Weekly Rundown: February 22-28

Happy Leap Day!


My week was busy as usual with running and work. I work as a technical writer for a computer software company. I have some new and changing responsibilities at work, so I’m pretty swamped with my current job along with the new stuff.

I’ve had a few articles published recently, and even after being in this field for years, bylines never get old. It’s always fun to see the final, finished, published product.

When I’m busy with work, I tend to run more due to stress relief, and that was true this week.


Monday 60 minutes BodyPump + 6.3 miles
Tuesday 5.2 miles
Wednesday 60 minutes BodyPump + 5.1 miles (track)
Thursday 3.1 miles
Friday 8 miles (treadmill cruise intervals)
Saturday 5.35 miles
Sunday 10 miles
Total 43 miles + 2 Body Pump classes

My week got off to a slow start, literally. I increased my leg/squat weight at BodyPump, and my legs felt trashed! For my easy days, I slow down as much as I needed to to feel recovered. My Strava might not look impressive, but oh well. The easy day pace doesn’t matter, but race results are online forever, or until a server dies (With Athlinks, even server death is a non-issue now).

On Wednesday at track, we ran 6 or 8 800s, as the marathoners’ workout called for 8. The wind was brutal and the track was full of pinecones and debris, but I ran the 800s at current 5K pace and it wasn’t too shabby. Tammie and Theresa are going to rock at the Myrtle Beach Marathon on Saturday too! I can’t wait to track them and see the results- that’s the beauty of training with friends; you can celebrate everyone’s victories.


On Thursday, I went to a Brew Run at Triangle Char-N-Bar in Mt Pleasant. The 105.5 radio station is hosting group runs at different bars every Thursday and giving away fun little door prizes like t-shirts, notebooks, and CDs. The bars/restaurants change each week and are all over Charleston, so it’s a fun way to run different places and try out some new places.

The run was a 5K through the Old Village, a nice route that I know very well. I ran with my friend Vy and we had fun chatting and taking pictures with the DJ, Box.


On Friday, I ran a treadmill cruise interval workout (different sections at marathon/half marathon/10k pace) for a total of 8 miles while watching trashy, mindless TV. I had a very frustrating day on Friday so I really needed the run.

On Saturday, Clay and I went on a breakfast date to Bluerose Cafe. We went to Bluerose Cafe last week for lunch, and going back for breakfast was a no-brainer. Bluerose only serves breakfast during breakfast hours and since I usually race on Saturdays, we do lunch instead. I had the crab omelet and he had the Irish breakfast. It’s become our go-to lunch spot in West Ashley, and the servers remember us now so I guess we’re regulars.

After breakfast, we voted in the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary. We didn’t have to wait in line very long, and I read later on that voter turnout was extremely low (which is really sad, but I think people are discouraged with all the candidates in all the parties right now). Our dates consist of breakfast and voting, but this is married life and we’re old souls.


Sunday, I ran with the OnShore Racing Sunday run group, along with two extra miles for my long run. The weather was gorgeous, and I just wanted to bottle it up for every single run- even though I was ridiculously overdressed in a long-sleeved tech shirt (it was a short sleeved shirt day).

After my run, I went to a food truck benefit in a nearby neighborhood. Some of the proceeds went to support a man with cancer, so I got to support a good cause and try a different food truck, Dashi. I had a shrimp burrito and now have a new favorite food truck.



This week, we have more gorgeous weather, so I’m planning on attending a running clinic, another great Wednesday workout, and a fun brew run on Thursday night. I’m also looking at some Spring races in the next few weeks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out  and read the other posts here.

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24 Responses to Weekly Rundown: February 22-28

  1. Kelli W says:

    Wow, the food truck fare looks delicious!! Pretty crazy about all the wind lately. We had a really bad storm in PA last week, too. High winds and flash flooding overnight. Also cool you’re one of the early primary states. In PA I feel like our votes almost don’t matter since we’re so late.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The wind was crazy on the track and the headwind was at the very last portion, which meant we were running into it as we finished the reps.

      SC always goes Republican in Presidential elections, so I never really feel like my vote “matters”. I still vote and always vote for the person I think would be best for the job (regardless of party). But the current system is quite sad… and I think the low turnout numbers reflect that.

