Weekly Rundown: May 2-8

Welcome to the summer racing season! This week was different, and whew… busy.

My mom got out of the hospital on Monday and is doing much better. She’s still recuperating and getting adjusted to new medications, but all is going well (we visited her on Mother’s Day). Hopefully she’ll be fully recovered and back to her usual active lifestyle soon.

I started a streak challenge with Fitness World Run Club, my running group from when I lived in Florence. I’m a fan of rest days being for rest, but I can be insanely lazy on days I don’t run. I work in front of a computer in my home, and like many health-minded people, I wear a step tracker (Garmin VivoActive). Sometimes on my rest days, I don’t even log 5,000 steps. I hope this challenge helps me log more steps. 


Monday 45 minutes weights + 6.1 miles (garages)
Tuesday 7.2 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Thursday 7.1 miles including Race the Landing 5K (21:27)
Friday 2.1 miles
Saturday 9 miles including Run for Brighter Days 10K (46:02)
Sunday 2.5 miles
Total 40 miles + 45 minutes weights

On Monday morning, I went to the gym to lift weights, mostly lower body. Since the BodyPump instructor can no longer teach on Monday mornings, my gym decided to cancel the class until they hire someone. You’d think the gym would have a sub list for when instructors can’t make it, but I guess not. Hopefully they find someone soon and don’t get rid of the class altogether, or I will cancel my membership. Charleston needs better gyms!

On Wednesday, I headed to the track to run easy. It was so weird running easy mileage at the track, but I wanted to save my legs for Thursday night’s Race the Landing. I ran the warmup, then headed out for a easy few miles around SHS with Tammie and Theresa who are doing heart rate training. We ran in Zone 2, then headed back to the track to finish up and check on everyone doing intervals.


Thursday was the first Race the Landing of 2016. It was unseasonably cold for May- 70 degrees and 30% humidity. I didn’t realize humidity that low was possible. I’ll recap the race later this week, but I ran a 21:27, which was a personal course record for me. Every other time I’d run this course has been during the summer or New Year’s Day, but I was happy with my run. 


It was another cool morning, so I ran very easy on Friday for a streak keeper before Clay and I left for Hartsville to spend Mother’s Day with his family.

On Saturday, I ran the Run for Brighter Days 10K. This race benefits mental health awareness for teens as well as organ donation. Mental health awareness is a good cause that isn’t discussed as much as it should be, and Lynn Bulloch hosts this race each year in memory of her son, Jonathan.

One of our Charleston runners, Lorcan Lucey, is an organ donation recipient and received Jonathan’s lungs. Lorcan and family, along with a bunch of the extended Charleston Running family, drove over two hours for this run! It was a mini destination race for a great cause, and since I was in town already for the weekend, I was definitely down to run.


I had a good race (46:02 on a slightly long trail course) and even placed second female overall.


We had a great Mother’s Day weekend with going out for Hibachi on Friday night, then grilling out and watching movies on Saturday. Clay and I also went to see our friend PJ and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, then played board games Saturday night. We played a fun board game called Carcasonne. I won the game, which is surprising because I’m generally terrible at geeky board games (Carcasonne is pretty easy to learn).

On Sunday, we visited my parents on our extended road trip adventure home, then I did a quick shakeout run that afternoon since I spent all day in the car. It was ths summer’s first 90 degree run, so even the short run left me pretty sweaty.

Now, I’m glad to be home to relax a bit and get ready for the week ahead. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and spent time with their moms, wives, or other family members or friends who were mom-figures in their lives.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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28 Responses to Weekly Rundown: May 2-8

  1. Oh goodness, I didn’t know your mom was in the hospital (super behind on blog reading). Glad to hear she’s doing well.
    Congrats on placing in your race! Speed demon!! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, she’s been out of the hospital about a week now. I only mentioned it on one blog post (I only posted once, haha), so it’s totally fine that you missed it; after all real life comes before blog reading. But thanks for your well wishes in her recovery- I am passing them all onto her 🙂

  2. Theresa says:

    awesome times on your races! They are making me jealous and start to find zone 2 training boring ;). I really wanted to race a 5k on Saturday myself because it was so cool out, but sticking with the plan.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Girly, the 5Ks aren’t going anywhere- if anything more of them are popping up. You can totally PR after your ironman too, lots of good PR-able 5Ks in that month or so.

      I’ll be right there with you guys in Zone 2 on Wednesday night because this is another Race the Landing week.

