Weekly Rundown: January 2-8

Welcome to another week of living and running in Charleston, where we commonly experience all four seasons in one week!


I don’t like cold weather and am fortunate to live in an area where we don’t get much of it, but sometimes we have a random 24 hours of winter. I’m not worried about milk or bread if we have a thousand year snowstorm, but with the upcoming Myrtle Beach (Half) Marathon and Savannah Women’s Half Marathon, my long run is a high priority.

Monday 7.75 miles (HMP Tempo)
Tuesday 7.3 miles + ITB Rehab Routine
Wednesday 60 min. yoga + 6.15 miles (track)
Thursday 6.5 miles
Friday 12.1 miles + ITB Rehab Routine
Saturday 60 min. yoga
Sunday 8 miles + 60 min. BodyFlow
Total 47.8 miles

Not a whole lot to say about Monday and Tuesday- both were treadmilled runs. I was off work on Monday so it was nice to have a long weekend and short work week. Clay cooked teriyaki salmon and honey roasted sweet potatoes on Monday night, so we skipped yoga in favor of dinner and Netflix. My phone died completely so I wasn’t able to take pictures of our dinner, but it was delicious.

On Wednesday, I did an early yoga class, then headed to Summerville for a track workout and post-workout party at Dan’s house. I had a new phone by this time, and Jon got to take the first picture of the group with the new phone.


My workout was 6 x 800m, and I did a very short standing rest in between the 800m repeats instead of jogging like I usually do. I ran the repeats faster, but my legs certainly hated me after the workout because I’m used to cruising my intervals. Larry the Legend was out there to coach, time, and encourage, and we had some new faces. After the workout, a bunch of us headed to Dan’s house to grill and drink and it was a really fun night.

Thursday’s run was easy and recovery paced. I ran with a group and we just all ran together and talked about race plans.

My new shoes, the Brooks Launch 3, came in the mail Thursday. I wore the Brooks Launch 2 and got over 600 miles out of them, so it’s a great shoe for the $100 price point. 600 miles is a lot for a shoe, but they weren’t giving me problems so I kept wearing them. With a brand-new pair, the decision to retire the old shoes was pretty easy.


With the threat of cold rain on Saturday, I did my long run on Friday. I know it’s important to run in all conditions if you plan to race, but I had the flexibility to move the run and it was nice to start the weekend without the long run hanging over my head. Saturday was cold, wet (sleet!), and windy, which is perfect yoga weather.

After yoga, Clay and I went to Community Pizza House. Most Charleston Restaurant Week specials aren’t really deals, but Community Pizza House was great. We ate lunch for under $30 and had leftovers, plus the food and service were outstanding. I wish the beets in the salad were a little softer, but that was my only issue. I’ve heard beets are good for endurance athletes so I was happy to see a beet salad on the menu.



With the Charleston Marathon races this Saturday, I will happily recommend Community Pizza House as a great place to carb-load, especially since it’s close to where Friday’s expo in North Charleston.


On Sunday, I woke up in time to brave the elements with the Hampton Park crew. Tom and I ran 8 miles and had a great conversation. The run was 28 degrees, but the coldest part was waiting on Rocky to take a picture before we started.

Once we got running, it wasn’t bad. I even drank some hot chocolate to warm up when I got home.


Overall, I had a pretty solid week. It feels like my knee issues are finally behind me, and I’m excited to continue training for my Spring half marathons!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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17 Responses to Weekly Rundown: January 2-8

  1. Glad the knee issues are now a thing of the past.

    Is it crazy that I have never tried beets before? I don’t know why, but they kind of gross me out.

  2. yay for the knee finally feeling better!!!!!!!
    solid week chica
    looks like the tiny terror is BACK! and will be a mighty force to be reckoned with……
    : )

  3. Such great news about your knee! Woohoo! I love the Brooks Launch as well. I have the 2s, and the 3s. They’re both the same, I think!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      This is my first pair of the 3’s but I have two pairs of the 2’s (well, one pair that I’m currently wearing and the one that I am retiring ASAP because the accidental mileage).

