Weekly Rundown: Jan. 30 – Feb. 5

It’s Monday morning, I ran 49.1 miles last week, and my body feels like garbage.

(And no, I didn’t think about running one mile during the football portion of the Super Bowl just to reach an arbitrary number like 50 for my weekly mileage.)

Last week was a big week of training with no races. My body screamed at me that it’s time to take a few weeks off the mental battle of road racing. My mortgage payment, phone bills, and credit card statement agreed.


I budget for my races and use discount codes, but I had a lot of expenses in January, including a new phone, two new pairs of running shoes, and we have some big purchases to make for our house in the coming months.

I have a 2017 goal of trying 2-3 “new-to-me” restaurants each month and reviewing them on Yelp, so I’ve been planning long runs around different coffee shops while training for the Myrtle Beach Marathon and Savannah Women’s Half Marathon. I spend a few bucks at the restaurant but overall, I come out cheaper and don’t miss shirts that fit like tents, overly competitive thoughts, and some of the egos that come out at local races.

Monday 6 miles + ITBS Rehab Routine
Tuesday 7.4 miles + 60 min. deep stretch yoga
Wednesday 6.7 miles + ITBS Rehab Routine
Thursday ITBS Rehab Routine
Friday 7.9 miles (treadmill tempo)
Saturday 13.2 miles
Sunday 8 miles + 60 min. BodyFlow
Total 49.1 miles

Tired from Saturday’s Charlie Post Classic 5K and Sunday’s long run, I opted for a “sightseeing run” with friends in downtown Charleston. I love my city and our downtown loop route, especially in the winter. The route takes us by Market Street, Colonial Lake, The Battery, Waterfront Park, and Rainbow Row. If you’re local and want a refreshing run, this route is for you, and if any of you non-locals ever come to visit and want to run together, we’ll run this route.

On Tuesday, I intended to get up early and run the Cooper River Bridge. Oh, the best laid plans. I slept until 8 AM then ran later that day before yoga. Clay and I had reservations for a fancy restaurant downtown and cancelled them because he wanted to go to kickboxing and I wanted to go to yoga. He cooked at home (shrimp pasta) and it was delicious.

Wednesday was track night, and I set out to do 6 x 800m repeats since I had no Saturday race plans. I was a little chilly leaving track, but it was a gorgeous night to run. You can’t beat a run in tank tops and short sleeves on the last day of January. If six more weeks of winter means six more weeks of this, I’ll take it.


I opted to take Thursday off because my right glute was a bit sore and I wanted to do a tempo run on Friday. I did PT exercises and went out to Faculty Lounge with Charleston Beer Runners. They ran to the bar, I drove to the bar. It was my first time at Faculty Lounge, which is a members-only bar and I would’ve never discovered it if not for Charleston Beer Runners.


Friday’s tempo run went well and pain-free. I’ve toyed with the idea of adding an easy run on some of my run-free days but I think strength and stretching on those days will probably benefit my body more than an easy run, at least for right now.

Saturday was group long run, and all of us logged some serious miles- everyone who showed up ran 8-20 miles. The temperature wasn’t too bad but the headwind was intense on our way back down the trail. We didn’t see as many runners out and for the last 3 miles, all four of us (Bronwen, Melissa, Theresa, and I) were basically heads down, getting it done, dreaming of coffee.

We hit Charleston Bagel Company after the run. It’s located on Main Street in Summerville (not Charleston). They have quite the selection of lattes and coffee drinks and I had the vanilla latte and a drip coffee with hints of chocolate. We will definitely be returning after future long runs.



Saturday afternoon, Clay and I went out to lunch at Big Billy’s Burger Joint and went shopping for new shoes for him and for couches. We’ve decided to spend part of our tax return on new living room furniture, so we headed to Costco to check some out. It’s so hard to buy things like furniture or mattresses because you can’t get a good feel for how comfortable they are in stores.

I didn’t feel so hot on Saturday evening on Sunday morning. I didn’t drink enough water after Saturday’s long run, so I was a bit dehydrated and also congested from running straight into the headwind. Copious amounts of coffee doesn’t do much for hydration.

I ran 8 miles with the Hampton Park group on Sunday morning, then hit up the grocery store- which I don’t recommend on Super Bowl Sunday. Thankfully I got out alive and home to recover and rest for BodyFlow and the big game. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out here. I’m also linking up with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC. You can check those posts out here.

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22 Responses to Weekly Rundown: Jan. 30 – Feb. 5

  1. I’m so jealous of your weather! That bagel place sounds so good. We got tonnes of snow and our grocery stores were still packed with people getting stuff for super bowl parties. I could care less about those things! Nice miles last week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We didn’t party for the game. I did eat some party foods like hummus, though. I think Clay ate leftover ribs and french fries. We just watched from the comfort of our living room couch… this will be our last Super Bowl with that couch!

  2. laurenweiner says:

    I’m sorry you are feeling beat up. I think you are right about a stretch & strengthen day being beneficial for you. Or more yoga?

    That bagel place sounds amazing. I’m very jealous of all the good food you have in Charleston.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m pretty sure the beat up feeling is just the result of training… this was my highest mileage week since October and I can tell! Little niggles start to creep up and pre-hab becomes even more important.

