Weekly Rundown: October 24-30

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!


This week was a pretty good one. I logged my highest weekly mileage yet, ran a great track workout, and enjoyed a long run “race out” (race as a workout) at Race 13.1 Charleston.

Charleston is lacking in the trail run department, but just like last year, Race 13.1 stepped up to the plate and brought a great event to the area. If you like trails, half marathons, or Halloween runs, this race had something for you. It was well organized and great for all ability levels, from beginners to local elites.

I’ll write a recap of the event later this week, but until then, here’s a weekly workout rundown.


Monday 8.1 miles (bridge) + sports massage
Tuesday 7.1 miles
Wednesday AM: 3.1 miles easy and PM: 6 miles (track)
Thursday 5.1 miles easy
Friday 75 minutes yoga
Saturday 16.4 miles including Race 13.1 Charleston (1:46:37)
Sunday 8.1 miles + BodyFlow
Total 54 miles

I got up at dark-thirty on Monday morning and journeyed out to Mt. Pleasant to run the bridge. It’s pretty hard for me to wake up in the mornings, but I needed to run the lone “hill” we have to practice on. I was done by 8 AM and on my way home to work.

I got a sports massage on Monday afternoon (which is why I ran that morning instead of running with the group like I usually do). The James Island Connector Run is pretty tough terrain, and the inclines also beat my quads up, so the sports massage was just what I needed.

Since I ran that morning and got a massage, I was pretty hungry, so I opted for Verde for lunch. To celebrate Verde’s birthday, the restaurant had all signature salads for $3.65 which was quite a steal. I tried the Soy Bien salad and was happy that they were generous with the bread.


On Wednesday, I did an easy morning run then hit the track for a workout that evening. Most of our triathletes did Ironman North Carolina last weekend, so we were missing a lot of regulars, but we’ll be happy to see them next week when they are recovered. We decided to hold off on going out after track as well, so our IMNC peeps can join next week.

The weather was nice and my legs felt pretty good (I think running a little that morning may have helped warm them up a little). I ran 5 x 1000m with 200m jog recoveries, and it was one of the better track workouts I’ve had lately.


I typically like to take Thursday off after track but had a lot going on Friday and knew I wouldn’t fit a run in. I ran easy but my legs hated me the whole time because of Wednesday’s workout. I guess that’s just part of the process.

I went to a donation-based yoga class at Charleston Community Yoga on Friday. The proceeds benefited breast cancer, and before the class, the instructor had us write down the names of people we knew who had breast cancer on the mirrors in the room. During the class, she called out their names and asked us to dedicate our practice to them, and it was really inspiring. The yoga class was also a great way to de-stress at the end of a work week and before Race 13.1

On Saturday, I ran 3.2 miles easy, then ran Race 13.1 Charleston. I had a great “race-out” (race as a workout) and really enjoyed cheering for the other runners, thanking the volunteers, and laughing at the funny costumes. A lot of my Charleston Beer Runners friends ran and so did fellow local running bloggers David (DoomBuggy Runner) and Melissa.


On Sunday, I ran an easy 8 starting with the Hampton Park group. I mostly ran alone (my easy days are definitely slower and longer than many others). My legs didn’t feel too bad, though, and I can check off that I ran in my planner, and sometimes that’s the only real goal of a run. I did BodyFlow that evening to stretch out and cross train a bit- it’s great for your core!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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19 Responses to Weekly Rundown: October 24-30

  1. Good job Amy! Lots of miles this week. I forget whether you have an eye on a marathon or not? If so, what’s the longest running you plan to do for it?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m considering a marathon, but I won’t sign up until closer to the race if I do one. I have a huge respect for the marathon distance, and I want to see how my body handles the training and mileage. These 16 mile runs are new territory for me.

  2. Elizabeth C. says:

    A great track workout and a really successful “race-out”– great week. Glad you bounced back after the 10K from the previous weekend. And I love your Santa cartoon at the beginning. So true!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yes! I went to Dollar Tree yesterday after BodyFlow to buy some candy and some cleaning supplies (I know, weird combo huh?), and the store is already full of Christmas items. Of course, Christmas has been in Costco since Labor Day!

  3. Ohhhh such a great idea for the yoga class! I love how you guys wrote down names on the mirror. Awe I love that. The sports massage sounds lovely. I need one of those! I haven’t had one in months, which I guess is a good thing because it means I haven’t been injured but man would it feel nice to get one done without an injury!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I think they are good for preventing injuries. I started going when I was hurt a few years ago, and it helped a lot. I only get one once a month so it’s not too bad on the budget (especially when you consider lost race entry fees, travel, doctor bills if you do get injured, etc). Also the lady I go to shows you different stretches and makes recommendations of things you can do on your own time to prevent injury. IMHO, sports massage is a great investment in your running.

  4. Liz says:

    I am definitely going to try Nancy at that massage place! I keep telling myself I need to start getting more massages, especially because my back is still so messed up, and I’m sure I’ll be super sore once I get back to the gym. My muscles will need some extra love! I also love that the massage is part of your workout list!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You would really like Nancy. She works with a lot of athletes and it has helped me with some of my back issues (doing more yoga and BodyFlow has helped as well, I think I was just running so much and ignoring core). Do tell her you heard about her from The Tiny Terror :).

      I like to put the massage on my workout list! It wasn’t a workout but it was something I did that contributed to my fitness, so I think it belongs there. Plus this is a good way to keep up when when I get them in relation to running and race schedules ;).

  5. Great job on your race this weekend! Sometimes it is just fun to do them, rather than for time. I have a hard time getting up super early to get any long runs in, but if I knew I had a massage apt later that day maybe I wouldn’t mind so much. I bet that was lovely.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah, it was a good race to do for fun since it was on a trail, warm, and the course was great for running a little extra for a long run. Honestly, it was a fun way to get in a 16 miler. I have trouble finding people for the really long runs, so if I can have company for even part of them, i take it and just get some extra miles in before.

  6. That first graphic in the post is too funny! Jimmy and I were at the mall last night during Halloween and workers were putting up Christmas decorations in all the stores! Too funny.

    Nice job on the half marathon! Or should I say race out? 🙂

  7. I have never heard the term “race out,” but I’m digging it. I’m glad you had such a good week of running after your 10K last weekend! Sometimes 10Ks can take a little while to recover from, but it seems like you bounced right back. P.S. Did you get the WP comment issue figured out?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Since I ran the 10K, I did shorter/easier long run the next day to balance out the effort level from the weekend. Plus it wasn’t a great day for me speed wise, so I guess that helped me recover quicker than say, if it had been a PR. I was surprised at how quickly I bounced back though… I honestly think running more often helps my recovery.

  8. HoHo Runs says:

    Wow! Awesome high mileage week! If you’ve got to put in long run mileage, you might as well participate in a race if there’s one in town. Right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Didn’t I see where you placed in half race too? Congratulations! Thanks for linking, Amy!

  9. I ran in a Race 13.1 this past Spring in Memphis and I thought they did a great job on it! I think I’d really like a trail half! Awesome job on yours and for the AG award!!! I saw pictures of the sweet medal!
    Thanks Amy for linking!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I really want to do one in another state. I’ve only run one race outside of SC but hope to travel to do more soon. I love the local races but I really want to run somewhere different, especially since I do all my training here.

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