Weekly Rundown: December 12-18

Quote of the week: “We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochos

No clue who Archilochos is, but he has the right idea. Running is one of those sports where you get what you put in. There’s no refs, bad calls, or home field advantages- just you and the clock. Plus, Santa knows how hard you are (or aren’t) training.



Monday 60 min. Arc Trainer + ITB Rehab Routine + 60 min. yoga
Tuesday 6 mile treadmill run + ITB Rehab Routine
Wednesday 5 miles, including Fleet Feet Summerville Christmas Run
Thursday 6.15 mile treadmill run + ITB Rehab Routine
Friday No workout
Saturday 6.5 miles including Nexton Cocoa Cup 5K (21:38) + ITB Rehab Routine
Sunday 10.1 miles + 60 min. BodyFlow

After Saturday’s Jingle Bell Run 5K and my longest run post-injury on Sunday, I took Monday off to cross train and watch Fuller House. If you’re looking for a mindless Netflix show to watch while cross training, I highly recommend Fuller House- a new season just came out. The Arc Trainer is no joke- it keeps the pressure off my knee between runs and is a good core workout.

Monday evening, I committed an #RUI, Registering Under the Influence. Alex at Tour De Blue Shoes coined this term and I stole it from him- we usually call it #BeerPressure, but I’ll use Alex’s term since I prefer cocktails or wine. A few friends were “enabling” me with the 2017 Kiawah Half Marathon on Facebook since the race was only $40.

I’m not one to sign up for races more than a week or so early, so this is a giant leap of faith. I consider the entry fee motivation to train hard in 2017 and stay injury-free so that I don’t end up standing on the sidelines wearing an overpriced race shirt.

$40 is a lot of money for someone struggling to fully fund her Roth IRA each year, so I’m hanging my confirmation above my desk to remind myself *every. single. day.* that I’m signed up for Kiawah.


Tuesday was a progressive run on the treadmill, and Thursday was another treadmill day, but I increased the incline rather than the speed. Both were good workouts, and I like the treadmill right now because it’s easy to just stop if there’s knee pain. My knee still feels a bit stiff when I stop running, but for the most part the mileage went well.


Wednesday’s run was one of the most fun runs I’ve had in a long time. I did the Christmas Group Run with Fleet Feet Summerville. This run is worth cancelling a track workout for. The first 10 finishers who beat the gingerbread man (Jon, who runs with us on Wednesday nights) got a gift card prize and the next 40 who beat the fox got a free pair of socks.

With the prize motivation to run faster, it was a great tempo run. Most of us in the front just ran in a pack since it was dark and wet. I went to the office that day for a Christmas party so I was hyped up on sugary red velvet cake and think that may have helped my pace.

After the run, we met back at Fleet Feet for sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and a hot chocolate bar complete with Bailey’s Irish Cream (my favorite) and peppermint schnapps (my second favorite). The rest of the night was filled with giveaways, shopping, gift exchanges, drinking and hanging out. I love the track crew- we all push each other to run our best and everyone’s been really successful this year.



On Saturday, I ran the Nexton Cocoa Cup 5K in Summerville. My only goal was to improve from last week’s Jingle Bell Run 5K, and I really surprised myself. You can’t beat beautiful running weather and post-injury recovery “gains”. It wasn’t my best executed race, but I beat my time from last year’s race and even placed in my age group.

Our little circle had quite a few PRs and age group awards, and we celebrated with more hot cocoa and chocolate milk. Between the holiday parties and post-run hot chocolate, I’m on a permanent sugar high these days.


After the race I came home to have lunch with Clay. We went to The Southern General on John’s Island and it was so delicious (I had the sesame shrimp sandwich). That evening, we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, our favorite holiday movie.

On Sunday I ran a long run- 10 miles! I met up with the Hampton Park run group, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to do a long run with them for the next two Sundays due to the holidays. It was fun seeing friends and having someone for most of the miles- but the run was so hot! It was 76 degrees when we finished around 10:15. Friends in Ohio had ice storms and snow, and meanwhile in Charleston, every runner regretted wearing a shirt.

