Weekly Rundown: January 18-24

The Charleston Half Marathon took a lot out of me, so this week was a glorified recovery week with lots of cross training and non-running fun.


I didn’t do any workouts this week- just easy miles. I slept in because it was chilly and rainy here, and I needed some extra rest. I didn’t sleep well on the nights after the race and knew the extra rest would benefit me more than strength training. I also drank protein shakes and tried to eat healthy foods- lots of fruits, veggies, and protein.

Social media and the comparison trap makes recovery hard. Race stress is different on each person’s body, but goal races need recovery, regardless of distance. Last year, I remember finishing a tough race and feeling pretty run down for a few days, yet seeing Facebook posts from others who ran that same race, running speed workouts the next day and other races the weekend after. My coach in a group program I did at the time had these wise words… 

Some runners race, and other runners participate in a race.

Regardless of distance or finish time in comparison to others- if you truly give 100% in a race, your mind and body won’t forget that victory for several days.

Not only am I recovering from the Charleston Half Marathon, I’m also recovering from a hard period of training leading up to the race. I ran 40-45 miles per week and topped out at two 50-mile weeks. It’s my highest mileage ever, and I can see why some elite runners take full weeks off after their goal races.


Monday: 60 minutes Arc Trainer

Tuesday: 6.3 miles easy

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 5 miles easy

Thursday: 6.3 miles easy

Friday: No workout.

Saturday: BodyPump

Sunday: 8.1 miles (long run)

Total: 25.7 miles + 60 min. BodyPump, 60 min. Arc Trainer, 60 min. yoga

For Charleston standards, it was cold this week, so it was nice to sleep in some mornings!

Tuesday night, I attended the Yelpie Elite Awards Dinner at 5Church, a new restaurant on Market Street, Downtown Charleston. As a Yelp Elite, I received a complimentary 3-course meal from 5Church in exchange for an honest review. Speaking of honest reviews, I’ve left over 300 reviews on Yelp if you want to check them out.


5Church is now on my radar for a fun lunch or brunch downtown, and if you’re in Charleston, it should be on yours. I had delicious warm bread, a mixed green salad, wasabi encrusted salmon with bok choy, and a pretzel bar dessert.




Although our food took awhile to come out, it was well worth the wait because the Charleston Yelp Elite crew got to spend more time socializing. They also gave out fun little awards based on Yelp participation, and I got one for being talkative on the Charleston-area forum.

I love writing reviews and having the opportunity to be a Yelp Elite.

Wendesday night was the Fleet Feet Summerville Pub Run, and since most of the track crew ran in a race last weekend, we cancelled track to attend. Everyone ran with glow sticks, and they gave out some door prizes- including shoes. I tested out the new Nike Pegasus shoes and really liked them.


Fleet Feet Summerville’s hosted some fun events lately, and it’s a great addition to our local running scene and to the Summerville area in general.

On Saturday, I went to BodyPump instead of running, since I didn’t go to BodyPump on Monday or Wednesday. If you slept in on Saturday, you missed the Great Charleston Blizzard of 2016. My friend Lisa captured all the action in Mt Pleasant. We didn’t have any accumilation at my West Ashley home- our porch is enclosed so the flakes could not accumilate on our chairs.


I spent most of Saturday afternoon cleaning my office and kitchen. The joy of a recovery week is that my house actually gets cleaned!

That night, Clay and I went on a triple date to the Ramen with Friends pop-up event that Short Grain Food Truck hosted. I had the Ebi Ramen which was made with smoked shrimp, ramen, egg, and veggies. It was a great night for soup!


On Sunday, I went for an awesome long run downtown with the OnShore Racing Sunday run group. It was 35 degrees, but we got it done- even if it required pants and gloves. Eight miles was long enough for me this week, but I had a strong run with even pacing (the last mile was the fastest!). I skipped brunch to relax and watch football.

I hope everyone has a great week and stays warm, dry, and safe if your weather’s rough!

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26 Responses to Weekly Rundown: January 18-24

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Your recovery sounds so much better than mine. I think it’s good that you remind yourself not to compare. You ran a hard face and got a difficult PR. I’d say a break after that is well deserved.
    And I’m jealous! The only reason I ran like I did is because my half was a build-up to my goal marathon… I can’t wait for the week (s) afterwards where I can chillax.
    Stay safe this week, and hope you’re feeling fresh and ready to go, again! Any goal races planned for February?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Right now I’m only signed up for one race in February, and it’s Feb. 6 and a 5K. It will most likely be a race-out because it’s not a PR course. I’m eyeing a few others but nothing solid yet. May just be a month of race-outs!

      The comparison is crazy, especially in a race that also includes a marathon. Yes, some people ran a marathon was held last Saturday and are also and recovering, but that doesn’t mean half marathoners should take their own recovery less seriously. Or even 5Kers- especially if you have a big breakthrough race.

  2. I think recovery is an integral part of training and racing. Without proper recovery, you put your body at risk for so many thing. Your coach had the perfect comment and there are runners who race every week. Not only is that a budget crush, I also don’t think I would anticipate and enjoy races nearly as much if I did them so frequently. Your Yelp meal looked so good and I notice a theme that you enjoy salmon frequently! It is also a favorite of mine and I constantly look for new ways to fix it at home.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You can run a lot of races, but I agree you cannot “race” every week- at least not without getting injured or burnt out. There’s nothing wrong with just “participating” in a race- I do most of them as tempo runs and just to be social (keep in mind, I work from home, so running for me is social time and going to a race on Saturday is like going to happy hour for people who work outside their homes- it’s just what I do).

