Weekly Rundown: October 10-16

Fall running weather arrived in Charleston this week, so if you’re local, I hope this fueled some new life into your training after the heat and humidity that lingered so long.

If you don’t have a run on the calendar, I highly recommend the James Island Connector Run on October 22. It’s one of my favorite events in the Charleston area, and proceeds benefit the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, which helps students with disabilities go to college.


When you register for the James Island Connector Run, use the code Scott16 to save $5 on your registration fee. This makes the price only $30, which is a steal for what you get- a race, finisher’s medal, shirt, and free food and beer at the finish.


Monday 9.15 miles including 7 miles HMP + 30 minutes CXWORX
Tuesday 6.35 miles
Wednesday 45 minutes strength + 6.2 miles (track)
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.5 miles
Saturday 8.2 miles (bridge)
Sunday 16.2 miles + BodyFlow
Total 53.7 miles

Monday workout on the treadmill really wore me out. I ran 7 miles only slightly slower than my 10K pace and decided maybe this training plan isn’t for me and I should just take things day by day, especially when I’m stressed out. I followed up with a 30 minute CXWORX class in the gym, which made me wish my gym offered CXWORX more often and at times I can regularly participate.

Tuesday’s run was slow and involved a lot of debri dodging. I was tired and didn’t want to run, but I got some miles in. I have faith that the miles will pay off and sometimes, the miles you don’t want to do are the ones you need most and the ones that pay off the most.

Wednesday was track/speed night. The football kids weren’t at our track, which made us happy, and we had music from the SHS marching band in the background to entertain us. It was a nice night to run, but the run itself was tough. I don’t think I’d recovered from Monday’s tempo run.

We headed to Montreux after the run for recovery and birthday beverages + food. Montreux is one of my favorite places and they had live music. I love the tacos and sweet potato fries there. Everyone had a great time. I love our track crew and am excited for the Ironman NC triathletes to be coming back once the tri is over this weekend. We have certainly missed them, as they have been busy swimming and riding on Wednesdays.


Friday and Saturday’s runs were good. I ran the bridge on Saturday and it was a beautiful day for it. I saw 3 people wearing shorts over tights on the bridge though. I’m not sure why anyone running in Charleston needs tights. If you’re moving here from a cold weather climate, you should sell your tights to free up space in the moving van and earn some extra cash for a craft beer once you arrive in Charleston.

On Sunday, Melissa and I ran 12 miles on Sawmill Branch. The run even included some obstacle course training because a large tree was in the middle of the path, so we climbed over the tree at Mile 2 and Mile 10. It was built-in cross training.



On our way back down the trail, we spotted Wade and Sarah from Fleet Feet Summerville. The No Boundaries (Couch to 5K) program through the store had their “graduation 5k” on the trail that morning.

The runners were signed up for a 5K last Saturday, but it was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew. Fleet Feet decided to blow up the finishing arch and have a graduation race for the this weekend. We cheered for all the NOBO 5K runners on the trail during the last mile of our own run. The runners were all smiles, and it was symbolic of everyone moving on after Hurricane Matthew. Summerville is lucky to have Fleet Feet!


Once we got back to the Y, I took the rest of my sport beans, Melissa headed out, and I finished up my 16 miler with 4 solo miles. After a crazy week, the long run built my training confidence. I took it easy that afternoon by having brunch with Clay, buying groceries, and going to BodyFlow.

Onward to the James Island Connector Run on Saturday. Have a great week!


I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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30 Responses to Weekly Rundown: October 10-16

  1. Pam says:

    Wow, that downed tree makes you look even tinier than you are. How nice that you could cheer for the 5k runners and that Fleet Feet is so great to all the runners there. We also have an amazing Fleet Feet in Wilmington and it is actually a newer store. I think it has been less than two years that we have had it. It came just before TrySports went out of business. Great job with your training this week. You should be in great shape for your upcoming races. By the way, I am volunteering at Ironman NC at packet pickup. Maybe i will meet some of your friends!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you for volunteering at IMNC! That is a great thing to do- giving back to the community :). I’m really excited for all my friends doing it, seems like everyone from Summerville Tri Club is doing the half or the full this year. The Mt. P Fleet Feet has been here for maybe 3 years and the Summerville one has been in town for just over a year. The same people work/own both stores, but it is Summerville’s first ever running store so everyone in town really, really loves it :).

  2. Wow that is a pretty big tree down on the the Saw Mill Branch Trail! Wow! So loving this weather. I feel like a runner again now! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The weather was amazing last week, and yesterday was GREAT for a long run!

      It really stinks there weren’t any races this weekend really. All the good ones from last weekend (Avondale 5K!) should have been this weekend with the beautiful weather.

  3. Whoa that tree is huge!

    It has been cooling off up in Michigan, but definitely still what I would consider shorts-weather. On Saturday’s run I saw people in tights, long sleeves, and hats. I guess everyone has a different perspective on cold, lol.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It is still shorts weather here too, whether you’re running or not. It’s actually supposed to be quite warm this week with temps in the 80s a few days, but the humidity is GONE!