My knee was okay but started giving me a little discomfort on the last few miles. It’s nothing that stretching, icing, and heat don’t fix, thankfully, but I won’t increase my long run mileage much until it’s 100%. Will this impact my early 2017 race plans? Most likely- but I’d rather miss a race than get stuck in the “injury/stupid run/re-injury” cycle.

Next week, I just hope to get in a few runs and another speed workout before the holidays. I hope you guys will be safe if you’re travelling or running in winter weather.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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24 Responses to Weekly Rundown: December 12-18

  1. Congrats on a strong week- great 5k performance and a 10 mile long run! I too do not like to sign up for races too far in advance. Several years ago, I had to DNS A LOT of races due to injury so I said “never again”! There is one I’m looking at in early Jan but I will sign up race day. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Meg, yeah I am not one to sign up too early either, usually. I’m glad I hadn’t registered for the Charleston Marathon because it would suck to have another DNS or deferral on my “record”, but this was just too cheap to turn down! Ironically, the last races I had to DNS were ones I only signed up for maybe 2 weeks ahead of time, but my injury was pretty sudden, too. Also, one was a half marathon, so I just didn’t want to take any chances there like I would with say, a 5K. Pretty sure I’ll be a week-of registrant now.

  2. Liz says:

    I think once you suffer through a few injuries, your mindset totally changes! It’s definitely better to just let things heal instead of pushing it and getting hurt again! Once I realized I had a stress fracture in my foot, I have completely laid off of it since it’s just not worth it to keep making it worse. I have never tried an Arc Trainer! The gym chain we use here doesn’t have any. I just use the elliptical, which I like. It’s a lot less impact but I can still get a good workout on one. I also LOVE treadmills for inclines and for intervals. It’s way easier for me to push myself on a treadmill for some reason than it is if I’m just out running. Ah, just thinking about this makes me itch to get back to the gym! $40 seems cheap for 1/2 marathons! When I looked before because I wanted to run one (which is definitely NOT a goal in my life anymore), a lot of them were SO expensive! It has been so cold in Atlanta! I can’t believe how warm Chareston was! It’s in the 20s today!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was so hot yesterday! Hot to the point where if you have fair skin you would’ve wanted to wear sunscreen because I could feel the sun on my skin when I was finishing up the run (glad I don’t really burn). All the guys who wore shirts took them off or regretted it. I felt over dressed in short sleeves too.

      The Arc Trainer is great… I have only seen it at Planet Fitness though (none of the other gyms in WA have one). It’s similar to an elliptical but to me it’s a little harder. You’d probably like it if you like the elliptical, though.

      The temperature is supposed to drop today though! Sunday was a tank top day but I’m pretty sure Tuesday will be an under armour coldgear, tights, day…

      • Liz says:

        The weather in Charleston is so crazy! The day I moved there, I mentioned how hot it was to the cashier at Whole Foods and they said that was Charleston weather! That it’d be 70 one day and 40 the next! I had no idea how crazy the weather could be there. Once I get back, I need to start looking at gyms! I think I’m going back to CrossFit, but it’d be nice to have a cheaper option for the days where set class times just don’t work out for me!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Yep, the weather here can be crazy and it rains a LOT. We’ve been in a dry spell these days though.

  3. I usually wait until the last second to sign up for races, even if it means taking a large financial penalty. You had such a great week! So happy to hear that your knee is okay.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The largest financial penalty is from a DNS or DNF. Those of us who wait just pay $10-15 more but think of all the money we save from not registering for races we would end up having to lose money from.

      IMHO, race “lotteries” are the easiest way for the big races to control the registrants and get all the money in advance. Those runners are sitting in the drive-thru at Chic-Fil-A somewhere right now, unsure of their order, but they’ve already paid hundreds of dollars and know what they’re doing one October morning in Chicago or a November morning in NYC.

  4. sarahdudek80 says:

    That is one stellar week of training! I’m totally with you on the injury end. I was just telling someone else that I spent too much time pushing too hard and trying to run through injuries. I needed to learn the hard way. But that race registration is super exciting!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Kiawah was just too cheap to turn down, even after I mentally prepared for the worst case scenario of a $40 shirt (I’ve heard it’s possible to eat the entry fee’s worth of food at the amazing post-race buffet, too).

