Weekly Rundown: February 1-7

It’s been three weeks since the Charleston Half Marathon and one week since the Charlie Post Classic 5K, and my mileage is back in the 40s this week.

I’m excited to be training hard again, and I plan to stay in half marathon shape for a few more weeks, then focus on 5Ks when the weather gets warmer. We have a lot of fun races coming up this Spring so most every Charleston runner is training for something right now.


Monday 60 minutes BodyPump + 7.1 miles
Tuesday 6.3 miles
Wednesday 60 minutes Sunrise Yoga + 8 miles (cruise intervals)
Thursday 5 miles
Friday No workout
Saturday 7.5 miles including Go Red Run 5K (22:26)
Sunday 10.25 miles
Total 44.15 miles, 60 minutes BodyPump, 60 minutes yoga

On Monday, I started my week with the usual BodyPump at 6 AM. I don’t like to miss Mondays or strength training. My legs were feeling Saturday’s 5K, so I decided to run easy that night. I ran two miles before the 5-mile group run. The route included part of the Cooper River Bridge, and running the bridge always makes me smile.

Over 40 people came to the group run, so Fleet Feet post a video picture on Facebook and I screenshot the video picture. I ran the first few miles with Christine and we had a nice conversation.


I was glad I went to the group run, because I didn’t make it to track on Wednesday. I thought the weather would be stormy, so I skipped track and opted for the treadmill. I wasn’t scared of it storming during the workout, but I was afraid of having to drive home in bad weather. I live 30 minutes from everything, including the track. It didn’t start thundering until 8 PM that night and I was mad because I could’ve gone!

Clay took Friday off work, so we had Charleston Sports Pub for lunch. I got the honey lime grilled shrimp tacos and he had the shrimp po boy. They have excellent lunch specials (our meals were $6.99 and $7.99, respectively), and the food is good. For a restaurant that isn’t a Mexican restaurant, they have some of the best tacos in town.



On Saturday, I ran the Go Red Run 5K on James Island. I signed up for this race back in December to support the cause and pay the early bird rate of $25, which included a Nike fleece hoodie.

Since I ran pretty hard at Charlie Post Classic last weekend, and the course was muddy with a bit of puddles (and just not a very fast course), I held back and ran this race as a tempo run. The event itself was wonderful and I will participate again next year, but my race experience was a bit crazy. For the first time ever, my warm up was longer than the race distance. It’s easy to get lost in James Island County Park.


After the race, I went out for brunch at Cory’s Grilled Cheese with Cindy, Ed, Amy, and Kevin- everyone had a lot of fun and the sandwiches were tasty. We joked about how we ran a heart health run then went out for grilled cheese.


The weather was wet and cold Saturday night, so it was perfect timing for a race that gave hoodies instead of t-shirts. It’s a very warm red hoodie and perfect for heart health month and Valentine’s Day- I haven’t taken it off since the race! Since the weather was crummy, we spent Saturday night in and did our taxes.


I postponed my Sunday long run. The weather was a triple threat- cold temperature, rain, and gusting winds. A few who ran Go Red 5K were dealing with colds and other cruddy sickness, and I didn’t want to get sick with other training and running plans coming up. I waited it out, psyched myself out, and finally went to Planet Fitness to long run that afternoon.

Since I was on the treadmill, I turned it into a pace workout. The time passed by quickly because I watched Anchorman on TV.


To start, I ran a 20 minute warmup, followed by 40 minutes at 7.5 mph (5 miles). This was 7.25 miles in an hour, so I was on track. I restarted the treadmill, ran 5 minutes at 7 mph (didn’t want to start back at a higher speed), followed by 15 minutes at 8 mph (2 miles). I finished off with a very short cooldown to total 10.25 miles.

The run felt fairly easy- which makes me question how well Planet Fitness treadmills are calibrated.  I got a Dunkin Donuts coffee with mocha swirl after my run and it was good (I thought about this coffee throughout the workout).

Besides that, we watched the Super Bowl and commercials. We had a few party invites but ended up just watching at home and cheering for the Carolina Panthers. They are the semi-local (North Carolina) team, we have family in Charlotte, and Michael Oher from The Blind Side plays for them. It’s one of my favorite movies so cheering for the Panthers was a no-brainer for us.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and stays warm!

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26 Responses to Weekly Rundown: February 1-7

  1. Hollie says:

    I think it was smart to postpone your run. There is no sense in being miserable. The weather has been so off here lately as well….it’s warm, it’s arctic temperatures….I honestly don’t know what to expect at this point.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s crazy here. I have to keep my winter clothes out along with my tank tops because you just never know. I knew I would probably be running alone Sunday if I went to group run (not many people went, I know some speedy people went), so if I have to run a long run alone I’d almost rather have a movie and warmth!

