Weekly Rundown: April 24-30

Happy May Day! I ran 160 miles and three very different races in April- the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K, the Savannah Women’s 5K, and the Run for Brighter Days 5K, which I’ll write more about this week.

While each race was very far from a PR  or impressive (for me) time, all three brought me joy. I’ve often run races where I met my goals but finished overanalyzing my times, focusing on the mistakes I made, beating myself up over mile splits, comparing myself to other runners, or even feeling upset because I didn’t PR by more.


Injuries, illnesses, and layoffs suck. The past six months have certainly put this sport into perspective for me. I hope I spend the next months running toward joy and happiness- and running away from negative self-talk and degrading thoughts.

May 1 marks six weeks back from my six week peroneal tendonitis layoff. It’s the first day of the week, the first day of the month, and a Monday. Today’s the perfect day to start training for something big…


Monday 7.2 miles
Tuesday 6.4 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Thursday 6.2 miles + 60 min. BodyPump
Friday 30 min. bike at Planet Fitness
Saturday 6.5 miles including Run for Brighter Days 5K (23:27)
Sunday 10 miles + 60 min. yoga
Total 42.4 miles

I always like to kick off Monday with a solid effort, so I got in 7.2 miles between a day of work meetings and thunderstorms. I finished just in time, because it started pouring rain just 20 minutes after my run.

On Tuesday, I travelled to Florence for work. It’s close to a two hour drive, which I made that morning (dark thirty wake-up call, anyone?). At work, I had a day full of meetings and a retirement party for my senior writer Carol, who I will miss a lot. I was pretty tired after work and knew a few miles would help me feel better, so I hit the Florence Rail Trail, a flat, paved trail near my hotel. I ran the trail out and back twice.


The Florence Rail Trail is where I did most of my running five years ago when I lived in Florence. Florence doesn’t have many safe places to run or any group runs, and I prepared for my first half marathon by running the rail trail out and back three times, plus another mile, just to log 10 miles. Thinking of that makes me thankful for so many places to run in Charleston and training partners to run with. We have group runs almost every night here, and I rarely have to do long runs completely alone.

Wednesday’s plan was a track workout, but the best-laid plans sometimes fall through. The SHS athletic director messaged me that morning to tell me about a soccer game, so we moved our run from the track to Newington Plantation, one of the hillier neighborhoods in town. After driving back from Florence and changing in the gas station, I was glad to make it to the run even if it wasn’t the 400m repeats I’d planned.


On Thursday, I just ran around the neighborhood then went to BodyPump. We did release 101 which is the newest release. It has lots of pulses, but I liked the workout even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the music.

Friday, I drove to visit my parents since I was running the Brighter Days 5K on Saturday morning, and it’s a lot closer (and easier) to stay with them. My mom and I had a nice dinner, and I spent the evening looking at old high school yearbooks. It’s so amazing how much life and the world have changed since 1999-2003. I took a few pictures for a Throwback Thursday someday.

Saturday’s Brighter Days 5K was rough. It’s a trail course- much like a traditional cross country course, with lots of dirt roads, grass, rocks, and roots. Plus, the heat and humidity were in full swing. I feel passionate about the race’s cause- mental health awareness and organ donation- so I’ve run it three times. It wasn’t a fast course or race, but I was thankful I could get out there like last year.


I spent the rest of Saturday morning driving home, then had lunch with Clay and our friend Jeffrey at Moe’s Crosstown Tavern.

Jeffrey came to visit for 98 Rockfest, which was Sunday, and Moe’s was the perfect place to take him for lunch. I had the balsamic shrimp wrap and side salad as my post-race meal. You can’t beat Moe’s for a delicious lunch.


Sunday’s long run was another brutal one. For one, it was my longest run since February- 10 miles. When driving to Hampton Park, I passed by a digital thermometer at a bank, and it read 77 degrees… at 8:30 AM. The peninsula was quite windy and it was a headwind for much of the run.

Emily, Tom, Jason, and I ran together, and I’m honestly not sure if any of us would’ve completed that run alone. You really do “get by with a little help from your friends” in this sport.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC.

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24 Responses to Weekly Rundown: April 24-30

  1. Hollie says:

    I’m glad each run brought you joy which is ultimately the most important!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Agreed. All three races were symbolic to me for various reasons. The Bridge Run inspires me because so many people there are “getting over” their fears of running over the bridge they drive over so much. The Women’s 5K was inspiring seeing so many women be positive toward each other on the course. Plus the Brighter Days is such a great cause- depression and suicide awareness, which hits home for my family.

