Weekly Rundown: October 12-18

This week was definitely a cutback week. Since Clay and I traveled to NC to visit our grandparents, I didn’t run as much. This week is a much lower number of miles than usual, but I did some quality workouts too.

Unfortunately, I also missed a few workouts. I slept in and missed Wednesday BodyPump, and then I missed Sunrise Yoga due to a bad wreck on a major highway. I purposely skipped my long run because I didn’t want to do a long run just 5 days after Sunday’s 14 miler, but I didn’t like missing the other workouts.

I also ate a lot of meals out this week, along with ice cream and cake. Takeout and dessert are a part of a balanced lifestyle, because food is meant to be enjoyed, shared, and celebrated with others (and I did!). Most days, my diet includes mainly healthy foods and a spoonful or two of Ben&Jerry’s- but decadent desserts that are good for the soul aren’t the best for finish times!


It’s a new week, and my goals are to not skip any workouts, clean up my diet, and rock the James Island Connector Run on Saturday. If you’re in the Charleston area and interested, you can use the discount code Scott15 to save $5 on race registration.


Monday: 60 minutes BodyPump + Without Limits (5 miles of intervals + 20 minutes core)

Tuesday: 6.25 miles

Wednesday: 20 minutes strength + 6 miles (track)

Thursday: 8 miles

Friday: No workout.

Saturday: 5.4 miles (hills)

Sunday: 5.1 miles

Total: 35.75 miles

On Monday, I did BodyPump in the morning, and I went to a Without Limits practice that evening. Without Limits is a running training group based out of Wilmington, and Chris Bailey is coaching a new chapter here in Charleston. I didn’t know much about Without Limits until I went to the practice, but I went to support Chris because he’s a talented runner and great guy.



Without Limits consists of runners of all paces who are looking to take their training to the next level- meaning it’s a step above local store-based training programs or “training plan in a can” plans you download from the internet. We had runners from former college athletes to beginners.

The practice started with a quick warmup run, then form drills and strides. I don’t usually do any form drills before my track and speed workouts, and some of the drills were new to me. After that, we ran 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes recovery. We ran on a circular trail path, so it was a workout everyone could start/run together.

I ran the 3 minutes hard/2 minutes recovery for 8 rounds, and it was tough. The weather was beautiful and I pushed the pace a little, plus I think the drills helped me run the workout faster and I should work that into my routine more often.


After the run, we did about 20 minutes of runner-specific strengthening exercises with resistance bands and body weight. Typically I strength train only with weights, so this was new to me too. It was hard but I got through the workout and learned a lot. Without Limits was certainly more challenging than my usual speed workouts, but it was fun too.

On Wednesday, I headed to the Evil Oval for another track workout. Some of the Wednesday night runners are following a training plan that called for 5 x 1000 m intervals, so everyone ran that workout. I kept all but one interval under 5K pace (that one was at 5K pace), while running a 200m jog recovery between each. My legs were still feeling Monday’s Without Limits workout, though!


(My tan blends in with my tank top- I swear I’m wearing a shirt!)

After our workout, everyone headed to Dog and Duck Summerville for recovery beverages and food. I had a harvest salad, and the food was good. However, the service was horrible (everyone’s bill was incorrect), the drinks weak, and I don’t think we’ll be back.


Clay and I went to North Carolina on Friday morning to visit our (technically his) grandparents. We hadn’t seen them in almost two years, so it was great spending time with them and catching up. I’d originally planned on not running in NC, but the weather and scenery were beautiful and Clay’s grandparents had to run some errands on Saturday afternoon.

I ran 5.4 miles on the rural mountain roads and narrowly avoided a couple of crazy dogs that chased me. I’m terrified of off-leash dogs, and everyone in the country just lets their dogs roam free. I was probably the first runner those dogs have ever experienced- I don’t think many people run there. Those hills were very humbling, but good training for the James Island Connector Run this Saturday.


It was worth it to spend extra time with family because running will always be there and family members, especially grandparents, may not be. Grandpa had a stroke this summer, and he’s doing much better now, but we still love to spend as much time with our grandparents as possible. We’re already planning another trip after Christmas.

I hope everyone has a great week. Lots of short races as well as half marathons and the Marine Corps Marathon, are coming up. Good luck to everyone racing!

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25 Responses to Weekly Rundown: October 12-18

  1. Hollie says:

    It sounds like you had a nice and relaxing weekend Amy. I’m glad you could get some mileage in but not stress to much about it.

