Life Lately- Early September Edition

I haven’t done a Life Lately post in awhile and I got the idea to do a weekly recap from Suzy Has The Runs. Speaking of Suzy, she also has a pretty great blog and some pretty fast race times, so if you’re looking for another running blog to check out, I highly recommend hers.

Of course, I got busy during the week, lost track of time, and forgot to write and post this in a timely manner so it’s a little more than a week old- but maybe it’s new to you.


New Shoes

After Race for the Ark, I went to Fleet Feet Sports in Summerville and got fitted for new shoes.

If you’re in the Charleston area, I recommend Fleet Feet Sports for shoes or other running/sporting goods needs. All of the staff members are helpful, and Fleet Feet supports local races and runners. Fleet Feet has been open for around a year in Summerville but is a great asset and resource to our community.


I was running long runs in my Brooks Launch 2 that I’ve had since last September, and they had over 500 miles on them. My Launch still have some life left in them, but it was time for a new pair. Charles from Fleet Feet fitted me for the Saucony Kinvara 7, and so far they’ve been great! I’ve run in them three times.

The Saucony Kinvara 7 are responsive but cushiony, so if you like the Brooks Launch or New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, these might be another great shoe to try out. I have a lot of bridge and connector run races coming up, so I’m appreciating the extra cushioning.


If you’re a new runner, have had injuries, or haven’t been fitted for a new pair of shoes in several years (as was my case), get fitted! I really can’t stress the importance of good shoes enough. We all hope to be running or walking into our golden years, and you only have one set of feet for life, so taking care of them is important.

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom turned 70 last Thursday and we had a small birthday lunch for her over at my cousin’s house. I can’t believe my mom is 70- she looks great for her age and is in great health. She still does pretty much what she wants and comes to my races when I race in that area.


In honor of her 70th birthday, she took her first “selfie” with me.


I hope my mom continues to stay in such great health and has many more birthdays. Having older parents can sometimes be stressful because I know their health declines will start to come in the next few years. I don’t have any siblings, and I’m only 30, so I know I’ll be faced with decisions in the coming years. With that said, if you have family around, enjoy the good times as long as you can and while you can, because you never know when something may happen.

Aisha’s Housewarming

On Labor Day weekend, my friend Aisha and her husband Rick had a housewarming party at their new house in Ladson/Summerville. We hung out by the pool, grilled, played cornhole, and watched the Georgia/UNC football game. We drank, ate, and had “adult” gummy bears.


Rick is a grill master and has a lot of patience to deal with a crowd full of hungry runners. I ran 14 miles that morning, so all the food tasted even better. Half marathon training has increased my appetite and I can put down some food. I’m convinced if I didn’t run, I’d be as big as a house. A tiny house, since I’m the Tiny Terror, but still… a house.



I had fun catching up with everyone and seeing Aisha and Rick’s new home. It’s a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, and I’m really happy for them.


American Top Team Lowcountry

Clay’s been training super hard at American Top Team Lowcountry, which is a local BJJ/MMA gym here in West Ashley. On Friday, I went to the gym to watch him roll in one of his two-hour classes. Clay goes to American Top Team 3-4 times a week and goes to the gym to lift, so he technically trains more hours per week than I train to run a half marathon.


Clay is really working hard at ATT and got another stripe on his belt last week. He’s also lost close to 70 pounds and gone down in pants and shirt sizes. He looks and feels great, and I’m really proud of him.


So, that’s how things have gone down lately around here! I hope everyone’s had a great week so far and enjoyed some fun times with family and friends.

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22 Responses to Life Lately- Early September Edition

  1. Hollie says:

    It sounds like you’ve been super busy lately. I’m glad you like the Kinvara! That’s been a popular shoe for Saucony. I’m with you (for obvious reasons) about the importance of getting fitted for proper running shoes. You won’t run long or far without them!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I recommend it for all newbies. It had been 2 years since my last fitting (got refitted after an injury) so I figured why not? The guy said to stay in performance neutral shoes since those were working for me, but at least I have the peace of mind and knowing that I’m safe to keep doing that!

  2. Pam says:

    Glad things are going well Amy. Loved the selfie with you and your mom. She looks great at 70 and hopefully has many many more years to cheer for you at races. I had no idea that Clay had to spend so much time to train for his sport. At least you do not have to feel guilty going for your runs! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We have our schedules pretty similar with running and MMA/BJJ. I do workouts on Monday and Wednesdays at track and that’s his MMA/BJJ days. Even though we are in different sports, the athletic lifestyle is similar so we understand things like soreness, endless amounts of laundry, and the bucket of “Recovery Tools” in front of the TV!

