Weekly Rundown: December 26 – January 1

This week’s mantra: I’m thankful for recovery runs, as it means I’m logging enough miles and quality to need to recover.


In last week’s training rundown, I hinted that a bunch of my training partners want to run the Myrtle Beach Marathon races. We have 10 weeks until that half marathon, and 15 weeks until the Savannah Women’s Half Marathon, and I plan to run at least two half marathons this Spring. This number doesn’t include races I get #BeerPressured into hanging out after track workouts.

My knee has felt mostly good for the past two weeks, so it was time to stop hobbyjogging and kick off some training runs.

Monday 7.7 miles (tempo) + 60 min Core Cuts/Barre Combo class
Tuesday 6.3 miles
Wednesday 6.4 miles track + ITB Rehab Routine
Thursday 6 miles
Friday 10.1 miles + ITB Rehab Routine
Saturday 60 min. hot yoga
Sunday 6.3 miles including Race the Landing 5K (22:05) + 60 min. BodyFlow
Total 42.7 miles

I was off work on Monday so I kicked it off with a tempo run on the treadmill at half marathon goal pace (around 7:15). That evening, I went to a core/barre fusion group fitness class. Some of my online running friends like Kaitlyn and Martina swear by barre so I wanted to try it out, and I think I’ll go back for a full class soon.

Wednesday was track night, and the workout I chose for myself was 6 x 800m repeats with 200m recovery jogs. Truth be told, I was proud to survive this workout. A dog was at the track, so most of my time running was spent watching out for that dog and I wasn’t mentally there. Dogs don’t like me and I’ve been bitten (the owner of the dog who bit me swore her dog didn’t bite- well, he didn’t bite, until he bit me).

To add to the chaos, the police came to the track. A kid got bullied or beat up near the school, and they wanted to know if we saw or heard anything. None of us did, but no one wants to see blue lights when they are driving or trying to do a track workout.

I had a decent pace for the 800m repeats and we had a nice crowd for the workout, though!


Thursday’s run was a recovery/easy day. Easy days are the hardest for me- I get no satisfaction out of writing down “easy 6” in my training log and would rather run a tempo run, hills, intervals, a long run, or a race.

Like it or not, I needed to get the miles in, so I drove to Mt. P to meet up with the Blue Sky Endurance group run to give myself some motivation to get it done. I ran 2 miles before then 4 miles with Brent from track. The Christmas lights were on around Mt. P so it was an enjoyable run.


Friday’s solo long run was tough, too. With returning to training and the Sunday race, I logged 36 miles in 5 days. I only logged 34 miles all week last week, and it figures that the first week of training will be a rough.

I ran on the bike path, which is insanely monotonous, and I got a side stitch. I never get side stitches! I stopped at the gas station with a Cinnabon to potty, stretch, and get a pebble out of my shoe, and the rest of the run was fine. The smell of Cinnabon permeated the gas station, and I made a mental note to try a Cinnabon for a post-race treat.

I did hot yoga class on Saturday. Admittedly, trying a new workout the day before a 5K isn’t a smart idea, but it was the only yoga class I could fit in since the offerings are limited due to the holidays. Hot yoga just isn’t for me, but the schedule changes back to normal this week.

Sunday, I ran the Race the Landing New Year’s 5K. Ironically, we had Cinnabon after the race, along with homemade soup. My finish time was nothing to write home about, but I am proud of the effort I gave in training this week. Post injury, it was my first week of running six days and first week that included two workouts.



And with that, I’ll have a Cinnabon.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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15 Responses to Weekly Rundown: December 26 – January 1

  1. wanderwolf says:

    A good start back in training! Though I disagree about easy runs. An easy 6miler is still a six miler and a good run!!

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    You had a strong week and it sounds like your injury is now a thing of the past. Even though you don’t enjoy the “easy” runs, I think they pay off in spades. They are what allow you to kick it at the track and build that endurance necessary for longer distances. Maybe if you tried calling them something else? Hmm…I’ll have to give that some thought. It is too funny that they served Cinnabon after the 5k race. I can’t remember the last time I indulged in one, but you’ve definitely made me want to. Thanks for linking, Amy! I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings your way. Happy New Year!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I agree the easy runs pay off. I’ve debated replacing some of them with arc trainer sessions just to switch it up, and maybe I will, but I feel like running more miles will help me in longer races.

      The owner of Cinnabon is a Charleston Running Club member and sponsored the race, he is a nice guy and it was neat they had them there along with hot chocolate. Both were a big hit for the kids as well as a lot of us adults, haha.

  3. Awe, I’m sad to hear about the kid that got beat up. I hate that stuff. 😦 I’ve never been bit by a dog but I’ve had several close encounters. Freaks me right out! That sucks that you actually got bit by one! That would send my anxiety into a tailspin for sure. Nice job getting all those workouts in last week! Happy New Year Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Although my bite was not on a run, I did have a dog try to get away from it’s owner and run with me during a race once, so I’m not 100% comfortable around dogs. I’m usually okay once I know and trust the dog, but I didn’t grow up with dogs and we never had one.

      I don’t know the backstory behind the bullying, but I hate that it happened to the kid after school hours and during the holidays too. I was bullied in school but at least back then, bullying usually stopped after school was out. Now with social media, it never ends for the kids.

  4. That barbie picture cracks me up! You had a high quality week of runs … tempo, track and a race! Yay! You also had a diverse week of other things, like barre and hot yoga. I’ve not tried either of these, but I would like to. I don’t really *enjoy* regular yoga, but I feel like if I got sweaty, I might enjoy it more … sounds like you didn’t really like it though. Regardless, you had a great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I really didn’t care for the hot class. I don’t know if I need to try another instructor, or if it just attracts experienced yogis because it’s an advanced class, but the people around me were modifying all the poses to make them harder. I felt a little out of place, and for a runner I am pretty flexible and “good at yoga”.

      I mostly do yoga as a restorative exercises more than a workout- obviously, I get enough “hard” exercise from running. I didn’t feel like hot yoga was as restorative?

      I really love BodyFlow because while it’s not heated, you move a lot more than a traditional yoga class where you hold poses for so many breaths.

  5. So glad to see you are making it back to your normal runs this past week!
    Oh the Barbie picture, yes exactly how I feel, I’m not getting anywhere close to a scale for at least a couple weeks lol.
    Great effort on your 5k and I’d be all over that Cinnabon. Humm, connection with the Barbie pic??? Nah! Looking forward to seeing what all 2017 has in store for you Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The odd thing about the Barbie picture is that she appears to get SHORTER. Maybe I’m the only person who noticed that because I’m short…

      My run was the first time I’ve been in that gas station, but I made a mental note to always pay at the pump!

  6. Elizabeth C. says:

    OMG- when you run past something that smells good! It’s a pleasant experience but then that’s all you think about the rest of the run. LOL. I’m so happy for you that you are back into the swing of official training. It’s good that the knee is doing well and you are on your way to two half marathons this spring!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly! All of your running and races lately have really inspired me. I’m glad I have been able to return to training at about the level I was before so quickly. I am confident that we’ll both have a big Spring race at MB!

  7. supereli23 says:

    I would say that’s a good start to training again. I hope you can hit a great half PR coming up, a 7:15 pace is something I can only dream about right now 🙂 Cinnabons, on the other hand, I could cram at least 3 of those in my mouth.

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