Weekly Rundown: April 25- May 1

Happy Monday and Happy May! The temperatures are creeping up in Charleston, and it feels like Monday and May.

I had some stress and setbacks this week. First, my right glute was acting up after Saturday’s tempo run, so I took it easier on Monday and Tuesday (and last Sunday’s long run). I also paid more attention to recovery and pre-hab, with lots of foam rolling, some PT exercises, and stretching. With the Race the Landing series coming up, I didn’t want to take any chances. It was a good reminder to be diligent in my pre-hab.

More importantly, my mom got admitted to the hospital with some heart issues late last week. She’s doing better, but still in the hospital being monitored due to some medication changes (so she’s mostly stir-crazy and bored!). I’m glad it wasn’t any worse, as my mom is pretty healthy. She walks a 5K distance almost every day, and I know that’s one reason why she’s doing so well at 69, when so many her age are not.


Health emergencies and accidents are a good reminder of why we run. In the end, I don’t run for awards or times, but one day, I will have some sort of health issue and will hopefully recover quicker (or recover in general) because of training, being active, eating right, and taking care of myself.


Monday 60 minutes BodyPump + 6.3 miles easy
Tuesday 30 minutes ArcTrainer + 4.2 miles easy
Wednesday 6 miles (track)
Thursday 7.1 miles easy (rainy run)
Friday 6.2 miles
Saturday No workout (visited Mommy in hospital)
Sunday 10.5 miles
Total 40.3 miles + BodyPump + 30 minutes Arc Trainer

Monday’s BodyPump class was a bit sad, as the instructor, Belinda, told us she wouldn’t be teaching that class anymore. The gym can’t “replace” Belinda. She’s a great motivator and learns people’s names, which is huge when it comes to fitness instructors. She teaches other classes, but they don’t work into my schedule.

My runs on Monday and Tuesday were both easy, and easy days were exactly what I needed. I felt much better for my track workout on Wednesday, which was a ladder workout. It was 1200/1000/800/600/400/200 with 200m jog recoveries between each. I logged 6 miles total. It was a bit warm (81) and our first warm day, but I was happy with my paces and thought the workout went well.


After our workout, some of us headed out to Kendall’s house for beer and burgers on the Big Green Egg. The cookout was a nice chance to relax and de-stress after a difficult day with my mom being in the hospital. Now that the weather’s warmer, I think we’ll start hanging out after track more often, too.


Thursday’s run was crazy. We had some pop-up thunderstorms, so I ran after work and a little later than usual. I thought the storms were over, but I put my ipod in a little baggy and I’m so thankful I did- it started pouring 1.5 miles into my run! It stopped a few miles later and it wasn’t a bad run- I was just drenched!

I normally take Fridays off, but I was pretty upset about my mom being in the hospital and just *needed* a run, so I ended up running 6.2 miles on a slightly different route before heading to Home Team BBQ for a get together celebrating Melissa and Jeff’s last night in Charleston. They were in for a wedding and visiting family on a break from medical school in St. Maarten.  Kinda jealous they get to go to medical school on an island where most people vacation! Being around so many friends definitely cheered me up.


Earlier in the week, I debated jumping into a Saturday morning 5K a friend was race-directing, but I was really thankful I didn’t. I spent Saturday in Florence at the hospital with my mom. I took her a ton of magazines to read and other stuff to keep her occupied while she’s there- which hopefully won’t be much longer.

I finished up the week with a long run of 10.5 miles. It’s gotten warmer, but my body seems to be responding okay- and my runs haven’t slowed down much yet. It will only get hotter, and I’ve accepted that PR season for me is done until at least September. I still plan to grind away on the track, keep my long runs consistent, easy days easy, and run every race with whatever my body, the conditions, and course have that day.

I hope everyone has a great week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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30 Responses to Weekly Rundown: April 25- May 1

  1. Sounds week of workouts! I’ve been really into body pump recently & having so much fun that I’m considering becoming an instructor! I know what you mean about not being about to replace the teacher, the girl who teaches the class that I go to now made me develop my love for body pump and it wouldn’t be the same without her!! Wishing your mom well!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Turns out, my gym just *cancelled* the class instead of finding a sub. Sucks because the class had really high attendance too. I hope you can become an instructor- I think BodyPump would be an awesome class to teach, especially for a runner. Guaranteed cross training, and it shows other runners just how important strength training is.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is able to go home soon.

    That track workout sounds like a good one. I have never tried a ladder workout before (I’m pretty new to track workouts in general).