      With my injury, I was training smart and I definitely wasn’t overtrained. But, I was also injury free for 2.5 years before this knee issue- and being injury-free shortchanged my recovery, as I trained, ran races, raced goal races, but never really took a break. I had the occasional cutback week to recover from a “big” race or say, when I went on vacation, but even then I still got all my key runs in. I was proud of that- proud of getting 3-4 runs in during a vacation week, proud of still logging some miles, etc.

      I always read about taking a full week off after a marathon. I never ran a marathon, but there’s a good reason track and XC coaches give the kids a week off between seasons- and they don’t race longer than a 5K-8K.

  5. It sounds like you had a fun-filled, festive week! I’m so glad that you are back running (for the most part) and yet, still playing it safe. Having a goal half to look forward to is super exciting! I can totally respect and appreciate anyone who loves Christmas Vacation as much as we do! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! Yes, Christmas Vacation is the BEST… love watching it and each year I find something new in the movie that I never noticed before. That’s what makes it a classic.

  6. Solid training week Chica! Looks like you are starting to rebuild
    It was good seeing you and the rest of our crew at the race. All of us have made improvements in some form or fashion!
    And $40 is a great price for a half marathon. Because of your #RUI,
    I also jumped on board. Would that be considered An RUI of others RUI? Or RUIOO ( registering under the influence of others)?
    Either way, you can’t beat the price and it gives more incentive to train!
    Here’s to a good week ahead!

  7. Kaitlyn says:

    This sounds like a great, fun week. I think it’s a good idea to hold at 10 miles until you feel like your knee is 100% ready for an increase.

    Also, I think it’s great that you prioritize funding your Roth IRA in full every year! That’s super important 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I think I’m going to hold off on increasing mileage in general another week, just because this week is pretty busy with Christmas.

      I plan to fully fund my Roth IRA every year I can. Once your household income is a certain level, I’m not sure you can put the same amount of money in there, and I have the income right now since we don’t have kids or any major expenses other than the house.

      Fully funding my retirement is more important than race entry fees… I plan to be living and running for a very long time so I’ll need this money later. I also have a 401K through my company.

      • Kaitlyn says:

        Since I live and breath investor education stuff at work, that’s what I like to hear 🙂 Yes, Roth IRAs have income limits, and once you hit the threshold, it tapers down until you can’t contribute to a Roth at all. You still have the regular old IRA option at that point through.

        I also try to max out my Roth IRA every year, but I might need up to the April 15 deadline this year since the wedding expenses are making saving harder.

  8. It sounds like you had a strong week of training! Yay for a 10-miler! Also, I would have totally registered for the half too! $40 is unheard of!

  9. Sounds like you have this all under control. I also laughed at the comment about saving for the IRA and race entry fees. I’m so there!
    Amy, I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you this past year and look forward to what 2017 will bring!

  10. Elizabeth C. says:

    A great week! It’s good to see you back into the swing of things. 10 miles is a really solid long run and it’s good that your knee was only slightly irritated, and you were able to address it after the run. I agree that it’s smart not to go more than 10. In fact, if you are training for a half marathon I actually don’t think you need to be doing much more than 10 for your LR anyway. Great job on that race and keeping up with the injury rehab!

  11. HoHo Runs says:

    It sounds like a great training week and a very festive week of running as well. Your Fleet Feet group sounds like a lot of fun. Our store is just so far from where I live, but I notice they do have a lot of fun runs. I hope your knee/ITB continues to improve and you’ll be in prime shape for that 2017 Kiawah Half. Thanks for linking, Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Our Fleet Feet stores are great. Both are pretty far from my house, but everyone who lives where I live is used to driving a long way for most things. I still can’t believe I signed up for a race a YEAR early, but for me it’s motivation to do *everything I can* to stay healthy and improve in 2017.

  12. mommyrunfaster says:

    Congrats on a strong week and surprising yourself in the 5k! You are smart to limit the long runs in order to stay healthy for 2017. It’s a hard balance, but one we often have to learn the hard way- as you have! I’ve been there too.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Laura- yeah, I think 10 miles is long enough for the next few weeks. My next half marathon is still a few months away, and I’d rather run a little less and avoid potentially overdoing it!

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