Life Lately: 82 Queen and Clay’s NAGA Tournament

This past weekend was a pretty exciting one for our household. Clay competed in the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) competition in Myrtle Beach and earned two gold medals.


About a year ago, Clay joined American Top Team (ATT) Lowcountry, a Mixed Martial Arts/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym here in West Ashley. If you think my training schedule is intense, you should see Clay’s schedule at ATT. He attends classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and some days, Clay does multiple classes. He also goes to the gym to lift weights on other days and takes one complete rest day per week.

Even though Clay’s sport is completely different than mine, we are an athletic household- from our basket of “recovery tools” (massagers, foam rollers, ice packs) in front of the TV to endless loads of laundry.


I’m super proud of my husband and the progress he’s made. Since training with ATT Lowcountry, Clay has lost weight and changed his whole body composition. He’s gone down in shirt and pants sizes and Timehop reminds us of how different we looked in previous years. Best of all, Clay is excited about MMA/BJJ and you can tell it’s the highlight of his day.


When Clay got home from Myrtle Beach on Sunday, we went out to brunch to celebrate and enjoy a weekend date. Our weekend dates are usually for lunch or brunch because it’s cheaper than going out to dinner. Plus, I run and he goes to ATT on weekend mornings, so we are pretty hungry and just want to eat a big lunch.

Our brunch date was at 82 Queen in Downtown Charleston’s French Quarter. 82 Queen is one of the oldest restaurants downtown and has won multiple accolades from both Southern Living and Wine Spectator magazines. For the past 34 years, 82 Queen has focused on fresh, local cuisine and an authentic Lowcountry experience.


We started out with hot biscuits with butter and strawberry jam, which were a perfect starter. I ran 8 miles on Sunday morning, so I was craving all the carbs. Clay also had a beer to celebrate his victory the day before.


Next, we ordered our entrees. Clay decided on the Brunch Burger on a brioche bun, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, fried onions, sriracha mayo, and a sunny-side-up egg. He also had a side of potato salad. Clay enjoyed his burger and said it was cooked correctly and filling. I tasted his potato salad and it was great- not overwhelming on the mayo and very light.


Every time we go out, I check the specials menu first because those items probably won’t be on the menu the next time I come back. If I see a special I like, I order it- and I was immediately sold on the Chef’s Catch of the Day, pan seared halibut.

The halibut came with field peas and rice and was on top of a blend of tomatoes, corn, onion and spinach. It was topped with red pepper aioli and balsamic. I hadn’t eaten seafood in a few days and wanted something savory and protein-filled rather than a sweet breakfast item.


The service at 82 Queen was great, and our meal didn’t take too long at all. Our food and checks came out quickly. Our waiter checked on us a lot and even brought us fresh biscuits halfway through our meal.

If you’re looking for a tasty and classic Charleston meal, definitely check out 82 Queen. A parking garage is located across the street, making it even more convenient for a brunch or night out. We’ll definitely be returning soon!

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14 Responses to Life Lately: 82 Queen and Clay’s NAGA Tournament

  1. Congrats to Clay on his gold medal wins! I think it’s awesome that he’s found a sport/hobby that he loves (and is clearly good at!). I bet you two are able to bond over a lot, with you both being athletic in your own ways!

    If I ever visit Charleston (which I really, really hope to!!), I will definitely eat at 82 Queen. It sounds like a wonderful restaurant all around!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      82 Queen was great… it’s in an area with a lot of older Charleston restaurants. Most of the new, hip, places are Upper King but most of the Southern foods and classics are in the French Quarter.

  2. Go Clay! He looks really tough. Like he could squish me with his bare hands.

  3. Pam says:

    Wow, that is so exciting that Clay did so well at his competition. I have no clue what it is exactly, but I am sure all that training means he is very hardcore about it. Brunch looked very tasty. As always, I enjoy reading about all the restaurants you try in Charleston.

  4. I love those medals! That’s awesome that Clay has a sport that he loves as well. The burger and the halibut both look delicious! Have a great weekend!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- I hope you have a great weekend too!

      These medals are awesome… I’ll admit most medals I see are running medals but these are super heavy and the ribbons are nice. Races should look into the medal distributor the NAGA competition used.

  5. Elizabeth C. says:

    Congrats to Clay! I had no idea he was into Martial Arts. That’s so cool. And it’s great you have someone that understands how important your sport is to you.

  6. laurenweiner says:

    His schedule sounds intense – and huge congrats to him! Also, that food is making my mouth water…

  7. How awesome of an accomplishment this is for your husband Amy! Wow those medals are pretty cool too!
    Just look at all that food too.

  8. ksquared says:

    So awesome! You guys seem like the perfect, fit couple 🙂

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