Five Reasons to Run the James Island Connector Run (and Discount Code)

I’m honored to be selected as an ambassador for the James Island Connector 5K/10K here in Charleston, SC. I ran the 5K in 2014 and the 10K in 2013, and it’s one of my favorite local races.


The James Island Connector Run is October 24, 2015, and the run begins and ends in Cannon Park, located in historic Downtown Charleston.

You can register for the race online. To save $5 off your registration fee, use the promotional code Scott15.

In the spirit of the Friday Five linkup, here are five reasons to run the James Island Connector Run.


1.) Beautiful Course.

The James Island Connector Run is arguably one of the most beautiful race courses in Charleston. The Connector isn’t open for everyday running, so this race is your one chance each year to run it legally. The course certainly isn’t flat, but the challenge makes you feel proud of your accomplishment.


2.) Something for Everyone.

The James Island Connector Run celebrates athletes of all abilities. Walkers are welcome, as well as runners with strollers and leashed dogs. If you are a faster runner, the race offers very nice overall and age group awards. Since the race offers 5K and 10K options, you can pick your distance poison.

If you don’t run or just want something different, this is one of the few races that offers a 10K bike ride as well.


3.) Great Cause.

Race proceeds benefit the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, which awards annual scholarships to students with physical disabilities. The scholarships help Lowcountry students who might not have many other options attend the College of Charleston and Charleston Southern University. I love the cause of the race and how you can see where your money goes because the students who receive the scholarships attend packet pick up and the race.

4.) After Party.

The after party is one of the best in Charleston. Last year’s party featured tons of refreshments, bands, sponsor tables with free stuff, and free beer. The free beer was unlimited instead of using tickets on bibs like many races.


5.) Finisher’s Medal.

If you run for bling, you can earn a finisher’s medal. Here’s this year’s medal:


Every runner takes a risk and goes out of his or her comfort zone to sign up for a race, so every runner is a winner. All runners train hard, including those who are not competitive to win age group awards. Finisher’s medals let everyone leave with a token of their accomplishment.

Medals are for the first 1,600 finishers. In 2014, the event had 1,006 finishers, so you have a great chance of earning a medal.


Once again, you can register for the race here. Enter the promotional code Scott15 to save $5 off your registration fee. In my case, that’s a trip to Starbucks on the drive home.

To learn more and keep up with race day news, follow the James Island Connector Run on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope to see you on October 24 at 8:30 AM!

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17 Responses to Five Reasons to Run the James Island Connector Run (and Discount Code)

  1. OK, you seriously make me want to sign up ASAP for this….
    If the kiddsos game schedule works out then ill jump on board and give this race a go
    : )

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You would really like it. I linked to my previous recaps in the post, it is a good race with a lot of people but not as many as the bridge run. It would work well with your Sweet Tea training too!

  2. Christine says:

    I’m not sure if this one is going to work with my training schedule this year, but I had a fun time last year. It was my first 10K post-baby and I was soooo slow, but it did have beautiful views. Hopefully it won’t be as windy this year for you all!

  3. Wow! The after party sounds awesome. Unlimited drinks? Not that I am a big drinker but that is definitely a nice perk.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m not a big drinker either, minus my once-a-week recovery beverage. I almost never drink beer and prefer sugar-y cocktails, adult milkshakes, or Irish Coffee. I like alcoholic beverages that don’t taste like alcoholic beverages…

      A lot of people run for beer and a race that has unlimited (instead of the tickets on the bibs) is a real draw for them.

  4. Gracie says:

    Looks like a beautiful course! All the races here are unlimited beer, so I was surprised when RnR bought our Mardi Gras marathon and gave us two puny little Michelob Ultras. Not even fun.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m not too surprised if it was an RnR race. I’ve heard they don’t take care of the runners very well.

      I looked into the Savannah one and you had to pick your packet up the night before. No race day packet pick up means having to stay in a hotel the night before? The proceeds don’t go to a charity? The only beer offered is Mich Ultra?

      No thanks.

  5. Congrats on being chosen as a race ambassador. The race sounds great, especially the after party, food and drinks. It sounds like they really take good care of the runners, unlike a few races we have done.

  6. One of these years I will finally do this race, but this year the hip and I are fighting. Have a great run.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I hope your hip feels better soon. Any update on it?

      You’d really like the race. If your hip does get better in the next few weeks, you should definitely keep it in mind.

  7. Theresa says:

    What? Finishers medal! Sign me up!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yep- you should sign up. Strollers are allowed too (although no separate prize division) but I think you would like the race in general. It is a fun one.

      • Theresa says:

        I had planned to anyway – that’s just a bonus. I’m gonna do the 5k though – training for a marathon in January and this way I can still race and have enough left in me to finish the miles for the long run 🙂

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Smart call.

        I have raced both distances, and the 10K requires more recovery than a road 10K. Since almost all of the run is on the surface of the connector, it’s rough on the knees and shins (plus you have the 6 inclines compared to the single incline on the Cooper River Bridge).

        If you have a run of any distance on the schedule for Sunday, 5K is the better option.

  8. sarahsmithstorm says:

    I love that you hoard ice cream! Can I just say that?? Amazing!!

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