Weekly Rundown: May 15-21

Happy Monday and congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend. I had several friends place, PR, or BQ- but any day you can run, push yourself, and finish injury-free is a good day, no matter what the clock says.

Summer is here, and it was another hot and humid week. Saturday was my first 100% humidity run this summer, and it was pretty brutal. It’s bad when you take a picture of the dry spot on your shirt to prove you went for a run and not a wet t-shirt contest.


I had another consistent week of training, which is my goal this summer. The only records set in Charleston in the summer are heat index records, not personal records.


Monday 30 min. strength + 6.4 miles
Tuesday 7.6 miles + 60 min. yoga
Wednesday 30 min. strength + 6.3 miles (track)
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.7 miles with 30 min. HMP tempo (treadmill)
Saturday 8.2 miles
Sunday 10 miles + 60 min. yoga
Total 46.2 miles.

Last week’s fatigue hit on Monday morning. Ouch. I was dragging all morning. That afternoon, I dragged myself to run around Riverland Terrace on James Island with Virginia (Holy City Running), Jason, AJ, Charlotte, Ashley, Alan, and Sandy.


It was a beautiful shaded route, and we went to Maybank Public House for dinner after the run. I ordered a salad with beets and goat cheese and was a fan. Does anyone else crave salads and veggies when it’s hot out?


Tuesday was insanely hot. It was 86 during my run and I felt it. I planned to run 8 miles, but stopped at 7.6. I’m not sure if this is “listening to my body” or wussing out, but I ran by the house and was ready to be done, so I stopped. 7.6 miles and 8 miles still provide the same physiological benefit, I guess.

I went to my usual restorative yoga class that night, then to Frothy Beard Brewery for Skylar’s birthday. We had birthday cake and cookies!

On Wednesday, I ran a track workout with the usual suspects. A few people were missing due to kids school and sports commitments, but everyone who came out got a good run in. I’m glad we had a big crowd because in the heat and humidity, you’re always safer with a group. Plus, we have access to our water every 1/4 mile at the track, which is a huge benefit.


I ran 6 x 800m with 200m jog recovery, in the outer lanes of the track to avoid the sharp left turns that could potentially aggravate my left peroneal tendon. I ran 5 x 800m last week, and the extra interval was no joke. During the last 800m, I told myself it would be the difference between a 20:59 and a 21:01 on the clock in a Fall 5K. Who knows… it may be.

Since I had a tempo run planned for Friday, I took Thursday off. In fact, I took off work as well and had lunch with Clay and did some shopping in Mt. Pleasant. We went out for pizza and it was a fun way to recover.

Saturday’s run was hot, humid, and humbling. I felt terrible after and drank a chocolate milk on the way home, then laid around for the rest of the day. Aside from going to lunch with Clay and a Publix trip, I did nothing but catch up on Netflix. Bojack Horseman, anyone?

Sunday, I ran with the Hampton Park/OnShore group, and Emily and I ran 10 miles. It was warm out, but not quite as humid. We also slowed the pace a bit which helped big time! A slower pace might not get as many Strava likes, but your body gets the same stimulus and adaptations on easy/long runs. Plus, I have to work and do real life after my runs, so I can’t be TOO wiped out.

We went to Starbucks, and I had a light caramel frappucino. Definitely not healthy, but I can’t feel too guilty after running 10 miles.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC. 

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16 Responses to Weekly Rundown: May 15-21

  1. wanderwolf says:

    I’m a fan of fresh fruits and veggies when it’s hot out. Don’t want carbs or meat…maybe some fish, anything that doesn’t heat my body up too much to metabolize. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Agree with fruits and veggies- especially those little mandarin oranges when they’re cold from the fridge (my favorite). I do eat a lot of seafood year-round but agree that sometimes colder and lighter seafood is better in the summer months.

      • Okay, try this: peel a mandarin orange and then put the segments onto a plate and put it in the fridge without covering it up or anything. Let them dry out a bit for an hour or two and THEN eat them. It sounds gross but it’s THE BEST. I accidentally discovered this when I put Callum’s orange segments back into the fridge one day without covering them and ate them later.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I typically keep mine in the fridge. When I want one, I peel it and plop it in the freezer for about 15 minutes to make it extra cold. Love it.

  2. sarahdudek80 says:

    I am totally with you. I crave salads and fruit all summer long. It was so hot here in NYC this past week that I really lost my appetite (very rare for me and especially being 20 weeks pregnant!). Hot weather definitely changes things, but I typically eat way better in the summer. Great running this week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Crazy about the appetite loss! But yeah, I like cold foods all summer and when it’s hot. Aside from coffee… I do love hot coffee in the mornings.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m super pumped about summer but yeah getting used to the humidity again with the heat is a process. Random but I dig those shorts!!!! I would vote 7.6 vs 8 miles provides the same physiological benefits – YES 100%. Especially when your body was likely thanking you. I crave salads/raw veg when it’s hot out YES, and smoothies/protein shakes too!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Everyone on Strava likes these shorts too! They are about 5 years old and I got them at the Under Armour outlet here in town. They’re super comfortable and great but I can’t find this style anymore or I’d buy a few pair. Love it when shorts last for years and years.

  4. Wendy says:

    I’m always so impressed with you runners who live in really hot, humid places! Do you get used to it and it gets easier or do you just push through it? In Chicago, we have the humidity in the summer but it seems like I can never get used to it! Nice week of running-46 miles is excellent!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Living here, you just go with it. Everyone kind of accepts that nobody’s going to run fast from June-August and race times in general are slower, etc. The main thing is slowing down the easy days and keep running because the humidity builds your lungs for faster Fall times.

  5. Christine says:

    The weather was rough this week. I crave fruits and veggies like crazy in hotter weather – mostly because the thought of eating anything hot when you can’t walk outside without feeling being immediately drenched with sweat just makes me feel even ickier. Good job getting out there in the soupy CHS weather!

  6. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    I marvel at runners like you who run in the heat and humidity! The few times I’ve run in St. Louis summers when visiting my family have been rough and I spent most of my summers in college running on the treadmill to avoid the heat. Now I’ve lost any tolerance to it in Seattle. Awesome mileage this week – you are building back up so well!

  7. This is the best season for eating all the fresh, wonderful food and produce. It’s my favorite. Great week – but a big UGH to the humidity and heat. Ughhhhhh!

  8. After 10 miles in that heat you definitely deserve that frappe girl!
    Even here it’s hard to get more than 6 miles in due to the heat and humidity in the summer.

  9. Elizabeth C. says:

    Yikes, it’s so hot there already. I love how you motivated yourself during the track workout with the thought of that sub-21 5K. That works for me too, and I often think “doing this will make you faster” and then that helps me hang onto the effort level. Nice job on the long run and that frap must have been heavenly afterward!

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