The Friday Five: Five Favorite Fall Foods

Today, I’m linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the Friday Five linkup. Each week, the link up has a different theme, and everyone gives their personal insight on the same subject.


Today’s subject is Five Favorite Fall Foods.

While I don’t recommend saying that five times fast, I do recommend some of these foods I’ve bought recently. It’s Fall, and Charleston temperatures are beginning to feel like Fall. These aren’t really Fall foods, but recent finds- and I tried to include pumpkin!

I’m not a popular blogger, I shop with my own money, and I get no compensation if you do or don’t try these foods. None were sent to me by companies, but if someone wants to deliver 3808214 jars of peanut butter to my home, I certainly won’t turn it down.

Peanut Butter and Company

A few weeks ago, our Earth Fare grocery store started selling two new-to-me Peanut Butter and Company flavors: Smooth Operator and Crunch Time.


I’ve been eating Peanut Butter and Company’s White Chocolate Wonderful, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl flavors for a few years now, and when PB&Co sent me a buy one get one free e-mail coupon for my birthday, I decided to try these.


Crunchy and Creamy peanut butters are less gourmet, but PB&Co got them right. I’m enjoying it by the spoonful, but it would be good on a PB&J.

Pumpkin Seed barkTHINS

Clay and I made a Costco trip two weeks ago, where we spotted these Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed barkTHINS snacking chocolates. They’re $3 off this month, so I picked up a bag. I like shopping at Costco because it’s completely risk-free and if I don’t like something, I can return it with no questions asked. Needless to say, this snack didn’t go back.

Who can complain with a big bag of chocolate for under $7?


Costco is the hundred dollar store. You have $1 stores, and you have $100 stores. Go to Costco to buy a rotisserie chicken, leave $100 poorer because you also needed beef jerky, a coloring book, almonds, vitamins, and a Christmas wreath.

Zucchini Noodles

Clay likes cooking and gadgets and recently bought a “zoodles” spiralizer. Last week, he made a zucchini noodle “pasta” with shrimp.  The sauce was a homemade butternut squash marinara. I ate the zoodles as quickly as he whipped it up. Zucchini noodles are a great way to sneak more veggies in your diet.


My husband is an excellent cook, and he made the zoodles meal for my birthday. With all the restaurants in Charleston and fancy places we could go, I wanted to stay home and eat my husband’s cooking. It’s that good- and we didn’t have to fight traffic or pay big money downtown.

Trader Joe’s Super Spinach Salad

At Trader Joe’s, I picked up this Super Spinach Salad, which contains quinoa, carrots, cranberries, chickpeas, edamame, pumpkin seeds, and carrot ginger dressing.


I was in Trader Joe’s to buy all things pumpkin, as seen in the Fearless Flyer e-mail, and I was hungry because I ran the bridge. These grab-and-go salads are good for days when I don’t get much of a break from writing, and at $3.99, it’s a budget-friendly lunch.


Nut Exactly Pistachio Popcorn Snack Bites

Here’s another Costco find from our latest trip, Nut Exactly Pistachio Popcorn Snack Bites. You can’t beat the combination of sweet and salty, and they are almost like popcorn, but the dark chocolate makes them filling. A serving is ten of the bites and very satisfying. Plus, they’re pretty high in healthy fats and protein, from the pumpkin seeds.


I hope everyone’s enjoying the Fall temperatures and Fall foods, too!

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10 Responses to The Friday Five: Five Favorite Fall Foods

  1. I love nut exactly but haven’t tried the popcorn yet. yum. and your assessment of costco is so right. i tell people “don’t go unless you are prepared to spend $100” 🙂

  2. I used to love getting those salads at Trader Joe’s for work but since I moved there is no longer one near where I live:(

  3. Love the picture about cupcakes and pants, haha. So true!! All of your fall foods sound so good! Gotta love seasonal foods! Have you ever had spaghetti squash? This guy from my church gives me some each late summer/fall and I always make it as pasta, with sauce and meatballs–kinda like zucchini noodles (since it’s a veggie!)!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve only had spaghetti squash once and that was at Ruby Tuesday, but I really liked it. I think Clay wants to try it too…

      • I just had some tonight!! It’s super easy to make. I split the squash in half and put it cut-side down into a 9×13 pan with a half cup of water in it. Then I bake it at 350F for 35 minutes and scrape out the “spaghetti” (flesh)!

  4. Those Nut Exactly things look delish and dangerous! I love zoodles, too!!

  5. Farrah says:

    I miss Trader Joe’s. 😥 There unfortunately aren’t any near me, but yay for zucchini noodles!! 😀

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