Weekly Rundown: June 27 – July 3

Happy Independence Day! I hope you’re enjoying cookouts, the beach, the pool, and maybe a day off work.

Traffic is a nightmare in Charleston this weekend, so I will probably run more miles than I drive today. When you work from home, that’s not an uncommon occurrence.


I had a productive week of running, including six runs, two workouts, and two days of strength training. Besides that, I worked on and finished up a few big projects at work, attended Charleston Social Media Day, and enjoyed a Yelp Elite event. It was a great week for being out of the house after work.


Monday 45 minutes strength/weights + 7.2 miles (bridge)
Tuesday 7.1 miles
Wednesday 60 minutes BodyPump + 5.1 miles (track)
Thursday No workout
Friday 8 miles (treadmill intervals)
Saturday 12.1 miles
Sunday 6.7 miles + 60 minutes beach yoga
Total 46. 2 miles + 105 minutes strength + 60 minutes yoga

On Monday morning, I kicked off the week with lifting, then ran the bridge that night with Steve, Sara, and Dave. I’ve been running the bridge twice a week lately and can tell I’m getting used to the inclines- it doesn’t feel nearly as hard as it used to. I don’t have any hilly races coming up, but I love running the Cooper River Bridge and enjoying the view.

On Wednesday, we run fast- and this week’s track night was no exception. The workout I did was 3 sets of 800m, 400m, 400m, for 3 miles total of fast running (we also do a 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown). Everyone seemed to like the workout, and the weather was slightly cooler than last week. The temperature was 82 and the “feels like” was 88, which is practically a cold front around here.



After the workout, we headed to Icehouse Summerville for recovery beverages and food. I had the summer berry and farro salad, the special of the night. It had goat cheese on it and sweet tea vinaigrette, and it was really tasty!

According to this article that Sam at Mobile Bay Runner shared, post-run social activities actually promote recovery- who knew?


On Thursday, I had a lot of work to finish that morning, then attended Charleston Social Media Day that afternoon. With BodyPump + track on Wednesday and another workout for Friday, I planned to take the day off running and stuck with the plan.

Friday’s run was a treadmill interval workout of 8 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. I ran that for 50 minutes and also ran a warmup and cooldown. I’ve been increasing the pace on the hard portions and inching closer to my goal half marathon pace for the Fall. The treadmill isn’t the same as the roads or track, but the Charleston summers are just too hot to run mile repeats outdoors and hit strong paces.

On Saturday, I ran the Cooper River Bridge, then caught up (literally) with the Fleet Feet Mt. Pleasant run club for a total of 12 miles.


I had a scary dog encounter at Mile 11 when I was at the base of the Cooper River Bridge. The dog was leashed, but growling and barking, and the owner was about to walk the dog on the bridge’s pedestrian path. This is against the posted rules of the path and unsafe for the dog. The path has a bike lane and the cyclists are fast. If the dog got into the bike lane and a cyclist was coming, it would be a tragic site.

The dog really shook me up, so I stopped for water (Chris, the manager of Fleet Feet hands out water at the base of the bridge). Chris said he told the dog walker that walking your dog on the bridge is against the rules, but the man didn’t listen. I’ve heard there are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners, and that was definitely the case with this dog and owner. I hope everyone was safe.

On Sunday, I went to Folly Beach with Tami and Nikki. We left super early to beat the crowds, and we met up with Richard for an easy run (on the roads). After our run, we got coffee and did a beach yoga class hosted by Serenity Tree Yoga. It was my first time doing yoga on the beach, and my body was screaming for it after running so much lately. I can be pretty bad about stretching.

I hope we do beach yoga again soon. The classes are held every Sunday morning and it’s a perfect way to start or end your week. We all took a dip in the ocean afterwards, too.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week and stays safe in the summer heat and with the fireworks!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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24 Responses to Weekly Rundown: June 27 – July 3

  1. I really like that treadmill workout of 8 min hard and 2 min recovery. I’m going to try that one once my back feels better and I get this ferocious Mexican diarrhea under control. 😛

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I call it ‘mile repeats’, although the distance of 8 minutes is a bit more than a mile for me. I figure it takes the treadmill a little while to get up to that speed and running 8 minutes hard on a treadmill is about the equivalent of a mile repeat on a track. 7 would be too short to be a mile for me and I’d rather over run than be under.

      It’s a good workout, but please, please, *please*, don’t try it until your MexiPoo under control… ;).