      My advice to anyone who likes to race is to a few to focus on each year and do the others as workouts or for fun. I have one friend who is training for a trail ultra, and due to our lack of publicly open trails, he runs every single short trail race as a training run just because it’s one of the few chances he has to train on that terrain.

      I should probably write a blog post on incorporating races into your training…

      I had salmon today at lunch- it’s one of my favorite foods. So yummy and very healthy for runners and really everyone.

  3. I’m a huge fan of recovery! In my opinion, recovery weeks are as important to your mental state as to your body, so post-goal race recovery is where it’s at– even for shorter distances like 5ks or 10ks.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You’re exactly right. I think when people start running half or full marathons, they sometimes forget that a really tough 5K/10K can take a big toll on your body.

      I’ve run a few 10Ks (hello, James Island Connector!) that were more taxing than some half marathons.

  4. Laura says:

    Recovery is definitely important and I love that you recognize that it was not just about recovering from an awesome race and PR, but also the training leading up to it. Sometimes it can be hard to step back, but you always feel better and recover quicker when you do. Nice that your track crew went to the pub run to change things up a bit too, helps when all of you are recovering and can make the changes and enjoy recovery together

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I remember when you stepped back and actually took a week off to recover. To me, that was really inspiring. I’ve heard people talk about recovery but it’s neat to see a very talented runner actually take the leap and do it.

      Anyone can train and run a lot. It takes a lot of confidence to know when to dial it back, or take time off to recover.

  5. Living in New Hampshire I think that it’s so adorable that you guys think 35 degrees is cold. Lately it’s been shorts weather for us.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s always shorts weather here if you’re running fast enough :). Post-half marathon, I’m still not!

      The cold weather has ended and it is in the upper 50s today. We have 9 months of humidity here, but running the Charleston Half Marathon in a tank top last weekend was quite nice ;).

  6. Angela says:

    I’m all for recovery!!that Ramen looks amazing!!!

  7. I normally take a week off after a goal race. It’s a bit of a break for my body and it’s also nice to relax after a long training programme. I usually eat lots of things I’ve been missing too 🙂

    Those meals look amazing…

  8. Liz says:

    I think recovery is super important! And I also feel that a lot of people don’t really properly let themselves recover and rest on a regular basis. Your body needs time to recover for sure and you shouldn’t feel guilty for giving it time, especially after racing. I think being a Yelp Elite person sounds awesome! I have no idea how many reviews I’ve left. Maybe like, 30 or so? Not a ton, but I have done some. I try to do them if I see there aren’t many reviews on a place, especially if it’s somewhere I really like.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Being a Yelp Elite here is really fun. People know each other and you see the same people at each event. One of the elites here used to live in ATL and she said the Charleston Elite crowd is more fun because there are fewer elites and it’s not as hard to get on (don’t have to have hundreds of reviews). I do love using it in other cities then reviewing those places!

      • Liz says:

        Yup, a lot of the things I’ve reviewed were actually during my travel nursing! I did a bunch of hikes, restaurants, and gyms. Do they just email you when you reach the Yelper Elite status or what?

      • Amy Lauren says:

        You have to be nominated for it, although community managers can nominate people if they see someone writing lots of consistently good reviews. I got in when Charleston got a Community Manager, so there were very few elites here. I’m not sure how many reviews I had then, but I have almost 400 now.

        I’m running out of places to review here (Unless we go somewhere new, and I don’t go places *Just* to review them), so now I’m updating my old ones.

  9. laurenweiner says:

    Recovery is so crucial! Take your time girl!

  10. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    I love recovery weeks almost as much as I love training and racing. You did so well at your half that you deserved some downtime!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! Yeah, recovery weeks kinda make me anxious, training wise, but things have gone well this week so far. I did get a lot of stuff done around the house while recovering, too.

  11. “Regardless of distance or finish time in comparison to others- if you truly give 100% in a race, your mind and body won’t forget that victory for several days.” –> love what you said there, Amy. You’re very smart to take time to recover and let your body have a break after a long, hard block of training. You deserve it!

    I think your Yelp Elite stuff is so interesting and cool! I always think about doing it, but I go out to eat like once every three months, haha. I guess I could still post reviews anyways ;).

    I loved the FB convo we had about the snow in SC vs PA. That was awesome, lol. Hope you’re staying warm!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      What’s neat is you can Yelp most any business (except ones you are associated with, like say, a business you own or work for), not just restaurants. I’ve written reviews for my dentist office, my doctor, my car dealership, and my mechanic. It’s hard with restaurants sometimes, because we tend to frequent the same places lately.

      I’m back to the grind this week with training, and I think the recovery week helped a lot.

  12. That’s a still pretty amazing recovery week! “Some runners race, and other runners participate in a race.” <– Perfection. And it's so true! And I think even as a regular runner, there are certainly designated races where I RACE (like next weekend) and races I just run (most others!). But those words sum it up perfectly!

    Thanks for linking up again!

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