Weekly Rundown: July 18-24

After running an impromptu 13.1 mile long run Saturday morning, I committed to training for a Fall half marathon.

I was eyeing the Sweet Tea Half Marathon, since it’s a hometown race in its third year and I could sleep in my own bed and shower in my own shower. I could also train on the course on a weekly basis- and it’s a fast course.

After talking to some Columbia-area friends on Facebook, I’m now considering the Lexington Half Marathon, which is about half the price and benefits a charity. The only downside is it won’t be as flat as Summerville (nowhere is!). Still, I have a good track record on non-flat races, so that might not be a bad thing.

I haven’t decided which race I’ll run, but training is on.


Monday 45 minutes strength + 7.5 miles (bridge)
Tuesday 7.1 miles
Wednesday 8 miles (treadmill intervals) + 45 minutes yoga
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.45 miles (treadmill tempo)
Saturday 12.1 miles
Sunday 8 miles
Total 50.15 miles + 45 minutes strength + 45 minutes yoga

I kicked off the week with some lifting and a conversational bridge run with my friend Nancy. I’d seen her in a few local running Facebook groups and on Strava, but we met at a recent group run and have a lot in common. We had a great bridge run and it wasn’t too hot. Tuesday was also an easy run in my neighborhood.

On Wednesday, I cancelled track since Fleet Feet had a pub run (No one’s going to do a track workout when they can go to a group run where you win things). I ran 12 x 400m intervals on the treadmill that morning. Track workouts on the treadmill are always pretty brutal because it’s hard to do workouts alone.

I went to a free community yoga class in Riverfront Park that afternoon. The class was sponsored by King of Pops popsicles, one of my favorite local products, and $3 got you a yoga class and a popsicle. Who says you can’t find cheap things to do in Charleston? After the yoga class, I hung out with Cindy, Ed, and Dan and we walked around North Charleston/Park Circle. It was a nice evening.



Thursday was a planned day off running, where I volunteered at the Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K. I ran the first race, but since I’m not a fan of trail runs, I’ve opted to volunteer from now on. The race was short on volunteers but everyone worked hard to pull it off. All runners should consider volunteering for a race sometimes, because you learn a lot about the other side of the start and finish line, and it’s a great way to give back.

IMG_20160721_184318 (1)


The runners and walkers had a great time, and the after party at Wasabi DI was a big hit.

Friday was another treadmill workout- this time a 3 mile tempo run at goal half marathon pace. I hate to do so many workouts on the treadmill, but my last 5K outside was slower than my goal half marathon pace (I kinda suck at 5Ks…). It’s hard to hit tempo paces in this heat and with traffic and crazy drivers. Hopefully by the end of my training cycle, I can log a few of these runs outdoors.

On Saturday, I ran the bridge then joined Fleet Feet Mount Pleasant for another 5 miles (12.1 total).


On Sunday, Melissa and I ran an easy 8 miles on the Sawmill Branch Trail in Summerville. We started at 7:30 to beat some of the heat and at least the trail is mostly shaded. You can’t beat great conversations on a Sunday morning run either (we had a lot to talk about). I came home and took a nice long shower and wore my compression socks because my legs are feeling the past few days of running.


I hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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31 Responses to Weekly Rundown: July 18-24

  1. Hollie says:

    It sounds like a good week and glad you found a few options to train for. I agree, in this weather and heat it’s hard to hit tempo paces or race pace for that matter. Enjoy your week Amy!

  2. christyruns says:

    Great week and I am digging those popsicle flavors! Hope your half training goes awesome!

  3. Sounds like a great week of training. And at 50+ miles you are definitely in great shape to be starting a half marathon training plan. I would probably go for the local half since it is a flat, fast course and nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, but it’s $40 more and nothing on the race’s website or Facebook “sells” the race. I love to support local but am finding it hard with this one…

  4. laurenweiner says:

    Yoga AND popsicles!? Sign me up 🙂

  5. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Awesome miles, especially for the middle of summer! Hometown races are tempting, but if they just don’t appeal to you it’s worth traveling. I’m lucky that there are good half marathons around here year-round, but all the marathons are small or super hilly. Plus it’s fun to turn a race into a vacation and Lexington is a fun place to visit!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I wish we had more half marathons around here. We have Charleston, Kiawah, Folly Beach, Race 13.1 (which is trail), and Sweet Tea. It’s not a distance you can race year-round here, but we could use an early Fall (Oct) or Spring (March/April) half.

  6. I do a lot of my workouts on the TM as well. I would rather hit my goal pace on the treadmill than run a slower pace outside (even if it was a heat adjusted, equivalent effort pace). It just gives me more confidence. I’m really curious to know what popsicle flavor you went with … I think kiwi lemonade sounds pretty good, but some of the others are just hard to wrap my brain around. Haha!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I feel the same way with workouts that are tempo/pace based. I don’t mind doing short intervals outside because you get so many breaks, and I think it’s important to run outside some- not only if you plan to race, but to reep the benefits of the heat and humidity. Still, I’d rather have an effective workout even if it means treadmilling a tempo.

