Weekly Rundown: August 29 – September 4

Happy Labor Day and happy day off, if you’re lucky enough to have the day off (I do).

Despite weather craziness and Tropical Storm Hermine, another week of half marathon training is done. I feel stronger and faster as I keep crossing the workouts off my spreadsheet.

My plan has an end date, and I still haven’t decided on a goal race. I still have some time and I’m not one to register for a race early anyway. I may have to pay a little more, but I want to be sure I can race on that date (no real life conflicts). Plus, I want any goal race to be a time I’m proud of.


Monday 45 minutes strength training + 7.5 miles (treadmill)
Tuesday 6.3 miles + 3 miles/45 minutes yoga (CRC event)
Wednesday 6 miles (track)
Thursday No workout
Friday 7.8 including 5 mile tempo (treadmill)
Saturday 14.2 miles
Sunday 8.1 miles
Total 53 miles + 45 minutes strength + 45 minutes yoga

Due to rain and storms, I skipped my Monday bridge/hill run and opted to treadmill. Planet Fitness had a special where anyone 60+ could visit free so it looked like a senior citizen’s center all week.

Tuesday was a glorified easy day. I ran easy that morning, then ran easy that afternoon at the Charleston Running Club meetup. Since I’d already run, I paced a friend on her tempo run/workout.

After the run, the club did a 45-minute Yoga for Runners class. A girl named Katie taught the class and she had a LOT of patience to deal with 15 runners, most of whom don’t regularly practice yoga! We had refreshments and drinks too, plus time to socialize. Charleston Running Club did a great job with the event, and I hope they have another yoga class and group run soon (photos courtesy of Charleston Running Club).



On Wednesday, the weather held off for our track workout, and it even rained a little! We had a big crowd at track and it was nice to be running with friends instead of on the treadmill. My workout was 5 x 1000m at 5K pace.

I didn’t hit the pace I wanted, but after Saturday’s Race for the ARK 5K, the heat, and a lot of running on my legs already this week, I was okay with that. Not every workout will be a breakthrough workout- but hopefully the workout will lead to a breakthrough race, once I decide on one.


Friday’s workout was a five mile tempo run around half marathon goal pace. Fortunately, Planet Fitness was open that afternoon for me to run on the treadmill and we had a little break from the wind and rain so I didn’t feel scared driving to the gym.

I was nervous for this run because I substituted last week’s four mile tempo for Race for the Ark 5K and because the distance increased to five miles. I ran it on the treadmill, so the distance and pace were approximate, and it was tough, but everything went well. I feel like the pace runs are the most important workout of the week, so it’s good to finish confidently.

On Saturday, Bronwen and I ran 14 miles from Downtown Charleston to Mt. Pleasant and back. It was a great run with beautiful weather- only 68 degrees and very little humidity when we started at 6:45. With the cooler temperatures, I’m sure I could’ve been flying if I hadn’t run a tempo run the day before, but it makes me excited for Fall and when it cools down for good. Tropical Storm Hermine certainly spared us, but the sidewalks of Mt. Pleasant had a lot of limbs and debri.


Oh, and 14 miles goes by WAY faster when you have a friend to run with and talk to. It seems like the miles just clicked away, and I finished feeling like I could’ve run more if I needed to, but I was thankful I didn’t have to.

Sunday was an easy 8 miles with the Hampton Park group. My legs were feeling all the quality days, so I just slowed it down and enjoyed the run and conversations. The weather was warmed than Saturday but still pretty tolerable. It’s hot again this week, but it was an nice taste of Fall while it lasted, and I hope the cool temperatures return soon for the Fall racing season.

I hope everyone has a great week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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17 Responses to Weekly Rundown: August 29 – September 4

  1. Shandy says:

    Wow those are some impressive numbers! Good luck and have a great week!

  2. Nice miles Amy! You’re definitely putting in the work for a solid race-whatever race it is you choose. I typically only register for big events, like marathons, months in advance but not for shorter races because well, real life! Especially with kids you just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. That yoga class sounds so much fun! I wish we had something like that here. I practice yoga on my own in my little bedroom lol but it is so good for the runner!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The yoga class was a Charleston Running Club event and I really hope they do it again. I emailed the president and the other lady who put it together and told them how much I liked it. It is the kind of event a running club should have- group run, yoga, and socializing! You’ve got multiple fun things covered in one event ;).

      I have a lot of races planned for the Fall, so I know that following this training plan (it’s a modified Hansons plan) and increasing mileage will help regardless of the race date. I’ll just extend or shorten based on when I end up racing.

  3. Another great week of training with lots of miles! SO glad you had a patient yoga teacher for your class! A good teacher can make all the difference :). Hope your Labor Day was great!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah our Labor Day weekend was good but uneventful… we watched a lot of football and I ran a lot. Clay did a lot of BJJ and MMA. Kinda glad to be back at work today!

  4. That’s pretty neat about the free gym admission for seniors. Really cool idea! That’s totally going to be me when I’m 60. You had a rockin’ week with your running. And it’s so true about how miles fly by when we run with a friend. Lora and I will come back from a long run and not even remember running.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was so amazing! The 14 miles just ticked off so quickly… I always wonder how I will do runs like 16-20 miles when it comes time in marathon training, and I think the key will be running them with someone. I’ve run 13-14 alone and it’s all good but it’s so much more enjoyable with friends and safer as well.

  5. Great week for you and congratulations again on your 5k placing! With the lower temps for you I bet you are loving the running right now! I can’t wait until we see some. Thanks for linking up Amy, have a great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I wish I could say I was loving running, but I haven’t seen any speed benefits from the lower temps. Running itself is more enjoyable, but it’s not like I was suddenly flying in the cool temps.

      Thanks a lot, cumulative fatigue.

  6. 53 miles! In my mind I want to get back up to that, but every week I fall (well) short. Haha. You’ve really been consistent over the past few years – mileage is up, paces are down – it can’t all be measured by one goal race 🙂 (Which I have no doubts you’d handle with ease, too!) Thanks for not abandoning me, too 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’d never abandon you, you’re an awesome blogger and right here in SC :). Love my local or semi-local bloggers.

      Side note: Don’t try to just run 53 miles in a week. Even if you build up to it, it’s hard. My legs are feeling it this week…

  7. Huge props to you for getting that tempo knocked out on a TM. Way to be flexible! And I totally agree that the long runs just fly by if you are running with someone and chatting. You’re more focused on the conversation than on the the distance! Fantastic week, and I’m eager to see which race you choose.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Ha! It’s super hot here, so they’ve all been on the treadmill except when I substitute a race for a tempo, which I do occasionally. I couldn’t hit that pace in the heat/humidity unless it was a closed course race or very low-traffic place to run (our area where I do my morning runs has a lot of construction and traffic lately too).

  8. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m like you and typically do not sign up for a race early. I want to pick it and not let it pick me. I’m one of those runners who don’t practice yoga. It would be fun to try a class though — with a very patient teacher. Congrats on a quality week of training! Thanks for linking, Amy.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You’re welcome, and thank you for hosting the linkup each week.

      I try not to sign up too early because I see people who do and get injured before the race. So even if they “saved” money signing up early, it doesn’t matter because they can’t run the race at all. I guess that means they lost less money than otherwise, but I’d rather wait and pay a little more if I have to.

  9. Angela says:

    Long runs with friends are the best!

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