  4. In the winter, I usually go to Florida a few times (I live in NY), and it always makes me laugh when I see runners out in tights and long sleeves when it’s in the low 70s outside. People wear parkas, scarves and hats if it’s in the 50s! I get hot just looking at them!

  5. That workout Monday sounds tough! 7 miles of work is a lot. I’m sure you could’ve used an extra day or two to recover from that, but track night with friends and a group to run with beats a solo track session every time! I would’ve done the same thing. I haven’t run in tights yet (I hardly ever do anyway), BUT I did wear a long sleeve shirt on a run last week. I didn’t *need* long sleeves, but I just wanted to need them. I was nice and toasty by the end of that run 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I was using Hansons but saving the “strength” workouts for Charleston half training yet doing the tempos. I’m just going to wing it from here on out. Also, I was on the treadmill and it’s hard to run effort based when you set it and forget it on a treadmill.

      I can’t do solo track sessions… we have the track for one night a week, so I base the whole week of workouts around that Wednesday night track session.

      I like long sleeved running shirts, but it’s definitely not cold enough for them here!

  6. Holy crap that TREE is HUGE!!! I love the bit about trading tights in for craft beer. You’re awesome. Nice week Amy! You consistently stack up a serious set of weekly miles. I’m impressed.

  7. Elizabeth C. says:

    Yay- just one more week until the Connector run. Another great week on the books, and I like your attitude of not tying yourself to a training program if you aren’t feeling it. It’s really difficult to run fast on a treadmill, so if you felt slower than you wanted, I wouldn’t worry about it. As I commented on your Strava, I don’t think I could run three miles at my HMP on a TM, even if I was in great shape. Good job on the long run- looks like a fun day!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I feel like it’s easier for me to run faster on a treadmill, as weird as that sounds. I did it this summer because there was no way I could hit a tempo pace when the temperature felt like 100+. I can run them outside now that it’s cooler, but we have debris around here and traffic, so I just stick with the treadmill. It’s easy and convenient, which probably isn’t the best means of training, but oh well.

      I liked the first few weeks of the Hansons plan. I feel like now that it’s toward the end, the tempo run distance just got a little intense.

  8. Emily says:

    Good luck at the JI Connector run! I am sad I have to miss it this year but family obligations is one of the only things I put before my running:-) I enjoy reading your blog every Monday!

  9. laurenweiner says:

    The humidity is slowly creeping away here, but the cold weather just refuses to stay! I just got some new fall clothes, and I want to wear them!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the humidity is gone here but it’s still quite warm with temps in the 80s. Sure feels different than May-September, at least.

      I am itching to wear my yoga pants… and scarves. I get maybe 3 months out of the year when I can acceptably wear a scarf.

  10. Great week of training, especially on your long run. How fun cheering for the 5k participants,

  11. Ha that comment about not needing tights almost made me spit out my drink! It’s about the same way where I live! What a way to get in cross training on your run, but wait, it doesn’t look like you had another option in the picture. I sure wish we had a Fleet Feet, they do so much for the community and really help new and seasoned runners! Maybe one day! Thanks Amy for joining us.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The other option- it’s hard to explain unless you’re on the trail (which is really more of a paved path than a “trail). Basically, there are two paths, one on either side of a big drainage ditch. I think we could have switched up the route and gotten on the other side of the drainage ditch at an overpass, but we didn’t know until we actually saw the tree down. Fleet Feet had the runners cross on a different overpass, so they missed the tree. Probably a good thing they avoided climbing over a downed tree in their first 5K!

  12. wanderwolf says:

    A crazy week, but a great one, it looks like!
    Glad to see SC is recovering from Matthew nicely. Hope you parents have electricity again?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My parents got electricity on Saturday, so they were out for one week. A few others I know in that area got it back Sunday.

      It’s now Tuesday morning and I can’t think of anyone on my Facebook who is still out, although that doesn’t mean there’s not someone out there without power still.

  13. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Monday’s tempo sounds hard! I think the longest continuous tempo I’ve done (at tempo/half pace, not marathon pace) was 6 miles. Once it starts getting longer I throw in a recovery interval such as 2 x 4 miles as a peak workout. Are you following Hansons?
    That tree is huge! I can’t imagine wearing tights to run in Charleston – even here in Seattle it’s never cold enough for tights.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was Hansons. I have the 10K this weekend so I won’t do a tempo run (that will substitute for it). I don’t think I will do the last 7 mile tempo in this plan, I may do 6 miles at goal pace or either do 7 at current HMP.

      It does get chilly in Charleston, and like the heat… when it is cold, it’s a damp cold. But I don’t feel like it’s cold enough for tights here…

  14. HoHo Runs says:

    We do get a winter here as we aren’t on the coast. But, I can probably count the number of times I need to wear tights each year on one hand. Capris? Yes. Tights? No. I bet you did have quite a bit of debris and obstacle hopping this week. Thanks for linking, Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It does get cold in Charleston. Well, it has before. I remember one race in February 2013 where it was below freezing for the entire 5K. But, that’s pretty rare- and the race was in Summerville, which is always colder and hotter than the areas by the water. Most debris here have been cleaned up, fortunately! I do hope that tree is moved before the Sweet Tea Half on Nov. 12.

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