  2. laurenweiner says:

    That food looks amazing!!! Also, I love the leap day picture 🙂

  3. Elizabeth C. says:

    Congrats on the bylines. It’s always nice when someone publishes your work! Good to see you are running every day now. Sounds like you are really smart about it and doing the strength work needed to support that.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah- I still plan to take days off on weeks I race or “race out”, but last week was mostly easy running and my “day off” was just shorter and easier than usual. I don’t think it affected Friday, but again, I’m just going to try it for awhile and see how I feel. Nothing wrong with 6 runs a week either, and I won’t hesitate to go back if I need to :).

  4. My husband and I talked about a breakfast and voting date on Tuesday before he goes to work. Also old souls? 🙂 Nice week of workouts! I can’t believe you manage Body Pump and running…hardcore!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I BodyPump in the mornings then run in the evenings- that’s definitely the only way I can do it! I wouldn’t want to run after pump and the class is at 6 AM, so no way am I running before.

  5. Those food truck burritos look AMAZING! What an awesome week. I totally agree that when I’m super frustrated or stressed out by something, I need to run to escape it – much like the week you had! My fiance is definitely learning that lesson, that if I’m angry or upset or stressed out, he just needs to suggest that I put on a pair of shoes and get out. 🙂

    nice week again! What are you training for next?

  6. KrisLawrence says:

    Nice work with th bylines, sounds exciting! Also, that food truck burrito looks amazing!

  7. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Congrats on having article published recently! That is such a great feeling. I’m so impressed how high you can keep your mileage when not training for a specific race!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, I’m always kinda training :). Most likely the Bridge Run will be the next goal race, although I haven’t completely decided on that because it’s crazy expensive and most Charleston residents roll their eyes because it’s more of an “event” than a “race” (it is definitely an event unless you are in the sub-45 corral but fortunately I would be!).

      As for high mileage… it’s beautiful here and the food is good. Gotta do something to counteract that ;).

  8. HoHo Runs says:

    I am drooling over the crab omelet. The running clinic sounds interesting. I wish had more opportunities like that around here. You had a great running week. Are you training or maintaining? I think trashy mindless TV helps those miles go by quicker! Thanks for linking with us Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I guess I’m “training”, because I’m doing workouts, but I’m not completely sold on a goal race right now.

      Let’s say I’m training for the Cooper River Bridge Run, because everyone in Charleston can claim that right now, since it’s in our backyard and one of the largest 10Ks in the US.

  9. supereli23 says:

    I’m the exact same way, when I’m stressed out with life or work it always equals more miles. My hubby knows when I come home in a bad mood, I just need a “rage run” and I’ll be fine after. Hopefully things slow down at work for you! That food looks delish!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve had a few stress relief runs lately! One pro of working from home is that as soon as 5 PM hits, I can get out the door for that run without having to drive.

  10. Dang girl, I’m wore out reading about all the running you are doing! Every day, how do you do this?? Ok well being young does have it’s advantages I know. I’ve been on a secret run streak. My husband wants to get back into running so he’s running 1 mile a day and it started Sunday which I ran a half that day RnRNOLA, did you see my post? Anyway I have run at least a mile for 5 days now. I’m not sure how much longer he or I will keep it up but I’m sure not letting him beat me even with my other training!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, I’m trying to improve as a runner, and hopefully staying consistent will help me do that :). I’m not really a streaker, as I like my rest days (taking tomorrow off), but a lot of people do that and say it keeps them motivated. Most of the time, streakers take rest days too by just running an easy mile 1-2 days a week.

      Congrats on RNR NOLA!

  11. That food truck looks delicious! We haven’t had our primary yet (in DC), but of course the airways have been peppered with ads because of the recent VA primary.

  12. Farrah says:

    Yay! Congrats on getting those articles published! I used to write for my school + district’s newspapers, and it was always so exciting to see that byline! ❤

    That food truck looks awesome! I'd love to try that food! *-*

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I also wrote for the paper in college and loved it. It was probably the extracurricular activity that benefited me the most in real life because it helped me come out of my shell, big time. And of course- I built a portfolio for job applications post-college. I miss those days!

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