Weekly Rundown: May 9-15

I guess this is the summer of racing myself into shape, and like last week, I ended up running races on Thursday and Saturday. The heat hasn’t kicked in yet, but I plan to cut back on running races once it gets super hot. None are goal races, and I’m taking it pretty easy on the other days of the week.

Since I can jump into a race, see friends, earn grand prix points, and win little squirrel figurines… why not?


Monday 45 minutes weights + 7 miles
Tuesday 6.2 miles
Wednesday 5.35 miles
Thursday 7.2 including Race the Landing 5K #2 (21:39)
Friday 2 mile shakeout
Saturday 7.15 including Run for Change 5K (21:32)
Sunday 10.1 miles
Total 45 miles + strength training

The week started out easy with some runs with friends. On Monday, I ran the bridge with the Monday night garage/bridge group to get some hill work in. It was warm out, but I enjoyed the run and didn’t push the pace. You just can’t beat running over the Cooper River Bridge.

On Wednesday, I headed to the track for speedwork, but like last week, I ran easy instead of running intervals. I ran with Tammie, Theresa, and Tami. Tammie and Theresa are training for Ironman Wilmington and doing heart rate training, and their Zone 2 paces are in my easy range, so it worked out well. Everyone else ran a 400 workout.


After our workout, we headed to Charleston Sports Pub to celebrate Tami’s birthday and have recovery beverages after a Zone 2 run. The restaurant just opened last week, and they have some service kinks to work out, but the food was good. I had a shrimp taco, fish taco, and chips and queso on the side. I love the original Charleston Sports Pub in West Ashley and hope the Summerville one does well.

Our before pictures didn’t work out, so we took some at the restaurant. You know you want to buy a home from that goofy running realtor on the right.



After my meal, a good night’s rest, and a technical writing filled Thursday, I had my first 5K of the week, Race the Landing #2.

I started out too fast, and my last mile was U-G-L-Y- almost as slow as my half marathon pace. While it’s not super hot yet, it’s not exactly beautiful like it was in March and April, and I need to account for that in the first mile of the 5K.

Bad races happen to everyone- but even the worst races beat injury. Almost exactly two years ago, I had a sprained ankle then stress reaction that kept me off the roads for 7 weeks. I’ll take a badly paced 5K over setback that keep me from training.

Despite my bad pacing, one of the highlights of Race the Landing was my cooldown run. Melissa and I ran back on the course to run with her daughter, Alex, and Alex’s friend McKenna. We ran with them and encouraged them along, and both of them finished in under 36 minutes, placed in their age group, and set new PRs. They’re going to be in great shape for soccer season this Fall.


On Saturday, I headed up to Moncks Corner for the Run for Change 5K. This was a smaller charity 5K that I found out about through the Charleston Running Club discounts. Despite taking a slight detour and running .05 miles off course, I won the race for the ladies and earned some grand prix points, a glass award, and $20 in quarters. My award will come in handy for parking meters downtown.

Run for Change = Winners get jars of change!


I concluded the week with a 10.1 mile long run on Sunday. That’s right, I added .1 on because 45 miles for the week looks so much more impressive than 44.9 on paper. The weather was nice, but my legs were feeling the races and the running streak. I soaked my legs in the tub and drank a protein shake, so I felt a lot better Sunday evening.

Now, I’m looking forward to another week- and I hope it’s a great one!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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26 Responses to Weekly Rundown: May 9-15

  1. Hollie says:

    Ha, that’s funny about adding an extra .1. Nice job last week and enjoy this week too.

  2. sarahdudek80 says:

    What a week. I love that you were able to do a Thursday evening race. Congrats on the win!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! We have Thursday evening races almost every week here in the summer- it’s really fun but can make waking up on Fridays kinda difficult…

  3. Pam says:

    That made me laugh that you had to add .1 to get an even number. I actually thought about that yesterday when finishing my long run, but stopped since I was already over my scheduled mileage for the day. Your group always has big smiles, you seem to have a blast before during and after your runs/races.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t add on much to do that, but .1 is kinda negligible and I was already running (I wouldn’t add on say, 2-3 miles to hit a number).

      I love, love, love the Wednesday night running group. Everyone has different paces and goals, especially goals right now because it’s tri season… but we are all out there supporting each other whether our goal for the workout is a 6 minute mile pace or a 10 minute mile pace.

  4. Great job on the back to back 5ks!!!
    Even though the RTL race wasn’t what you wanted you totally redeemed yourself 36 hits later!!
    I also had an ugly race but going back and getting Alex and her friend and encouraging them to the finish was THE BEST and I would rather have a hundred ugly races and see my daughter PR than have a single good race any day of the week.
    Again way to get some good training and racing done this week!!

    • Melissa Cunningham says:

      36 hours later… Not hits. I know you do LSD but not the illegal substance kind. Lol!!!!!!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Running with them was the best part of the race for me. Honestly that saved my night because I wasn’t happy the first time I crossed the finish line. Many other runners who have bad races might just not cool down or might avoid the course but I was so excited to go back. If I can’t run a good race, maybe I can help someone else to, ya know?

      My body is feeling all the back to back races! Not racing this week… it’s one thing to have a week with several “quality” workouts but when 2 of them are races, it can be mentally draining as well as physically.

      BTW, updated post to link to your blog- I am trying to do that when I mention a blogger.

  5. You’re so consistent with these 5Ks- it’s seriously impressive. The awesome thing is that you do them so frequently that you get to experiment with different strategies. Great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I do use 5Ks to experiment a lot, especially with nutrition, fueling, etc. I ran a dumb race on Thursday night and paid for it, and Saturday’s race wasn’t too much smarter (although my strategy worked).

  6. 45 miles and two races is amazing. I don’t know how you find time for a full time job, your blog, and so much training. You are awesome.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s really not that hard for me, because I’ve been doing it and have a routine in, as well as a lot of training partners to share the runs with. That helps big time.

      My job is from home, so that cuts out any commute time- which means I can run before work without having to get up TOO early, or after work without getting home TOO late).

      I don’t do much work on this blog. I like writing a blog, but I write for a living and that always takes precedence :).

  7. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Congrats on winning overall woman! And wow those are two consistent 5Ks in the matter of just a few days! Consistency like that is impressive.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Ha! I consistently positive split both races like a champ ;). Gotta work on busting that bad habit before Charleston training starts in September.

  8. Savannah says:

    What a great week! Congrats on the win!

  9. HoHo Runs says:

    You know what? U-G-L-Y miles still count the same as pretty ones! And, you learned something to apply to your next race. I absolutely agree that bad pacing beats injury any day! Ugh. I can already feel the humidity in our air, even though the temps are not terrible yet. Congratulations on Saturday’s win! That’s very clever to give out change for the Run For Change! Thanks for linking with us Amy.

  10. It sounds like you had a solid week of training and racing! It always amazes me how consistent you are with your 5k times! You always nail them!

  11. I had to share the drinking photo! Great job on your 5k! Hey we are planning to vacation near you in Myrtle Beach in July! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh cool! Myrtle Beach is a neat place- I went there a lot as a kid (I grew up closer to Myrtle Beach, further up the coast). You guys will have a great vacation there!

      FWIW, I recommend going to Broadway at the Beach and also the Tanger Outlets on Hwy 17. They have some nice athletic/running clothes outlets that you will LOVE!

  12. What an incredible week! Congrats on your 5K races! I love that they gave out jars of change for the Run for Change race.

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