  2. Kindal Boyle says:

    Seems like a solid week even missing the workouts. Way to go, you’re going to rock the connector!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thank you, I really hope so. I feel bad about missing BodyPump because I really want to strength train more than once a week. I went to Planet Fitness for some quick lifting later on, but the music and other people in BodyPump push me soooo much more. I’m definitely a group exerciser!

  3. KatieRuns says:

    Amen to that fantastic meme! I love having a more chilled week here and there – keeps us all human and sane in my opinion! That said, your session with the running groups sounds like a decent workout – definitely not a write-off week with quality training like that! Nice work Amy 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was fewer miles, but I did have two hard workouts in there, between Without Limits and track. But I really need to stop eating big bowls of ice cream or slices of cake every. single. day. Back to spoonfuls of B&J!

  4. Love the graphic at the top. That was the kind of week I had – lots of junk food, lots of sweatpants and wore real pants as little as possible! Great week!!! You still killed it even with missing BodyPump. Don’t stress! Family time is more important!!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Hey, you ran a marathon- and you deserve a little chill break- knowing you it was probably still busy. I only participated in one ‘thon, but I drank milkshakes after it because that was the only food my messed-up stomach could tolerate and I knew I needed to replenish calories with *something*.

  5. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Great week of training! Harder workouts always bring good balance to less mileage. Family time is always more important, and those little breaks from high mileage can be so refreshing!
    And that quote pretty much describes Sundays for me.

  6. Family time trumps training time any day of the week!you still had a couple solid quality workouts and its usually quality and not quantity that matters in training anyways. Were you able to catch the fall leaves at their prettiest peak?

    You are going to rock your upcoming race which I still haven’t signed up for just yet. all my kids have games, which all overlap eachother so not sure if I am able to go.
    I’ll try though! (and I had a similar week with inlaws in town, my sons b-day, too much cake and junkfood, and little training. I did manage one quality workout so something is better than nothing??)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      My weakness has been all the free desserts for my birthday. Last week I had a free ice cream from Baskin Robbins, a free ice cream from Marble Slab, and 2 slices of German chocolate cake at grandma’s (this was by far the best).

      Today: Protein shake. It’s all about balance…

      I hope you can do the Sweet Tea Half. Maybe some babysitting will come through? I mean you won’t even need 2 hours of it… or 1:45… ;).

      • Or 1:40
        : )
        and im on care.com looking for sitters now!!!!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Oh yeah, you can definitely run a 1:40. Just take 5-6 minutes to get water and a bagel before getting your kids back from the sitter ;).

        I think they even have pacers for 1:40. Sandy is pacing 1:35 so if they have a 1:35 surely they have a 1:40. I wish Charleston had a 1:40, they start at 1:45.

  7. Elizabeth C. says:

    Great week on the books, and I love your attitude about prioritizing life over running when needed! And I know I’ve said this before, but you are totally my soulmate with that 1-2 spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry’s. I do the same thing. I just need a little taste each night to feel satisfied! The 5 x 1000 interval set sounds challenging, especially with just 200m recovery. Nice job getting that one done!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- it was a very tough workout. The weather was great and that helped, but my legs were tired from Without Limits (I guess I found my limit…). I went back to that tonight but DID NOT RUN AS HARD!

      Ben and Jerry’s is satisfying- and that’s one reason I buy full fat ice cream. I feel like if I buy low fat, or no sugar added, I just crave more and more sweets- so I eat just as many calories and it’s not even as tasty. Go big calorie or go home for me!

  8. Looks like a pretty solid week despite your travel. Nice to connect with you!

  9. What if I don’t put pants on but eat salads?

  10. diane says:

    Your workout week looks great. I think run clubs are a great idea. The only time I was super consistent with my training was when I ran with a training club. Definitely ditch the place with the weak drinks. No one needs that after a great training run!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I usually do my Sunday runs with the OnShore Run Club (in fact, I always do as long as I’m in town, obviously wasn’t this Sunday). It’s helped me improve tremendously!

      Honestly, every run club I’ve ever been in has helped, whether it was speed, distance, or just motivation. Sometimes it’s also good to run with beginners or slower people, as it makes for a good recovery run, keeps me from pushing myself too much or over reaching, and helps them reach their goals.

  11. I love that you took the time to visit grandparents. After the death of my father, I treasure all the time I spend with my 89 year old mom. It was hard moving away from them both 5 years ago, but we new being in NH long term was not for us. Now you know why I love my Without Limits group in NC. I think there are well over 100 in the group! Enjoy your run this weekend!

  12. That “Without Limits” training looks really good, sometimes changing things up can really help your running.. And running away from dogs is always a good way to improve your speed 😉

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