wilmington Road Runners (NC). The race course’s address is in NC, but the farm and trail itself spans both states.

Grand Strand Running Club has the highest turnout ever- 170 runners. I reconnected with some old friends and met lots of new ones.


On Sunday, I did a long run, logging 3 miles with Emily at 8 AM before meeting up with the rest of the OnShore Recreation group for the 8 mile route. The long runs in the heat are tough, but I’m glad to have people to share them with and Mike’s Hard Lemonade and popsicles for post-run recovery.


I hope everyone has a great week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC.

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19 Responses to Weekly Rundown: July 17-23

  1. Great week of work!

  2. Probably smart to bring your mileage down a bit this week. You’re very wise! Those popsicles look amazing. Our weather hasn’t been hot enough to have to resort to popsicles. 😦 It sucks! Although this week is looking a little better!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Popsicles and Mike’s Hard Lemonade taste amazing after runs lately (I crave carbonation and Mike’s is pretty fizzy). I’ll be glad when our runs are cooler to where I want hot coffee instead of popsicles, but that won’t happen until probably October or November!

  3. Smart to listen to yourself about dialing back the mileage just a bit. I’ve had to stop and walk during every tempo run but I know that the weather is a huge factor so I give myself grace. The stopping is also helpful to compose myself – and to remind myself that I can in fact, run my expected distance and pace, even if it’s hard. Great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I had to stop a couple times on Thursday, but hopefully we won’t have these temps when we race so it won’t be an issue. Better to have them now than race day I guess, although summer has been pretty mild here.

  4. Laura says:

    Great week of training even with slight cutback (always good to do!). 1k repeats are so hard, mentally they always get me worked up more than I should let them- nice work getting them done and lucky for good weather for it!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I was glad we had good weather for the repeats at least. If the temps hadn’t been cool (70s, thanks hail!), I probably wouldn’t have done those or would have adjusted my paces a lot. It’s so hard to run a sustained hard effort in this heat (not that 1000m repeats are long like a tempo run, but still). We were really lucky with the weather this week and especially on Wednesday.

  5. Awesome week of workouts! Also those popsicles look so good. Hope you have a great week 🙂

  6. ha you are so right, the miles look fun on paper but then it’s 80 degrees and not quite as wonderful. Admittedly while injured, all I can dream about is those longer runs so you definitely put some good perspective on it!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      So sorry to hear you are injured, but the body heals, always remember that. It is tough and I was right there with you for six weeks earlier this year, then spent six more weeks rebuilding. I’m still not running the times I did before (it got hot), but it changes your approach to training and racing and also makes you cherish all the miles you once took for granted *hugs*.

      Do whatever you have to do to get through. Sending lots of virtual hugs and wine your way! That always seems to help…

  7. HoHo Runs says:

    The battle between the running clubs sounds like a really fun competition! Some days, the heat and humidity is bearable and then others it seems to simply exhaust me — and it may be exactly the same both days. It is fickle like that! Mike’s would be a refreshing treat after a run. In fact, I know Mike well. LOL.

  8. sarahdudek80 says:

    So smart to cut that mileage back. It always does sound fun and looks great on paper, but sometimes our bodies just need a little less. Amazing what a few less miles can do for us. Same with hard lemonade and popsicles. They really do work wonders! We’ve had a rather dry and cool summer here. I hate running in the humidity, but I wouldn’t mind a few of your steamy days to enjoy summer!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      This weather is rough for running and racing, but it is nice for going to the pool or beach, I’ll give it that! Definitely warm enough to swim or play in the water for much of the year here. I’ll say this is a GREAT vacation destination for anyone who likes to be on the water, although July/August are a bit steamy.

  9. Darlene says:

    Wow. You certainly have high mileage weeks. Even in the hot temps. Good for you.

    A race between track clubs sounds like a fun idea.

    Mike’s one of my close friends. LOL

    Thanks for linking up.

  10. You’ve really been putting in some serious miles! Remind me again when your next goal race is? I wanted to run the bridge while we were in Charleston but I deemed it too hot for my pregnant butt. Ha!! But, it sure was so cool to drive over. I can’t wait to visit again in cooler months.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My goal race is August 26, but I will have to change my goal because I don’t see myself going under 21 when I haven’t even run a 5K under 22 in quite some time.

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