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The track workout was great! I just pull the workouts from Run Less Run Faster (I obviously do not follow that plan personally… but I like the workouts listed in the book). I really love track workouts; it’s something you have to ease into but it makes a big difference.

  3. I’m glad your mom is doing better… family health issues are always scary!

  4. laurenweiner says:

    I’m glad your mom is doing better. My mom has had some health issues recently and it was a bit scary. Sounds like you had a pretty good week considering some of “life” creeping in.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you. It’s really scary, as my parents are older (Dad’s 70, Mom will be 70 in September). They’re also almost 2 hours away, which isn’t really THAT far compared to many but definitely means it takes the whole day to go up to see them.

  5. Savannah says:

    Glad your mom is doing better. Just found your blog and am glad to be reading along. That seems like an awesome track workout.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks for reading along! It was a great workout and I highly recommend it- the ladder isn’t too bad once you get the 1000m one over with :).

  6. Christine says:

    Sorry you had a stressful week. I hope your mom is feeling better now. And yep, here comes the heat! Looking forward to boiling in my own skin for the next few months.

  7. I really hope your mom can come home soon!! Glad you were able to see her over the weekend, I’m sure it helped her spirits a bit!
    Great job on the workouts this week, you were quite the speedster at the track! *Thanks for making me get in the extra 200’s btw!)
    I checked the weather and this weekend is that random cooler day we’ve been talking about– Should be in the lower 50’s on Saturday morning if your still planning on racing…..
    this may be our last shot until September to see some faster times!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I think you have Saturday in the bag. BTW, I didn’t actually plan a workout for Wednesday night. I am running easy but throwing in a few 200s at the end, you’re more than welcome to come out. I polled the group to see what they want to do. So I’ll see you then or on Thursday!

  8. Pam says:

    I’m so sorry your mom was hospitalized but hopefully she is feeling better and will be returning home soon. I agree with you that running is more to keep fit and be active rather than running for awards or kudos. Of course it is fun to take home an AG award now and then. great job with your workouts this week. Too bad your instructor is leaving…..I have changed classes on occasion when I did not like a replacement instructor. In fact, I don’t go to Yoga any more because I just don’t mesh with the teacher. She is not bad, just not for me.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I also quit a yoga class due to the instructor. He was very into trying to get everyone in class to be better yogis, and I was pretty clear that yoga, for me, was more cross training and not my primary exercise.

      Taking home awards is great, but I know several people whose lives were saved due to running. I have had friends who were hospitalized and doctors told them they only survived illnesses, like pneumonia, because they were so active/ran/biked/etc.

  9. Sending good thoughts to your mother! Sorry to hear about your glute issue but it really sounds like you are nipping it in the bud and you know just what to do to keep it at bay.

  10. HoHo Runs says:

    I hope your Mom is better and home from the hospital. It’s wonderful she walks a 5k most days! Pre-hab is so important, especially the older you get. I’m trying to be diligent! After all, marathon training starts in summer. I live in the south and completely understand the heat and humidity factors! We have to shift our training to perceived effort and forget the paces on the watch! Thanks for linking with us Amy!

  11. sarahdudek80 says:

    I hope your mom continues to heal. So scary. But glad you were able to get some workouts in and enjoy spring weather. It is by far my favorite time of the year to run.

  12. Wow so scary about your mom I’m glad to read she is doing well and you are so right walking 3 miles a day for anyone is not easy! I so get it about the reasons we run and I so wish my parents would have that attitude. It’s so hard to watch them not take care of their self day in and day out. I find it hard to understand and very frustrating as to why people do not take care of themselves more. I think that is a major reason why I run I do not want my daughter to have to deal with things I can change by simply following a healthy lifestyle. Ok, let loose of way more than I planned on here. Amy you continue to amaze me with your workouts and speed! Keep it up and I hope you have a great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah, it is sad to see people not taking care of themselves. I’m only 30 but have high school friends with health problems due to lack of diet and exercise. No kids yet but I know when I do have them, I’ll want to be a good example. Besides, if you’re a parent, you have to stay alive to raise them!

  13. So sorry to hear about your mom’s health issues. I’m glad she’s doing okay now, though. I’m glad running has been such a good outlet for you through the ups and downs of life!

  14. KrisLawrence says:

    I hope all is okay with your Mom!! That is so stressful and I can’t imagine how that must have worried you. Between that and a cancelled favorite class, sending you a hug!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My mom’s doing much better and is home from the hospital, on new medication. I’ll see her this weekend and I’m glad I will since it’s mother’s day :). I hope you have a great mother’s day too.

      Hopefully the gym brings back BodyPump soon. If they get rid of the Monday class for good, I’ll most likely just cancel.

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