      So far the 3’s feel just like the 2’s, and I’m glad. I hate when shoe companies make a lot of changes!

  4. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    That is great news about your knee – so happy for you that it’s feeling better! I love beets. My favorite ones are the golden ones, but the red ones are so good as well – especially roasted or on a salad.

  5. That picture about the snow is too funny! We got snow here this weekend and it is so cold that it is all frozen now. Love the Brooks Launch. I still have the 2 but will probably upgrade to the three when they go on sale.

  6. I’m glad your knee issues are behind you and it’s handling the increased mileage! You handled it like a rock star.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! I think doing more yoga has helped me handle the increases a LOT. I know training fatigue can be delayed, but the yoga is “flushing out” my legs so they don’t feel as bad the next day or in the next workout.

      I think going from practicing yoga or BodyFlow once a week to at least 2x a week has been a good idea.

  7. I think it’s hilarious that your picture of Southerners acting a fool is a girl in an Alabama shirt. That sounds about right … haha. I LOVE the Brooks Launch! I rarely do a standing rest between track repeats, but I can see how it would be tougher (I mean aside from the fact that you ran them faster than normal). Once I start moving, I don’t like to stop!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh, plenty of crazy southerners wear South Carolina shirts too :).

      Like you, I usually don’t do standing rest because I don’t like to stop (I might try to talk myself out of the workout if I do). I’m always training for a longer race like a half marathon, so I feel like I want to be faster over the long distance rather than just run the intervals as fast as I can.

      I thought it would be nice to switch it up after last Sunday’s 5K to get my legs used to finding that extra gear for a 5K race vs. the strong/steady pace for a half. I feel like my body has zero fast twitch muscle fibers!

  8. So glad you feel like your knee issues are finally in the past and your mileage is really getting back up there! I can’t believe you’re doing an hour of yoga more than once a week. I did an hour last night and was exhausted afterward. I’m way better around 30 minutes.

    That pizza looks delicious! We have a winter restaurant week happening here right now, but unfortunately, I’m trying to get down to race weight over the next month!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yoga can make me tired too- or completely wake me up, depending on the type. I was doing yoga each week pre-injury as well, so it’s not a new activity for me- I just do it way more often now. It helped the ITBS pain so much, but I also kinda got addicted.

      I’ll save the rest of what I’d type out here for a future blog post, as I could talk for awhile about yoga.

      You think I’d be more serious about racing weight, considering I have to wear the ARTC singlet and a pair of Saucony booty shorts this weekend, but I type this after eating brownie brittle. This is why I’m slow… ;).

  9. Very glad to ready the legs feel good! When I saw this picture about Southerners in snow I think back to one where it shows a bunch of cars halted to a stop and a single snow flake coming down and the caption says something like oh no snow in the south! lol
    That pizza, man it sure does look wonderful!
    Here’s to better weather this weekend!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Pizza is the best.

      Schools here shut down when it’s cold. Not even snowing, just cold. Because kids can’t wait outside for the bus when it’s cold. (I think that’s kind of a cop out… they never did that when I was a kid. Then again, if adults say that kids today are wussified, it’s partially the adults’ problem for doing things like cancelling school when the morning temps are cold).

  10. Elizabeth C. says:

    That’s a really strong week! With the 800’s, I once had a workout to run 7 x 800m at 5K pace and instead of jogging in between, just stop for a full minute. So the recovery duration was shorter, but it was not jogging. It’s an interesting approach and I think that it allows you to go harder and really challenge yourself. Wishing you a smooth journey from here to Myrtle in terms of no more weather mishaps!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That’s basically the workout I did- only 6 x 800m and about a minute rest in between each. Needless to say, with a race this weekend, I *did not* do that workout last night!

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