      Also, I’m a bit congested today and have been since Saturday. We ran 5 miles straight into a headwind during our long run and I don’t think that helped!

  3. Brave woman for going to the store on SBS!!! Even though I ran out of both milk and bread on Sunday,I didn’t venture to the store ( I had terry get it on his way from watching the super bowl – he stopped at a gas station to get it, lol!!!)
    Wish I could have stayed with y’all for coffe after the run. I’ll try to jump in on the next bagel/coffe run!
    Solid week of training btw. Just 26 days left until MB…..

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We’ll do bagels/coffee/breakfast again soon. Now we have a big list of places to go, seriously! I think you will like this place more than Cuppa Manna- I sure did.

      MB is just getting too close!

  4. Ha I bet the grocery stores were crazy on Sunday! Thankfully I was not in one.
    I added you on Yelp, I tend to forget about it for reviewing but we do use it a lot when looking for restaurants while out of town.
    That bagel shop sounds wonderful too! Do you know I didn’t even watch the game, nope I was busy unpacking from this weekend and it was quiet and where my husband was to watch the game was not!

  5. Charleston Bagel Company sounds like my kind of place! Latte and a bagel… just perfect after a run!

    I hope you can get some extra R & R this week. It’s funny you mentioned not running that extra .9 to hit 50 miles for the week. I would have wrestled over that in my mind during the football game! Mileage can drive me nuts 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I used to really be like that before the knee injury. I’m super careful now and maybe I’m a little too careful because my mileage still isn’t where it used to be, but I’m racing well so far in 2017 so I’ll take it. My goal is to be healthy this year and make the races I’m signed up for later this year so I don’t want to risk anything now.

  6. The bagel place sounds amazing! So many different choices of drinks.. I’d be there forever deciding what to have!

    Awesome mileage, sorry to hear you’re not feeling tip top though and hopefully the congestion goes away soon, congestion sucks – feel better soon!

  7. Hope you are already feeling better! I’m always so impressed with your consistency. Happy furniture shopping!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girl. I’m feeling a little better but decided to consider this a “down week” because I haven’t had one in awhile and I’m just feeling the niggles/aches/pains of training. I’m 4 weeks out from Myrtle so I’ll have two solid weeks to train before I have to taper, anyway.

  8. Liz says:

    I just saw Vintage Coffee Co in Mt Pleasant that I want to try! It looks like they have really good brunch too! I started a list of brunch/coffee places that I want to go to in my phone! I told Jon I was going to go have brunch every Wednesday while Jackson is in daycare! I think doing things other than running is good for your body, so I’d go for other stuff over adding an easy run in too. I’m with you on the furniture! I’m afraid we’re going to owe on taxes this year 😦 I would LOVE new living room furniture but our living room and dining room in this condo are so small! So I don’t want to spend the money until we buy a house that we’ll be in long term. Jon almost threw our couches out when we came out here! I hope you’re feeling much better by now!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Costco has some nice furniture- that’s where we went. But most of it is large. When we moved here, our couch limited our apartment choices (haha) because it’s a huge sectional couch and most apartments here are smaller.

      My massage therapist used to go to Vintage when she lived in Mt. Pleasant and she really liked it. I’ve never been there. I have a huge number of places bookmarked on Yelp to try as well…

      • Liz says:

        I’ll have to message you my number on FB! Jackson is in daycare Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays here (unless it’s a week I’m going back to GA), so we should definitely meet up one of those days. I figure I might as well go try that Vintage Coffee place one day before I go grocery shopping, since I’ll probably be driving out to Mt Pleasant to go to Whole Foods once a week anyway. Can you actually bookmark places on Yelp? Like, in the app?

  9. HoHo Runs says:

    Congrats on a huge week of training! The sightseeing run sounds fantastic. I’ve visited Charleston a couple of times and it’s such a lovely city. I was thankful not to have to go anywhere Sunday, Super Bowl or not. It was pouring rain. I’m salivating over the flavors at Charleston Bagel Company. I love going to places like that, especially after a race. Thanks for linking, Amy!

  10. That bird. Yes! He’s loaded compared to me. 😉 I too spent some cash on a pair of running shoes but not so sure I like them…anyway. We’ve been able to run in shorts nearly most winter. Kind of strange! It’s warm but the WIND. oh the wind. It needs to go on!! Oh and coffee?? I thought it was the best hydration source! 😉 I’ve been super guilty of downing the golden caffeine liquid lately…

  11. Elizabeth C. says:

    I like the idea of trying new restaurants on Yelp. I’m sure you’ll discover some great new places. You’re lucky that there is so much in Charleston, too. I’ve exhausted every restaurant within a 10-mile radius of my house! Anyway, nice week and good to see you are keep up with the rehab routines!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh, there are plenty of restaurants within 10 miles of my house- they just take awhile to get to :). Traffic can be a real beast around here, at least for a small town like Charleston. I know DC and ATL traffic are totally different monsters, but those are also large cities. Most things that are super close to me are fast food, unfortunately!

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