Waffle House Valentine’s Day Dinner

Clay and I love establishing fun traditions in our marriage.

We aren’t a stereotypical couple and we celebrate holidays in our own way. We played The Imperial March at our wedding and toasted to marriage with Mountain Dew instead of champagne. We spend Christmas Eve watching A Christmas Story and eating Chinese takeout.

One of our traditions is going out to Valentine’s Day dinner at Waffle House. For Valentine’s Day Waffle House hosts a candlelight dinner where you must make a reservation. Waffle House posts it on their website, and the post trends on social media each year.


Clay and I started going to Waffle House for Valentine’s Day in 2013 when we found out about the dinner. This was our first Valentine’s Day in Charleston.


We liked it so much that we returned in 2014.


Last year, we forgot to make a reservation and ended up at the Early Bird Diner, and it just wasn’t the same.

Before leaving for Hilton Head Island on Friday, I made our Waffle House Valentine’s Dinner reservation and got one of the last tables for 5:30 PM. Good thing I called when I did or else we would have missed out!

We arrived at the Savannah Hwy/Johns Island Waffle House a little early, but our table was already set up.


Our waitress, Nikie, quickly lit our candle, took our drink orders, and handed us menus. Both of us got omelets, hash browns, and toast. Clay got a double order of hashbrowns and an omelet with meat, while mine was a vegetarian omelet. I also got the raisin bread toast, which is super yummy and added a sweet component to the savory omelet.

Waffle House mixes the toppings in with the eggs for the omelet and places the cheese in the middle, so it’s different than how some restaurants make omelets. I usually get the omelet or a blueberry waffle there and always enjoy it.


Nikie and the rest of the staff were great! They took our picture and several workers dropped by our table to wish us a happy Valentine’s Day and say hi. The Waffle House staff worked very hard to decorate the entire restaurant and even gave us little buttons to wear during our dinner and remember our celebration.

Celebrating a holiday at Waffle House isn’t for every couple. We’ve spent 10 Valentines Day holidays together, so our days of trying to outdo and impress are over. We enjoy fancy dinners as well, usually on non-holiday occasions. Charleston restaurants and roads were super busy this weekend due to the Garth Brooks concert and Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, and Valentine’s Day only adds to the traffic madness.

Waffle House is close to our home, so we were glad to avoid those crowds.


In the end, Valentine’s Day is about being with the ones you love, no matter where you spend it or what you do. You know your relationship’s in the right place when you enjoy the simple times in life because you love the one you’re with.

We’ll always remember our Waffle House Love Story- thanks Waffle House Johns Island!

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11 Responses to Waffle House Valentine’s Day Dinner

  1. laurenweiner says:

    I love that you make your own traditions! I heard about Waffle House’s dinner and it sounded like fun 🙂

  2. wanderwolf says:

    Ah. Such a great tradition! I also can’t believe that you played the Imperial March at your wedding, but I also now feel inspired to go with untraditional choices at my own wedding someday.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Souds like you two had a great day!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We sure did! In fact we decided on the music a few days before the wedding.

      I definitely recommend doing something against the norm at the wedding because that makes it memorable for people. Good food also makes it memorable (people are still talking about the food at ours).

  3. Cute tradition, Amy! I ate at Waffle House for the first time this past weekend. I was telling my friends about it and one of them mentioned the Valentines Day dinner.

  4. I love that y’all do this – so fun and kitschy! I think Adam and I are both too old for the “let’s impress each other and our friends” game. We did brunch out which was a nice change of pace since we typically do dinner out if we go out to eat. Also…Valentine dinners out at nice restaurants are always so flipping expensive since they usually do a set menu! Not for us!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We like to eat out for lunch/brunch more than dinner, as it’s cheaper. And you’re right- Valentine’s Day can be so expensive and packed! The people who don’t usually go out to nice dinners will go out that night too. Our anniversary is in a few weeks and maybe we will do something nice for that.

  5. This post is so sweet, Amy! I have always loved this tradition of yours! I definitely agree that the simple times with loved ones are some of the best moments/memories!

  6. supereli23 says:

    Oh how cute! I never realized that Waffle House did this, but that’s awesome. It’s a sweet tradition to have, it’s not how much money you spend –it’s the time you spend, anyways.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I agree with you 100%! A cheap meal also meant we had more money to leave the wait staff for a tip.

      I feel like the staff at places like Waffle House deal with a lot and get very few good tips. They really did a great job making our Valentine’s Day special.

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