Weekly Rundown: September 14-20

The weekend is over and it’s Monday!

I read this great quote on the Hungry Runner Girl blog. You can apply it to running, any sport or other areas of life. I posted it by my desk for when I need the encouragement.


My training last week wasn’t without a small setback. I knew it would happen because my runs were going *too* well. I had an achy gluteus medius and was scared it was the old TFL/Glute Med/Piriformis issue from last Spring. With a few important races coming up, I didn’t want this “niggle” to turn into an injury, so I’ve been foam rolling and a using self-massager tool on it. I’ll also get another sports massage and new running shoes soon.

The temperatures have cooled down here, which makes it hard to hold back the pace when I should’ve been running easy. I ran a few hard days back-to-back and am reminding myself that easy and slow is the new fast, unless I’m at the track, tempo, or racing. You can’t go wrong with listening to your body and logging easy aerobic miles.


Monday: BodyPump + 7.4 miles (Fleet Feet Group Run)

Tuesday: 6.65 miles

Wednesday: Sunrise Yoga + 6 miles (Parking Garage Run)

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: 12.1 miles

Saturday: No workout.

Sunday: 8.1 miles (Cooper River Bridge)

Total: 45.25 miles, 1 BodyPump class, 1 yoga class

On Monday, I went to the Fleet Feet group run at the Summerville store.  Monday’s run was a “Power Hour” sponsored by Brooks Running. Fleet Feet mapped out a 3-mile and 5-mile route. Everyone logged their miles on the sign in sheet, and the store whose “Power Hour” runs the most miles gets some kind of donation for charity. The guy and girl who ran the most miles during the group run also received a free pair of Brooks shoes.

The weather was beautiful- 79 degrees and only 39% humidity. I guess I forgot that humidity could ever fall below 90% and took off running with my track pal Jon. I had one of my fastest runs in a long time and it was a great tempo workout. I’d love to hold that pace in an upcoming half marathon!


Everyone decided to cancel Wednesday’s track run and go to the Fleet Feet Pub Run, but I opted to run downtown instead and ran the 6-mile garage route with some friends who I hadn’t seen or run with in awhile. I love our downtown route and figured the garages couldn’t hurt with the Georgetown Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon in a few weeks. Unfortunately, this run was when the glute issue started again- yuck!

Fortunately,  Thursday morning’s run was very easy and fun. I met up with Alison, a DailyMile friend whose followed the blog for a few years now. She was in Charleston for a conference for librarians and wanted to get a run in, and since she was staying at Middleton Place, we had an awesome run that morning at 6 AM. We took it easy and talked a lot about Charleston, and afterwards, I foam rolled really, really well.


I ran a pain-free long run on Friday before leaving town for a weekend in Myrtle Beach. I’d originally planned for 13 because I like to run at least one 13-miler before a half, but I decided one more mile wasn’t worth risking with the piriformis/TFL/glute. The heat and humidity were back in action, so I was ready to be done at 12 anyway.

Since we were out of town visiting college friends, I took Saturday as well as Sunday morning off completely. My weekend was very productive when it came to food, friends, reading, and tanning, though. We came back to Charleston on Sunday, so I got my run in that afternoon on the Cooper River Bridge. On our drive back from the beach, we drove over the bridges on the course of my upcoming half marathon, so it was a great motivator to run the bridge even if it was 88 degrees outside.


This week, I hope to get another bridge run in and my last long run before the half and do a few group runs too. Not much longer until  this half marathon and a few other 5Ks I’m looking forward to this Fall.

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20 Responses to Weekly Rundown: September 14-20

  1. lolorunnah says:

    Absolutely love that quote, thanks for sharing! Good job listening to your body! I’ve found it so important to be mindful if anything feels a little “iffy” to take care of it right away and not risk it getting worse. Injury prevention is a huge part of my training, although I need to get a new foam roller, my dog got ahold of mine and chewed it up! LOL

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Foam rollers are great! I definitely have to hit my legs today. Also I had a PT show me how to do certain rolls when I was hurt the last time, so I’m doing all those rolls now too.

  2. wanderwolf says:

    A great week! I hope the niggle goes away soon.

  3. Way to get in the miles before Myrtle! I do hope your small “niggle” is over and done with by now!
    I firmly agree that easy run days should be easy and other runs (such as tempo, track and speed days) should be fast
    : )
    You will do GREAT for your upcoming half!!!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girly, it’s feeling much better and I will foam roll later today.

      It stinks that we did not get to do the 10K on Saturday morning, but maybe it was wise that I was not racing. I was honestly debating choosing to volunteer instead.

  4. Love that quote!!! I’m so sorry to hear about your glute issue – I hope it heals up quickly! Sounds like you have a good handle on it and are really listening to your body. Keep up that foam rolling, it really helps!!

  5. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Great week of training – that parking garage runs sounded challenging but fun! I’m sorry to hear about your niggle and hope it heals up soon! You’re being really smart about foam rolling it, so I’m sure you’ll be feeling great again in no time. Doesn’t it seem those niggles pop up right when training is going just too well?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The parking garage run is definitely a workout. I hate the “niggles”, but it beats being out with an injury at least. Sometimes it’s just our body’s ways of telling us it needs attention.

  6. sarahsmithstorm says:

    I love the quote! Glad I stumbled across your blog. I look forward to reading more:)

  7. Sarah says:

    Amazing quote. I’m such a sucker for good quotes (aren’t we all?!). Thank you for sharing 🙂 “I ran a pain-free long run on Friday” YEAH girl!!! You are right though in terms of 12 vs 13 miles – if it isn’t there it isn’t there, you know your body – when to push and when to back off. That’s what matters, that’s what will get you to your goals and allow you to keep running for years and years to come!

  8. LOVE that quote. So much. Nice job on a 45 mile week!! You always impress me with your training. I’m glad to hear/see you taking steps to prevent injuries (massage, new shoes, easy runs) as that’s half the battle with injuries! I know what you mean about things going “too” well, lol!!

  9. I had also seen the quote on HRG. It resonates in a good way and hopefully many others as well. Great job with your mileage this week but sorry about your little problem. Hopefully all the foam rolling is helping you out. I love new shoes because they always put a spring in your step!

  10. I love that quote!! Great job last week and good for you getting that long run in before the beach weekend. It’s so nice to get it done earlier in the week and not having to worry about it. I almost always do my long runs on Sunday, but when I have weekend plans or am going out of town I try to do it on Friday.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing the quote. Sorry to hear about the piriformis/TFL/glute – hope you had no issues this week! I’ve been enjoying the lower humidity as well. It is nice walking to work w/o sweating in the morning! Fun you were able to run with Alison.

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