  2. Pam says:

    Your new hoodie looks so comfy and what great swag from a 5k race. I have never gotten anything but a tee shirt and would love one of those! Your date night made me lol, but at least there was wine and some chocolate covered strawberries to make the evening a little exciting.

  3. Theresa says:

    10 miles on the treadmill? You are brave.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Nah. I’m just too slow to skip out on a long run.

      I had to run an 11 miler on one in Florence when I was training for my first half because 1.) Florence doesn’t have anywhere safe to run 11 miles and 2.) I was sick of running the 1.5 mile bike path over and over by that point. At least this one I had good TV and people watching.

  4. laurenweiner says:

    I love the hoodie! That’s unique – I like it! Haha I like the tax date night. That’s kinda like my husband and I having budget meeting date nights…

  5. Ugh, thanks for reminding me that I need to do my taxes sometime in the near future. 😛

    Hope this next week brings better weather for you guys!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s supposed to be chilly this week, but fortunately no rain or wind :). It’s not so bad to deal with one rough element, but 3 was a little much for me yesterday…

  6. I love the shirt for the Go Red Run. I participated in the Wear Red on Friday and even wrote a post about it. It’s a great cause. Looks like you had a solid week of training, wow almost 45 miles is awesome! Thanks for linking up with us in the Weekly Wrap Link up.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! My job usually participates in that, I’m not sure if they did this year. I wore red on Friday since it was that day and a great cause. I really like the linkup, too.

  7. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Nice job on that treadmill long run! I think about coffee through all of my runs also – it’s just so warming and relaxing after a hard workout!

  8. That’s a stellar week to jump back into! I’ve got a full in two and a half weeks and this training cycle wasn’t what I hoped for it. But another full on May 1, so I am hoping to have a FULL training cycle with that kind of mileage going on! Nice week!

    And that Anchorman line is one of my favorites! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That Anchorman line is classic when you’re running on the treadmill while watching the movie!

      Good luck with both marathons and hopefully the next training cycle goes better. Before every race, I always wish I’d trained more effectively. No training cycle ever goes my way but that’s life- gotta do the best you can with what (time) you have!

  9. You ran a lot of miles in one week! That’s great. That hoodie and 5k was a great deal – good call! I love when we get jackets instead of shirts once in a while. LOL yogging..might be a soft j. Great movie!

  10. Melissa Cunningham says:

    Great week of training! Kudos to you for the treadmill run!!! Smart move to keep it indoors. Saturdays warm up was quite comical- Just gkad that didn’t happen during the actual race! I love the hoodie as well. It seems fluffier and warmer than the cocoa cup
    : )
    Stay warm this week and load up on vitamin C!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It is a great hoodie and the race was a great cause. I am so glad we didn’t get lost in the race but that and the mud kinda messed me up mentally. I had a lot of energy for yesterday’s run at least! I hope you feel better soon and get some rest… this weather is not helping anyone who is sick right now. Rainy and cold here tonight!

  11. Great running week! You crushed all your runs. And then you had to go and post pictures of yummy food!

  12. HoHo Runs says:

    The Nike fleece red hoodies were such a great idea. Shrimp tacos (or fish tacos) with sour cream (naturally) is my favorite meal right now. I always squeeze extra fresh lime onto mine! You had a very strong week. That is the upper end of my mileage range — but I’m OLDER. LOL. And, I love that taxes = date night. So true! Thanks for linking up with us Amy.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Eh, I wouldn’t compare the mileage ranges. I have friends who run a lot less than I do and are faster. It’s really about quality and different mileages at different times of training (but this was my highest week in awhile).

      I actually don’t eat sour cream! But I love shrimp or fish tacos in general- sometimes the Non-Mexican places have the best ones.

  13. How sweet that you and Clay went out for lunch together! And those prices are amazing!! You can’t beat that plus the good food–it’s a win-win! I’m glad to see you’re feeling pretty good and your mileage is in the 40s again! You rock. Lol at the taxes date picture! True life, haha. Jimmy and I are doing ours this week and I’m dreading it!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Charleston Sports Pub is so cheap at lunch (it’s not that much more expensive at dinner). It’s the best lunch deal in West Ashley and close to home. He’s not usually around on weekdays but we go a lot on Saturday.

      Doing taxes stinks, but at least we got a refund. Hopefully next year he only has one W-2, he had a few different jobs this year but that’s the world of government contracting- and we’re glad he’s out of that world ;).

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