  2. liz says:

    Great mileage this week! I’ve also been doing a hill run once a week and it’s really encouraging how much easier it gets every time. I hope to see some big improvements come fall. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah, we don’t have any hills here really, so I just have to run the bridge a lot. I haven’t run many hilly routes at all, but even when running in the mountains when I visit my grandparents, I almost feel like the bridge is harder than a hilly road, because of the surface (and because it’s almost a mile of straight incline).

      You are really consistent, Liz, and I bet you’ll see some big time drops once the temperature drops.

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    Beach yoga sounds like the perfect way to recover and stretch. I don’t stretch much either because it takes time and there so little of that to go around. It’s frustrating and sad the dog owner just couldn’t play by the rules. Sweet tea vinaigrette sounds yummy, and definitely southern. Thanks for linking with us Amy. Stay cool!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! 🙂 You had another strong week of running and cross-training. I need to add body pump or something like that into my schedule. Maybe with my new gym membership I can. Beach yoga looks amazing! Actually your entire Sunday morning sounds perfect. Yoga is definitely on my list of classes to attend at the gym. Stretching is pretty much non-existant in my world and I know I need to change that!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      BodyPump is great and I highly recommend it. Really all the Les Mills classes are. I wish my gym offered more- they used to have BodyPump every Monday at 6 AM and I went, and it was well attended, but they 86-ed the class (my gym is terrible, really). I think any kind of strength work can really benefit runners!

  5. laurenweiner says:

    Sounds like a really nice week. How was beach yoga on uneven sand? I feel like it might have its advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Our sand here is pretty even, soft, and packed. The wind was what made it tricky because we couldn’t get our yoga mats to stay down and not blow away. We used rocks and also dug holes in the sand and buried the corners of the mats, which worked really well.

  6. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Your mileage is always so consistent and impressive! I’m excited to see what your fall half goal ends up being. You had such a strong spring season in the half!
    That treadmill workout sounds fun for even the roads as well. I like doing road intervals by time because then I can just set a timer on my Garmin and push without staring at my watch.

  7. Laura says:

    Great week of workouts! It’s funny, here in Chicago I’ve been complaining because our Fourth of July weekend had highs in the low 70s!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I could deal with low 70s… we do have 70s in the mornings, accompanied by 95% humidity, of course. We have our first 100 degree day of the summer later this week, supposedly.

  8. I really need to try the 8 minute/2minute TM workout!!!!
    beach yoga sounds so incredibly relaxing but I’m sure its not as relaxing as it sounds,lol!
    great job this week with all of the workouts. some day soon I will join you for the bridge runs. last weeks races in the mountains really made me hyper aware of how much I need some type of “hill” training!!!
    hope to see you tonight for track. the heat wave has arrived- I may bring popsicles!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I think you’d like the longer intervals on a treadmill and probably benefit from them. It builds endurance at a faster pace but not max pace (which probably means it’s not my ideal workout because I’m purely an aerobic titan with zero speed). Your workouts are usually the kind of workouts I need to be doing to build speed!

      Congrats on your last race and win (I read but couldn’t respond!) and see ya Sunday.

  9. Sorry to hear about the dog scare! That has happened to me before in my neighborhood! So glad you are ok! Your post made me miss running. I really need to find a way to fit it back in!

  10. Ya know we stayed at a campground while at the beach that was right across the road from the water and also 5 restaurants! I can’t tell you how nice it was to walk to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and walk back to the CG. I love to walk but can’t do as much in my town with where I live and work. It sounds like an irresponsible pet owner to me and I do hope all was well. Thanks Amy for linking up!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I love staying somewhere on vacation where I can walk everywhere. That’s pretty important at a campground too because a lot of people may not have cars with them.

  11. That Folly beach picture cracks me up, why I never go to the beaches on the 4th.
    Sorry about the dog scare, I’ve never seen one there before.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve only seen dogs at the bridge a few times. Most people are smart enough to follow the rules.

      Folly was really backed up when we were leaving after yoga on Sunday. I feel kinda bad for James Island residents who live further down on Folly Rd. because of dealing with that traffic.

  12. Angela says:

    Sorry about the dog encounter….people don’t always do the best thing for their pets and it’s really sad. Is fleet feet a chain? There is one right near where I am staying in California. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Fleet Feet is a franchise store. It is a chain in the sense that there are multiple Fleet Feet stores around the US, but they are all independently owned by small business owners. It is the running shoe version of a True Value hardware (if you guys have that up there).

      You should definitely check it out, ours has group runs 2-3 times a week and occasionally people from out of town will come and run with the group. Plus, ours sells really neat “Run Charleston” shirts and you could maybe get something like that to remember your trip by? Or if you need a souvenir ;).

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