Weekly Rundown: September 7-13 Training Log

Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine seemed so short compared to the long Labor Day weekend…

I am running the Georgetown Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon in October, so I’m hoping to run at least one bridge workout each week to get ready for it. We don’t have hills in Charleston so we improvise with bridge repeats and parking garage runs.


Football and pumpkin spice are finally here, and Fall temperatures are on the way. Despite the heat, I had a solid week of workouts.


Monday: 8 miles (Cooper River Bridge)

Tuesday: 6.35 miles + strength training

Wednesday: Sunrise Yoga + 5 miles speedwork

Thursday: 5.7 miles + strength training

Friday: No workout.

Saturday: 7.1 miles (Bohicket Marina 5K + 4 miles warmup/cooldown)

Sunday: 11.2 mile long run

Total: 43.35 miles, 1 yoga class, 2 strength training workouts

Since I was off work, 6 AM BodyPump was cancelled due to Labor Day, and I’m training for a bridge half marathon, I couldn’t resist running the Cooper River Bridge on Monday.

With the holiday, I never made it to BodyPump this week. I intended to go on Tuesday, but it was the instructor with the bad attitude so I lifted on my own instead. I’m *really* hoping to get back to Pump next week.

On Wednesday, we hit the track and found out that middle school football has taken it over for the rest of the Fall! Summerville Tri Club and OnShore Racing have permission from the SHS athletic department to use the track on Wednesday nights. But… middle school football is not on SHS’s radar so they didn’t tell us, so we will most likely move our workouts to start at 6 and cool down on the roads.


Instead, we ran 8 X .4 mile intervals on Greenwave Blvd. It probably wasn’t a bad idea to run intervals on the road because the road has a slight incline. None of us race on the track and most of us race on roads in Summerville (which may or may not have slight inclines), so it was good race specific training.

We hit Montreux afterwards for recovery beverages. I had the Dragonberry drink and fish tacos which were excellent and cheap. Drink prices in Summerville are so much cheaper than Downtown Charleston…


On Thursday, I ran the West Ashley Greenway solo for 4 miles, then joined the MooreOnRunning group for a Krispy Kreme Run. We had runners, walkers, kids on bikes, skateboarding kids, and families, and it was the most fun run of my week.


Our Krispy Kreme Run was in memory of Peyton Moore, which is Noah Moore’s son who passed away in the summer of 2013. Peyton would have turned 12 on Thursday, and Krispy Kreme was his favorite donut shop. Peyton, Noah, and Jen ran a Krispy Kreme 5K together where they ate a dozen donuts.

We ran 1.7 miles on the Greenway to Krispy Kreme, ate donuts, and came back. Most of us walked back because our tummies were full of donuts (I had a chocolate sprinkles donut and it was so good!). I’m glad Peyton liked Krispy Kreme because Dunkin is a 2.5 mile run each way, and no one wants to do that in 90 degree weather.


Thanks to Noah for taking the selfie of us on the Greenway and pictures on the run!

Saturday, I ran the Bohicket Marina 5K. It was a little cooler and overcast, so not bad conditions for a race. I ran a 22:17 and placed first female overall. The 5K only had 50 runners, so it was tough to run fast. I had a great time hanging out with Reyna and Erica afterwards too- the race had a fun after party with lots of snacks and free beer, so we hung out a long time. Bohicket Marina is a beautiful place.


On Sunday, I did my weekly long run with OnShore along with some solo miles. The temperature was a lot cooler, so I saw some mile splits I hadn’t seen in awhile. I skipped the post-run brunch and got a massage and also scheduled a massage for after my half marathon in a few weeks .

I hope everyone has a great week and the temperatures cool down for good soon!

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22 Responses to Weekly Rundown: September 7-13 Training Log

  1. lolorunnah says:

    Congrats on an awesome week!! I’m so excited that were both racing Halfs in October! I know you’ll do great 🙂 You’ve been so consistent with your training, so that will pay off! Hope you have another great week!

  2. KrisLawrence says:

    Solid week!!! I love that you are trying to get a bridge run in every week. I really need to get more course specific work in and this was a good reminder. Good luck on the rest of your training. You are going to do great in October when these warmer months pay off!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yeah, we only have a few run-able bridges here and the Cooper River Bridge is the best way to prep for this half (I ran this same race in 2012). Plus the inclines on the bridge help build strength for faster running on flat land too.

  3. has2run says:

    What a great race, congratulations. I wish we were flat here in Memphis, most of my runs are always rolling hills. I am glad that you had a great Moore run, however that is really sad about his son. Have a great day

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Peyton passed away in June 2013 and it was quite sad. I still remember it so well and how much the entire community was affected because Peyton was such a special, active, involved kid. We dedicate our runs to him now and have RUN4P shirts, headbands, etc, as well as a race in his memory every March.

  4. Hollie says:

    It sounds like you had a really good race Amy. It’s definitely smart to train for the races you are going to run. We don’t have a lot of hills in NJ either so it’s all bridges!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was a good race (I’ll write more about it later this week). With only 4 weeks until the half, it’s all about race specific training right now. Even the little inclines 30 minutes away in Summerville help- at least it’s not pancake flat like Charleston ;).

  5. Every week you post about this Cooper Bridge Run you do, and it makes me want to come run with you. It just seems so fun!! Except this week, I think I might wish to be part of the Krispy Kreme run instead. Or both. Either way, YUM! Great job this week. You’re going to crush your October half!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I have been running the bridge a lot lately. It’s one of the safest places in town to run since it’s well lit, a lot of people run there, and animals are not allowed. Plus, it’s an amazing workout.

      Our donut run was so much fun. It was short and very easy but a nice way to relax before Saturday’s race and Sunday’s long run.

  6. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Congrats on first place in your age group! I think it’s so smart that you get in a bridge run each week – and honestly, bridges always feel harder than just a regular hill! You’re going to dominate your half marathon. Chocolate sprinkled donuts are one of the best and that’s such a sweet way to remember a young boy.

  7. Moore’s Krispy Kreme run sounded awesome!!! I am so glad they are keeping Peyton’s memory alive by doing the small things he enjoyed so much
    : )
    Smart move by incorporating bridge runs in your training, and great job on those 8x 0.40’s!
    Congrats on your race btw-Looking forward to the recap!

  8. Congrats on your week and first place female is awesome no matter what the size of the race. However, you did not share your award! Eating donuts have way through a run sounds tasty, but I would not be able to run afterwards, but a walk would definitely work!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      For the award, I have an acrylic plaque thing that says I won the race. I’ll show it in the recap. I did share the pic on Facebook and Twitter, just didn’t think to post it on here.

  9. Coco says:

    That’s a busy week! How great that so many did the Krispy Kreme run.

  10. The Krispy Kreme run sounds like an awesome way to remember Peyton.

  11. congrats on your win! i wouldn’t be able to run (far) after eating a doughnut either. besides, what’s the fun in that? 🙂

  12. Jennifer says:

    Nice week, Amy! Krispy Kreme run sounds fun and congrats on the win. That is neat you have a Georgetown as well 🙂 That is smart to incorporate weekly bridge runs in preparation for the race. PS. That Dragonberry drink looks delicious.

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