Racing Quiz

A friend posted this fun little survey a few weeks ago, so I shamelessly stole it and filled it out. If you want to, feel free to do the same- I’m excited to see your answers!

1. Number of races you have run:

Athlinks says 72 but it’s at least 80. A few were stone-age races that didn’t do online registrations, much less post results on Athlinks.

2. Where was your first race?

Florence, SC. Here’s a picture of my first 10K in Florence (it was my 3rd race ever).

I know how it feels to run a 33 minute 5K and 1:04 10K (in 2010) and a 21 minute 5K and 45 minute 10K (in 2015). Hard work works.


3. Favorite race course:

Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park (Catch the Leprechaun and Oktoberfest), even though they no longer have races there due to construction.

4. Most memorable race:

Cooper River Bridge Run


5. PRs?

5K: 21:55, 10K: 45:48, Half: 1:41:50.

6. Ever run in a costume?

Yes but only group/fun runs not races.


7. The only running shoes for me

If I could only have one pair, it would be the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante. I can race a fast 5K in them but they are cushion-y enough for a half marathon.

8. Ever injured?

Severe anemia (ongoing and something I’ll have to deal with forever) in 2010, stress reaction in 2014. Those were the only two injuries that kept me out for more than a week, but I’ve had niggles and issues here and there because that’s the nature of running.

9. Hot or cold weather runner?

South Carolina winter running which is usually around 50 degrees (it obviously wasn’t that warm in the picture below). 


10. Morning or evening runs?

Morning but not super early.

11. What is your Motivation?

Setting goals, being with friends, bling/medals.


12. Ever DNF?

No. I mostly do 5Ks. Not that you can’t DNF a 5K, but I’ve always managed to finish even if it was a bad race.

13. Race I’d like to forget

Darlington Marathon. If I ever think about doing another marathon, I look at the infamous pictures my mother-in-law took of me on the course and forget that idea. Everything that could’ve possibly gone wrong did- heat, sunburn, ipod died, watch almost died, no food at the finish line.

Truthfully, I’d only been running for 3 years when I ran 26.2, and I should’ve waited a few more years to run a ‘thon. It’s not a decision to take lightly. 


14. Favorite post-race nosh

Shrimp tacos

15. Galloway or Higdon?

Neither- if I had to go with a “famous” coach I would pick Hansons, as this is the training philosophy closest to what I follow. 

Locally, Howie Schomer is an amazing coach who taught me the value of tempo runs, and I set 2 PRs (Half Marathon and 10K) when I did the MUSC training program he coached.

16. Flat course or hills:

I live in Charleston and we don’t have hills here. So I will go with flat, but not pancake flat- why I like running in Summerville.


17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack?

I don’t like to start at the very front of the race because I go out too fast. Maybe 3 rows back.

As far as times go, I’m an age-grouper unless I find the right race and place overall, sometimes it happens (particularly here in Charleston, which offers tons of races for such a small running community). 

18. Run alone or with a partner:

Depends on my goals for the run, how I feel that day, and also where I’m running. Some runs are safer with others. I love running my long runs and speed workouts with others- it’s hard to push yourself doing speedwork alone.


19. Ever win your age group?

Quite a few times, but what really matters is running a good race. Winning is more about who shows up on race day, and you can’t control who shows up. Running a good race is all about controlling the controllables.

20. Favorite post race indulgence:

Wasn’t this #14?

Shrimp tacos aren’t really an indulgence, so I will go with a Cook Out milkshake or either a sugary cocktail drink, otherwise known as a Recovery Beverage.


21. Funniest T-shirt spotted on another runner during a race:

Usually the people around me aren’t wearing fun t-shirts during races but I love the costumes at the Bridge Run and Charleston Marathon. Last year a lady was dressed like a Southern Belle at the marathon and that was cute.

22. One part of your body that has never seen body glide:

I’ve never used BodyGlide.

23. Best part of running:

Realizing those workouts you love to hate make you a better runner.

10 days before the bridge run, we ran bridge repeats and the last one was a 1/2 mile repeat. I spent the last 1/4 mile of that repeat hating life, running, and Howie for ever suggesting it.

When I saw 45 on the clock on race day, I knew it was because of that last bridge repeat.


