Bohicket Marina 5K (22:17)

On Saturday, I ventured to Seabrook Island for the Bohicket Marina 5K/10K. It was my first time visiting Seabrook Island, and my friend Pat, affectionately known as “Popsicle Pat” to the Sunday morning run crew, directs the race, so I wanted to support him. It was about a 25 minute drive from my house, on scenic country roads.


The Bohicket Marina run offered 5K and 10K options, and while I considered the 10K, I stuck with the 5K since I planned to run a 10K later in the month. The 5K was $5 cheaper, required less running, and would be easier to handle in case the weather was crazy hot- but the temperatures were tolerable on race day.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was how small the race was. The 5K had 51 runners and 56 10Kers. The Charleston area had four races that day- five if you count that this race had two distances. When Pat set the date last year, none of those races were on the Charleston Running Club calendar. I wish events would check calendars because Charleston doesn’t have enough runners to support this many races- 4 of the 5 races this weekend had ~50 runners.

Although both races started and finished at the 10K started 5 minutes before the 5K. I only recognized a few people running the 5K. Once the race started, I eased into my pace, which wasn’t hard since the race was small and didn’t have much starting-line fanfare.


We ran around the marina and then onto the road, which was open to cars. The race had signs on the road to warn drivers to watch out for runners, but we were still on the open road and traffic started to build with people coming to Seabrook Island since it’s a hot vacation spot. It was also a little windy, and with only a few guys ahead of me, I couldn’t find anyone to tuck behind and draft from.

I hit the first mile in 7:08, not too shabby since I had to dodge a few cars. Shortly after, we turned off into a neighborhood in the Seabrook Island Resort, and Mile 2 was almost entirely in that neighborhood and my fastest mile at 6:54 pace. I focused on running my own race knowing I was the lead female (As I mentioned, it was a *very* small race). The course was an out and back, but instead of a sharp turn we ran a long loop in that neighborhood- so I wasn’t sure if any females were close behind me.

Mile 3 ended up being 7:07 pace.  I caught the only guy I could reasonably catch- unlike the Race for the Ark where I picked other runners off throughout the last mile. I wish I had more guys to pick off, because I probably could have run a faster time, but the next guy was at least 20 seconds ahead of me. I sprinted toward the finish and managed to hold the guy I passed off.

I finished the race in 22:17, first place female overall. My Garmin read 3.17 miles, probably due to weaving in traffic at the Seabrook Island Resort gates. Despite not breaking 22 minutes, my average pace the same as Race for the Ark. Since it was a smaller (tougher!) race with open roads, I was cool with that!


I ran a two mile cooldown back on the course to cheer for some of the remaining 5Kers and the top 10K runners, then headed back to the Marina to change shirts and clean up. By then, Reyna and Erica were done with the 10K so we hung out at the after party. The view was gorgeous, and I should’ve taken pictures. The after party had unlimited free beer (coolers not ticket on the bib) as well as snacks. Everyone hung out and had a good time.

For placing first female overall, I received an acrylic trophy (is that the word for it?) as well as a Tervis Tumbler cup. Age groupers got the cups as well. The Tervis Tumbler cup is a great award because runners always need to stay hydrated. I’ve been drinking water and refilling my tumbler multiple times per day ever since Saturday. The cup also holds warm drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, which will come in handy when the temperatures cool down. Ironically, it cooled down big time the day after this race.


I really enjoyed the Bohicket Marina 5K/10K, despite the cars and traffic, which were really the only drawback. The course itself was beautiful and unlimited free beer is a good selling point for a race. I hope this one gets more participants next year because it was a lot of fun running in a new place and near the beach.

Race Name: Bohicket Marina 5K and 10K

Location: Seabrook Island, SC

Date and Time: September 12, 2015, 8 AM

Terrain: Paved, flat road, not closed to traffic, partially on bike paths. One water stop halfway.

