Weekly Rundown: December 7-13

Another week of training and racing is done, and it was a big week!

The biggest highlight of my week was running the Reindeer Run 5K, where I set a new PR- 21:22. It was a 25 second improvement over the Florence Turkey Trot– pretty significant when your 5K is in the 21’s. I shared the race with some great friends, and it was a beautiful course around downtown Charleston, even if the weather was a bit warm for December.

Aside from running, I put over 500 miles on my car in three days. I drive around more than any other work-from-home professional writer ever. I drove to my job’s corporate office on Thursday for training and for our R&D department holiday lunch. I had fun seeing my coworkers and meeting with clients. Since my job’s office is only two hours away, it’s nice to visit for special events and Christmas.

Saturday, I drove up to my family’s house, almost two hours each way, for an annual barbeque, so I saw family members who I only see once a year and enjoyed some delicious food. It was great seeing everyone and refueling with some delicious home cooking. My mom made my favorite- crock pot macaroni and cheese!


Victory and PRs are sweet and desserts are even sweeter after a 5K race.


Mon 60 minutes BodyPump + 5.65 miles (bridge)
Tues 6.45 miles
Wed 60 minutes BodyPump + 5.1 miles (track)
Thurs No workout
Fri 5.15 miles
Sat 7.2 miles, including Reindeer Run 5K (21:22)
Sun 12 miles
Total 41.5 miles + 2 BodyPump classes

Workouts were pretty uneventful this week, but I had a nice bridge run on Monday and a good track workout on Wednesday. At the track, we ran 12 x 400m repeats. It was cool outside (high 50s), but we had 100% humidity which made breathing difficult even with cooler temperatures. The track was foggy, too. I kept the repeats paced consistently but didn’t hammer them out because I wanted to recover from that workout before Saturday.


After our track workout, we headed to Montreux for recovery beverages and to warm up. The Christmas tree and lights are up in the square in Downtown Summerville, and all the businesses are in the holiday spirit. I had the Montreux house salad as my meal (delicious), then Tami and I went to Charleston Bakery and Deli for dessert.


Saturday was the Reindeer Run 5K, which I’ll recap later this week. I was proud of myself for the PR and happy to place in such a large race. The reindeer run has 2,000+ runners, but fortunately most speedy 30-34 females placed overall so I took home an age group award on top of the PR.

My friend and Charleston Running Club treasurer Pat owns Marion’s in the French Quarter, an event venue located at the start/finish of the Reindeer Run 5K, and he opened it up for CRC members and our guests. Emily, Melissa, Kendall, Jen, Pat, Liz, Ashley, and some others hung out at Marion’s before the race and felt like elites- we stashed our sweats and bags in the building and got to use real bathrooms instead of porta potties.


I finished up the week with a 12 mile long run with the OnShore Racing Sunday group, followed by my monthly sports massage. I know some may look at monthly massages as a way to blow money on myself, but I’ve stayed injury-free throughout 2015 and owe that to good luck and massages. I’d rather pay for an enjoyable massage than pay the ortho or PT because of an injury.

I hope everyone has a great week and a great holiday season. Be safe traveling to holiday parties, and enjoy the good times with family and friends. They really are your biggest fans!


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17 Responses to Weekly Rundown: December 7-13

  1. Pam says:

    Congrats on that huge pr for a 5k. That is a huge amount for such a short distance. It sounds like you spent alot of time in your car, but for good reasons, especially spending time with family. Mom’s homemade mac and cheese is making my mouth water. Since Tom won’t eat mac and cheese, I hardly ever get to have it and it is a favorite. I do buy the Trader Joe’s version once in a while, but it is nothing like homemade!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I don’t remember the last time I’ve PRed by 25 seconds. Even my last half marathon was technically a 7 second PR on the clock. I was surprised, but happy.

      I’m picky about mac and cheese and only eat the homemade good stuff. I love mac and cheese and enjoy it and don’t want to bother with sub-par ones ;).

  2. Hollie says:

    That is a huge improvement and gain Amy, congrats! I’m the same way that I would always prefer to spend money on a massage before it gets to be an injury.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Hollie! I know you get a lot of massages as well and it’s definitely money well spent. I had to go to PT a few times for a “niggle” in my glutes this Spring, and the massage costs *less* than a session of PT, and way more fun and relaxing.

  3. Sounds like a great week! Love that you are getting those pump classes in! I have been going to regularly scheduled times too and can’t get enough. It feels so good to leave with wobbly everything!

  4. Congrats on the huge PR! Sounds like you had a busy week, but a good one. I’m picky about mac and cheese too, except I usually prefer the really bad for you non-homemade mac and cheese.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m pretty sure our homemade macaroni and cheese is the least healthy food around, but sometimes a food is good for your soul even if it’s not the best for your waistline ;).

      It was a crazy busy week! I was ready to get back to work this morning because it’s routine!

  5. Christine says:

    Congrats on another PR! I love the Reindeer Run and was glad I could do it this year! And yum! Crock pot mac ‘n cheese is the best!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m glad you got to run too. I saw your pictures and it looked like you enjoyed it, which is important. I don’t blame you not to do Kiawah if it wasn’t going to be fun for you. I hope you’re doing well and feeling better from being sick/allergies too!

  6. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Congrats on another PR and AG win! You’re seriously killing it at races this year. That sports massage sounds incredible – and that’s so awesome you’ve stayed injury free this entire year!

  7. yeeeeee!
    what a busy weekend you had!( but full of family time,good food,good company, and a great race!!!!)
    It was so much fun doing this race with you, and getting to experience the VIP treatment at Marions!
    : )

    AND girl, you’ve had some amazing races these past few months-you’ve been a little beast!!!!
    CONGRATS on the huge PR AND an AG award!
    your hard summer months of training are paying off in a pretty big way. You are smart to be getting massages and being consistent with body pump as these are proactive steps to stay injury free!
    again, you totally rock and I am so proud of you!!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you! We all rocked it out on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night and this Saturday too. I’m just glad the Hot Cocoa Cup will feel like December should ;). See ya soon!

  8. liz says:

    Congrats on the new 5K PR! That’s a huge improvement and you should be really proud. Since I’m also a work-from-home writer, I like to joke about how I put more miles on my body than my car every week. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Some days that’s true with me, but only if I don’t leave the house all day (or just go to the grocery store or something). Almost everything is at least 5 miles from the house, so I have to drive (plus the main highways here are sooo not pedestrian friendly)

  9. So true–family and friends are our biggest fans! I’m glad to hear you got to go to your office’s headquarters and spend time with co-workers and clients. I’m sure that was really fun! Also, BBQ food + family is the best! Especially when mac and cheese is involved 🙂

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