24. If I didn’t run I_______________.

Wouldn’t have any friends because I met them all through running.

25. I can’t run without______________________.

Shoes. I am not a barefoot or Vibram runner.

26. Ever lose a toenail?

No, I try to buy the right size shoes, rotate them, and retire them so that doesn’t happen.

27. Gatorade or Cytomax?

Neither- I don’t even know what Cytomax is, really.

I like protein shakes blended with frozen bananas (for carbs) after I run. I blend them to the consistently of a Wendy’s Frosty and eat it like a Wendy’s Frosty for breakfast.


28. Favorite gel flavor?

They all taste nasty and I don’t use them. This is one reason I don’t run ‘thons- I’m scared I’d have to find some sort of gel I liked to train and race with.

29. How many days after a race do you usually start running again?

I run the next day. For 5Ks, I usually do a long run the next day but slower and shorter. For 10Ks and halfs, I do a shorter recovery run.

I usually “feel” the race (fatigue) two days after, so if I take a day off running, it is Monday.

30. I run, therefore I ________________________.

Eat a lot.


31. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)

Night before: Eat a healthy dinner, watch TV, drink lots of water, make sure garmin/ipod are charged.

Day of: Eat a pop tart or granola bar, coffee, pack extra clothes for afterwards.

32. How often do you cry during a race?

Only cried a few times, mostly because I saw a handicapped person and that gets to my heart.

33. What are your dream goal(s) for running and how do you plan on attaining them?

Run a half marathon under 1:40, a 20 minute 5K, and qualify for the competitive corral at the Cooper River Bridge Run each year.


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21 Responses to Racing Quiz

  1. Jennifer says:

    Fun racing quiz – I may need to “borrow” this from you as well 🙂

  2. runner1313 says:

    Wow, this is a great way to get to know the in’s and out’s of a runner. You made me hungry with the shrimp taco answer.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Shrimp tacos and fish tacos are one of my favorite foods- ironic because I was a vegetarian for so many years. The protein is a good way to refuel after a race, but tacos are one of those foods that’s still junky enough to be fun and celebratory ;).

  3. Oh I love this quiz and your answers. I can’t imagine running a marathon and finding no food at the finish line. Totally unacceptable. I would love to see a pic of your AG awards all together because I know you have quite a collection. I hope you don’t mind if I “borrow” this quiz! It is a really fun way to share information!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Finishing a marathon and not having food at the finish line is definitely unacceptable- and plenty of runners were still out there when I finished. There’s a reason why that particular race did not occur in 2015.

      I have way too many awards! I like gift cards that I can spend or food I can eat better than mementos ;).

  4. love it!!!!!!!!
    and we share the same running goals btw….
    no doubts you will hit the mark on all of them!
    I may have to borrow this quiz as well
    : )

  5. wanderwolf says:

    Love reading your responses. Am going to use the survey for a post later this weekend myself.

  6. I have no clue how many races I have run, but now I am really curious.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Go to the Athlinks site and type in your name. It brings up all your previous race results so you can claim them and see your best times for each distance, it’s a neat site.

  7. I love number 24!!! I am the same way. All of my friends come from running/running related activities!

  8. splmn94 says:

    This is cool. I may steal this one from you.

  9. 72 (well, at least 80!) races! That is simply amazing! I love the sailor costume picture. So cute. Also, I didn’t know severe anemia could be lifelong. That’s rough, I’m sure. I would love to read a post on your history, how you deal with it, and how it impacts your life, if that’s to too personal.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I should post about anemia- I do talk about it occasionally with friends and other runners. As far as it being lifelong… it’s not like I have a chronic disease, but I will always ask for a ferritin test when I get bloodwork and monitor that. If I ever have kids, there’s a good chance I could be anemic when pregnant.

      Two years ago, I completed a marathon and due to the training and heat, my ferritin/iron were low when I finished. I just wasn’t taking in enough iron to match what I was losing. You lose iron in your footstrike, and you also lose it when you sweat a lot. That’s obviously very easy to do in SC when 99% humidity is typical!

  10. Elizabeth C. says:

    My main takeaway from this is that you’ve never used body glide. Jaw drop! I wouldn’t be able to run without it in the sports bra area!

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