Entry fee: 5K: $25 (advanced registration), $30 (week before), $35 (late/day of registration). 10K prices were $5 more.

Swag: Reusable bag, tech shirt, koozies

Post-race Food: Fruit (bananas, oranges, apples, peaches), brownies and cinnamon rolls from Costco, water, soda, gatorade, unlimited free bottled/canned beer

Weather: 77 degrees, 89% humidity, cloudy and drizzling rain.

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24 Responses to Bohicket Marina 5K (22:17)

  1. Wow, a Tervis tumbler is a fabulous award. I would love to win one of those. Congrats on a great race. Amy, you really are the tiny terror as you pick off poor unsuspecting male runners. I love it!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Hey, I’ve been that runner who got passed like crazy in that last mile plenty of times. Now that I’ve been pacing better, I can tell how much people slow down in that last mile of a 5K (and how badly I can be about it!).

  2. While unlimited beer sounds great….I usually don’t want it! haha 🙂 Congrats on a great race!

  3. Sam says:

    Great job! Unlimited free beer for a small race is pretty impressive, I need to find one of those in my neighborhood.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Most races here have beer, unless it’s organized by a church or school (obviously). A lot of them have unlimited beer trucks but a few do the tickets on the bib, limiting you to just one free beer.

  4. Awesome job!!! Sounds like a great race. I love smaller races, especially for shorter distances!

  5. Congratulations! I think it’s great that you race so often– I definitely need to add more races to my own schedule!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If I had the funds, I’d race every weekend. Good way to push yourself in running (although I wouldn’t “go to the well” every weekend in a race, because that’s not smart).

      I’m totally willing to wear logos on my shirt, and I’m on the course a long time which means longer advertising for those businesses ;).

  6. Great race! I love smaller races. 🙂 congrats on finishing first female! I’m not a big beer drinker but if they had unlimited iced coffee I’d be there. 😉 lol

    • Amy Lauren says:

      If I saw a race with unlimited coffee at the finish I would immediately sign up.

      We had one here that offered hot chocolate at the finish last December, but the hot chocolate was nasty and they didn’t have any spirits like Baileys, Schnapps, etc to make it a true “recovery beverage” either :(.

  7. Love hearing your race recaps! Its been nice seeing you just get faster and faster as the summer has progressed. You’ve really been pacing quite well lately-im so proud of you!
    also, its pretty awesome you were able to chick some guys at the end of the race, that’s always fun to hear about even those poor unsuspecting male runners probably don’t much like it
    : )

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Eh, I only chicked one guy at Bohicket. I passed a lot of people at Race for the Ark- but there were more people to pass at that race.

      One of the volunteers told me it looked like the guy I passed was trying to “draft” off of me. Who tries to draft off a runner with a nickname like “tiny terror”?

  8. Great job on the win. I must admit I don’t like open course races. Having cars around when I am racing worries me a bit.

  9. Unlimited free beer??? Sounds like the best idea for a run ever. Or worst idea, depending which way you look at it. Congrats on the win, sounded like a tough race. Smaller races can still be fun though..

  10. Ahhhhh yay! You won! Congrats on running a great race – nice splits, too! Great job!

  11. Elizabeth C. says:

    Congratulations on the win! Doesn’t matter how small the race was, a win is a win! And the fact that you ran so quickly in 77 degree humid weather is VERY impressive. I know that’s not as bad as it has been in Charleston, but still- wow. That trophy is super cool and you have a lot to be proud of. Looking forward to hearing about your 10K!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! I ended up being out of town and could not run the 10K, unfortunately. I plan to run a 5K next weekend though and hopefully improve on this time… maybe it’ll be cooler finally!

  12. supereli23 says:

    Great race! I always love when race awards are something practical that you can use everyday. One of my favorite races in March usually awards customized cold weather gear like gloves, ear warmers, sweatshirts, visors, etc!

  13. Farrah says:

    Great job on the race, and super congrats to you for being the first female! <3!! That's awesome!

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