  3. Dang girl! Two awesome races this week! Especially with the rising temps. I’m so glad I live in Michigan right now because we hopefully won’t be seeing the 90s until July or August.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I was actually cold at both of these races! We’ve had a few warm days, but yesterday was the first run over 90 degrees. I’m really glad the first hot day wasn’t on a race day ;).

  4. Savannah says:

    Amazing race times, and super awesome weekly mileage! Also glad to hear the update on your mom!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! I was shocked to do so well on Saturday on a trail run that was so soon after a road 5K. Needless to say the last few days have been all about recovery.

  5. Another really strong week on the books. For the “streak” does that mean you run every day? Is there minimum distance or time you have to run? Glad to hear that your mother is recovering and congrats on the course PR + the 2nd place!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The streak involves running or walking every day for 30 days straight. The minimum is one mile. I already run 6 days a week, so the plan for this week forward is to just add in a mile or two of walking on my rest day.

  6. Great job on your races!

  7. what a great week!!! so glad your mom is out of the hospital and feeling better. I am sure she enjoyed her mothers day weekend!!! congrats on the races too! I am glad we had those random cold days last week, but *le sigh* the summer heat is upon us!!!!!! I will be joining you with the slower paces on the track on Wednesday btw. I am actually looking forward to this RTL series
    : )

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The Zone 2 running was pretty fun. We ran down Greenwave Blvd which is shaded, then back up then a few laps around the track, and we had some nice conversation. You know you wanna run in Zone 2!

  8. Glad your mom is back home and you guys were able to visit with her. I’m so jealous of y’alls race the landing series every summer. Can’t believe the first race already happened! This year is flying by!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah it’s a great series. I will admit the course and heat get old, but the post-race party is worth it. By the end of the series, it’s more like “run the landing” than “race the landing” with the heat. And you’re right, 2016 is flying by…

  9. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Great job on your races! Glad your mom is home and doing well! I can’t believe 70 degrees is unseasonably cold for you – that’s a warm day here!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I think the low humidity was why it felt so cold. But the temps there are why Clay and I want to visit the pacific northwest in August (to get away from Charleston August temps!)

  10. liz says:

    Wow… that sounds like an incredibly meaningful race. Congratulations on your second place finish! And I’m glad your mom is feeling better. I know what you mean about being a sedentary writer outside of running. If I’m not running, I’m usually sitting on my butt!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was a very meaningful race and so much fun. One of my cousins committed suicide a few years ago, so I ran in memory of him, and in honor of Lorcan Lucey who is the local runner who received Jonathan’s lungs. I think that motivated me a bit.

      You’re totally right- both of us have really sedentary jobs as writers! Sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit and recover instead of working on my feet, though!

  11. supereli23 says:

    Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better and that you were able to visit her on Mother’s Day. I definitely know how you feel about the being sedentary on rest days. Once I got my newest Garmin watch, I have been more conscious to hit my 10,000 steps each day. I’ve started walking outside or on a treadmill on my lunch at work to help boost my count on my rest days. It helps, but it’s still not enough sometimes!

  12. HoHo Runs says:

    I’m glad to hear your Mom is better and was able to come home! I don’t get many steps on rest days either. I wear a Fitbit Charge but I largely ignore it. LOL. Congratulations on the course PR at the 1st Race the Landing. How many races are in the series? Also, another congrats is in order for your 2nd place overall in the 10k. It is so hot now in the south, isn’t it? We went straight into summer. Thanks for linking with us Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I ignore my VivoActive a lot too… it tells me to move when I’ve been sitting for a long time, which is when I’m working and also when I’m relaxing after a run. So yeah, I have run half marathons and the watch still buzzes and tells me to move, lol. The series has 5 races and I hope to run them all!

      We had a nice spring here. I feel like the last few months have been mild, but I think the heat is now here to stay. At least it’s not super humid yet!

  13. I’m glad to hear your mom is starting to feel better and adjust to her new medications. I’ll be praying for her to continue to feel better!

    The race you ran is so special and meaningful. Being a part of something like that is the best!

  14. Amy, I know you are relieved to have your mom out of the hospital. This is good news!! So during your streak will you do at least a mile everyday?
    My gym does not have a sub list either, if an instructor cancels and a lot of the times it may be last minute, we just don’t have that class. 😦
    Congratulations to you on your overall placement! We’re supposed to have Hibachi tonight if we get done with graduation in time! Thanks Amy for linking up!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The streak involves at least a mile each day, although I’ve been doing 2 miles (like a 20 minute shake out jog).

      Hibachi is so good. I forgot how much I liked it until we ate there last Friday. Now I want it before every race…

  15. You ran some awesome times in your races! What a busy week of running/racing/life! Great work.
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

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