  2. sarahdudek80 says:

    What a great week! Those are some solid numbers. I love that you started running on just one short trail. I would imagine it makes all of your runs in other places seem so nice and picturesque. You’ve come a long way!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, my first half was a 2:08 and now I’ve run a 1:38 twice. I doubt many people can say they’ve taken 30 minutes off their time, but it was over the course of years. The rail trail is a great place to run and scenic, but after you run it once, you don’t want to run repeats of it! I’m thankful I can do other out-and-back and loop routes here in Charleston.

  3. Angela says:

    It so good to read that although you don’t feel back to your best which can be frustrating, you still really enjoyed those races! I have had to ditch my time goal for the marathon which I was so annoyed about at the time but now I just plan on hopefully, enjoying the day with my running buddies!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve ditched all time goals now. I’ve always run for fun and socialization, but I felt like coming off the injuries, it would be best for me to not to push the pace and force myself toward goal times. I know I won’t be setting any PRs until Fall, so I may as well enjoy the summer running… as much as I can with the heat.

  4. Ohhhh head winds are no joke! I’d love to run a race for mental health and organ donation, even if it was on trails. But barely, because I REALLY SUCK at trail running. Nice job last week and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. What are you going to train for now?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I have my eyes on a few Fall races but plan to run a couple races this summer too, with no real goals besides “give a hard effort”. Even the Fall races, it’s way too early to start training for them, so I’ll probably just keep my mileage close to this and incorporate more workouts.

      I’m considering the Charleston Marathon in January, too, because I still haven’t learned my lesson about saying the “M word”, so if I do that I’ll probably work on making my long runs a little longer toward the end of the summer.

  5. laurenweiner says:

    Sounds like a great week and that’s awesome you have such a positive outlook on your 3 races from April, even if they weren’t PRs. How are you liking/not liking the warmer weather?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The warm weather is just how it goes in Charleston. It’s great for going to the beach or pool, but not so much for running fast. Still, it means your lungs strong for the Fall which is always a plus. I just don’t really have any time goals for summer races and runs, but I still run and race.

  6. You had a great month – I know you aren’t fully back where you were but I have no doubt you’ll get there the way you are building up. Kudos to you for the great race, even though its not a PR! I’m really proud of how you are arranging your comeback.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The race was tough, but many runs are and that’s life. I’m done beating myself up over them, really no use to because this sport already beats our bodies up pretty badly without us adding to it. I’m totally satisfied with how running went this month and have zero regrets.

  7. Christine says:

    Sunday was rough! I didn’t get out until about 9:30 and by then it was over 80 degrees. I had headwinds, too. They sort of felt good because it was so hot, but it was also so hot that it didn’t really matter. Ah, summer in Charleston!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, we start at 9 on Sunday (I ran 2 miles before meeting the group) and that wind on the peninsula was rough. I like the breeze because it’s always a little cooler downtown than West Ashley or Summerville, but when the breeze is a hot breeze, it doesn’t help much.

  8. Alyse says:

    Congrats on a great week! I’m a little terrified of the summer temps moving in… fingers crossed those cool breezes keep coming!

  9. Emily says:

    I couldn’t have done Sunday’s run without you all too! It was a rough one but having great running company helped so much! See you again Sunday for another run!

  10. I am so glad you were able to race again in April!! Great job over the weekend with the trail race. I knew you were thinking about your injury but I’m glad you were still able to run the course and more importantly that you finished the race (and the other races) with joy. I had the same experience this weekend and totally get this post on so many levels!! Again, I’m really glad you are getting your running groove back. I’ll have a running partner for the summer again! Yay!!!!🤗

  11. HoHo Runs says:

    Another solid week for you! I like that…running toward joy and happiness. Injuries do tend to change our perspectives. Our morning heat and humidity was in full force too. It just feels way too early for it! Maybe because I didn’t run for while this winter and get to enjoy those temps. I’d love to run on the Florence Rail Trail — or ANY rail trail. Thanks for linking, Amy!

  12. Elizabeth C. says:

    Oh wow- that’s a high monthly total and even though I have been following your comeback, I was surprised to see it was that high. I’m so relieved that you are past that injury and you can focus on re-building. I think you are now at a point where you will begin to see your speed and endurance really build.

  13. I loved reading that the races you ran brought you joy! I just love that! The trail you ran on during your work trip looks so beautiful!

  14. I had one of those days on Monday, we got in late so I didn’t run Monday morning. I had a crappy day so I knew a run when I got off work would be in the works! Glad you got yours in and in a familiar place.
    You so have your running grove back! 🙂

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