  7. Oooooooh track work on the treadmill is NO JOKE. Nicely done. Those runs not only build physical strength but mental strength as well!!!

  8. Great 50+ training week chica! you are a beast, er….. a tiny terror! You will be more than ready for some half marathons this fall!.I clicked on the Lexington link and I totally understand about doing that race as opposed to the Sweet Tea. (I do agree the ST is overpriced!) You do have a good record with being fast on not flat courses, so i am sure you will have a good race and probably PR in Lexington. All your bridge running will pay off!
    : )
    That yoga sounds amazing btw. I have never tried yoga but im sure if i were bribed with popsicles i would be a regular!
    Also, i’m so glad you have been volunteering at the DI races. That race start picture turned out pretty good, and yes Brian looks completely different without a camera behind him!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s kinda like we discussed yesterday- Sweet Tea is a convenience race.

      You should definitely try yoga one day! There are a lot of outdoor classes around here, and it’s great for core strength. I find muscles I didn’t know I had in my core after doing yoga sometimes. I know they have a class in Summerville on Monday nights that Tammie T. goes to…

  9. HoHo Runs says:

    How exciting to be training for a fall half marathon! You run so many weekly miles, I think a full marathon would be a natural fit too. The yoga and popsicle combo sounds like a fun thing to do. You can’t beat the price. I’ve volunteered a few times (mostly when injured) and there is a lot that goes into a successful race. Thanks for linking, Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I ran the first 18 miles of a marathon once ;). We won’t talk about the last 6.2… Right now I just want to so well in this half, then I’ll decide on the full if I run one.

  10. liz says:

    Great mileage this week! Especially in the heat! Those popsicles sound so good. I would go for the avocado brownie. 🙂

  11. Great week, Amy! Excited to hear about what half marathon you pick. I think it would be cool to go for the one that you haven’t done before- new challenge. As for the treadmill workouts, I think that once it gets above 80 it’s not safe to do tough workouts outside, so you have to do what you have to do. But when it’s in the 70’s, I just run those workouts by effort, knowing that it will have the same benefit! Very cool popsicle stand, too! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve actually not run either race, although I do run on the course of the Sweet Tea race a lot. If you run in Summerville, it’s hard to avoid the course… because the town isn’t that big and only has so many places to run.

      I’ll also note that the Sweet Tea course does not utilize the beautiful areas to run in Summerville. We have two popular races, Race the ARK and Shamrock Shuffle, and those are fast, pretty courses (and very well organized races).

      Tempo runs are a totally different beast than short intervals where you get a break or can modify recoveries, etc. The tempo runs are pace-based and it’s hard to shoot for a pace for an extended period of time when it’s this hot.

  12. That’s the benefit and the curse of living somewhere really flat: your home courses are really fast, but if you want to travel to a race, you’re not likely to PR!

    Those treadmill intervals sound awful to me. Props to you for getting them done!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You are right, although I’ve PRed the Georgetown Bridge to Bridge Half Marathon (which consists of 3 bridges, you run over each bridge twice) both times I’ve run it. I think living somewhere so hot and humid and training in that during the summer helps me PR most everything in the Fall.

      I’ve also PRed the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K both times I’ve run it… but it’s usually the only 10K I ever run, hahaha. After a year of training, it would be weird to not be faster!

      • I have never run a 10K race before! It’s just not a distance that I ever really wanted to run when I was newer at running, and now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m kind of attached to not having run a 10K.

        I think the “I’ll be faster when it cools off” is the only thing that gets us southerners through the summers.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        10Ks are hard to find here. We only have a couple of them each year, and last year, one of them was cancelled due to the epic flooding.

        We have tons of 5Ks here. I kinda wish we had more 10Ks and half marathons. I know it’s harder to organize and a 5K will attract both runners and walkers (and beginning runners), but I think additional half marathon races would do really well here.

  13. I want to do Sweet Tea sometime, I have yet to try it; however, this year it is just too darn close to New York. I think I am going to restrain from doing the Dirt Dash and LowCounty Trail Half Marathons both of which I like and do most years too just to try and save up money for NYC.
    Excited to hear which one you end up picking.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I haven’t run either of those races in years! I don’t blame you to take a break after NYC- marathon recovery is no joke and it’s probably best to wait before signing up for anything.

  14. Yay for training for a half marathon! How exciting 🙂

    How fun that you got to meet up with Nancy and have a fun run together. I would love doing that with you some day!! It looks like you got in a very solid week of training again! Woo hoo!

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