  3. Happy Birthday to your momma! I just bought 2 pairs of shoes and they should arrive today. I have worn Mizuno Wave Riders for years and I am in love with them. I don’t know what I’ll do if they are discontinued! Maybe I will have to quit running. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I don’t think Mizuno will ever discontinue the Wave Rider… that’s like their flagship shoe! They did discontinue 2 shoes that I wore- the Wave Elixir and the Wave Precision. I ended up jumping ship to other brands because I didn’t like the Wave Rider update a few years ago. But, if that shoe is working for you, stick with it… you’re a successful runner and obviously doing something right!

  4. Thanks for the props! ❤ I used to race in Kinvaras but I'd have to slide a blue gel heel pad under the insole to raise my heels up a bit (the drop is 4mm in those shoes where I'm used to a traditional 10-12mm). I have and love the Launch too (their heel drop is 10mm, I believe so it's a big difference between those and the Kinvaras, so pay attention to how your calves/Achilles are feeling!). I love all the other updates on your week! I hope you keep doing these. I didn't do one this week. Oops!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You raced a marathon this weekend so you’re forgiven for not making a weekly recap post! I hope you’re getting some R&R, too.

      Haven’t had any issues so far with the Kinvara’s. My Launch are 10 mm, but I also wear the Brooks PureFlow and the NB Zante… I *think* the PureFlow are 4mm and the Zante is maybe 6 or 8? It’s surely something I will keep in mind as I break the shoes in.

  5. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Happy birthday to your mom! I love the Kinvara 7s. They are such a good multi-purpose trainer – they cushioning and springness is just right for everything from easy runs to long runs to tempo runs.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I really like them. I tried on the 6’s awhile back but didn’t like them, something about the logo/overlay at the top was on my toe… just felt weird. The 7’s are great, I look forward to wearing them as I continue with half training.

  6. 1) I need to try the Kinvara. I love the Brooks Launch, but I like to vary it up sometimes. 2) Happy Birthday to your mom! My parents are also “older” too (they are 68 and 69) and I am an only child as well, so I worry about those same decisions. 3) That’s awesome that Clay is working so hard and doing so well. Have a great weekend!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I didn’t realize you had older parents too, but it’s good to know. Sometimes I think we need a support system for younger people dealing with aging parents and concerns before our peers are. My parents are almost as old as Clay’s grandparents.

      The Kinvara are different than the Launch and the heel/toe drop may be an issue but it hasn’t been for me… maybe because I don’t *just* run in the Launch but was also running in the NB Zante and the Brooks Pureflows which are lower drops than the Launch. I bet you would like the Kinvara but I don’t think anything can beat the Launch for the value… I can’t believe I have gotten this many miles out of a $100 pair of shoes.

  7. Adult gummie Bears…that’s awesome! Your mom is adorable! And it’s interesting how life changes as we grow older…I worry about my parents but my mom is living in California and my dad in Oklahoma…so if something happens I’m a ways a way. I miss them both deeply.

  8. Thank you for the link to the shoes! I need a new pair for both my longer slower running and for speed work and race days.
    Also happy bday to your mom!!! My parents are older too ( well my dad, he is turning 80 soon!- he was smart and married my mom who is 18 years younger…. And who is a nurse)
    Both you and clay are doing a great job keeping athletics as part of your lifestyle! tbe only down side is the influx of laundry but it’s worth it in the grand scheme of things!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah, I love shoes… now’s definitely the time to invest in them so you can get some miles on them before racing season kicks in (although it never really stopped for you bc you raced all summer and I didn’t!).

      The laundry is worth it, but I’m glad Harris Teeter has e-Vic specials on that Tide Sport detergent these days…

  9. I so enjoy reading these types of posts! The Fleet Feet Sports store looks and seems so nice. I so agree that good running shoes make all the difference.

    The selfie with your mom is adorable. She seems like an awesome mom! You’re right, she looks great for her age!!

    I’m glad you had a nice time at the house warming party. Rick seems like an amazing cook. Also, go Clay!

  10. Elizabeth C. says:

    I loved this glimpse into your life, Amy. It’s wonderful that Clay has been able to lose so much weight and have fun doing it. Also, with the Kinvaras, how are you adjusting to the lower heel-to-toe ratio? I find that whenever I try a shoe with 8mm drop or below my achilles gets really upset. Anyway, glad to see things are going well in so many areas of your life!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I haven’t had any issues with the Kinvara so far, but I was already running in a variety of shoes with different drops and some were close to 4mm (Zante is 6 I believe and Brooks PureFlow is 4 or 6). I also don’t run in them all the time so I guess if I switched cold turkey, it might be more obvious or I might have issues.

  11. chasingthekenyans says:

    Your mom is so cute! I get sad thinking about the whole parents-are-getting-older stuff 😦 not gonna be fun. Congrats to Clay on his progress! So great he found a sport he really enjoys.

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