The Friday Five: Five Things I Did This Summer

Today, I’m linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the Friday Five linkup. Each week, the link up has a different theme, and everyone gives their personal insight on the same subject, making it a fun read.


This week’s theme is five things I did this summer.

We didn’t do any big vacations or trips this summer, and the farthest we travelled was Columbia. Instead of taking extended time off this summer, I’ve been taking days off work here and there and “staycationing” around town. Clay got vision correction surgery this summer and also started a new job a few months ago, so we’ve been trying to save money and waiting to take a vacation.

1. Beach Trips

We have four beaches here in the Lowcountry- Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach, and Kiawah. Folly Beach is the closest to my house, so that’s usually where I go. Folly Beach is the “fun” beach of Charleston and where all the surfers hang out, and they also have some great restaurants.


Living only 20 minutes from the beach, I should go more often. I don’t do much when I go to the beach- I just lay out, read and enjoy the peacefulness.


2. Weird Al Concert

A few weeks ago, Clay and I went to the Weird Al Yankovic concert in North Charleston with our friends Kelsey and Ian.

If you ever get a chance to see Weird Al in concert, you should! He performed a lot of his Star Wars themed parodies as well as some songs from the new album. As a professional writer, my favorite Weird Al song is Word Crimes, which is a parody of Blurred Lines. When the real Blurred Lines song comes on the radio, I don’t even think of Robin Thicke- I think of the Weird Al parody.


The concert was a total nerd fest and the people watching aspect was fun too. People dress up like crazy for Weird Al concerts.

3. Frankie’s Fun Park

Earlier this summer, Clay and I went to Columbia to celebrate our friend Brian’s 30th birthday. We went to Frankie’s Fun Park and out to eat at a Greek restaurant with our college friends Brian, Ashley, and Matt.




It was a nice little getaway and fun catching up with college friends. We see Brian and Ashley a few times a year and do a good job of staying in touch.

4. Date nights

Charleston is full of delicious restaurants, and we could go to a different restaurant every week and never try them all.

We don’t go out to dinner very often, as our usual weekly dates are for lunches on Saturday. Lunch is cheaper, and when I run on Saturday morning, I don’t want to wait around for my biggest meal of the day. Since we’ve lived here for over three years now, we have a few regular favorite restaurants, but we’ve discovered a few new ones lately, such as Barony Tavern, Locals, and Al Di La.


Along with going out to eat, we like Craft Conundrum, a West Ashley spot that serves up over 100 craft beers and also has live music and food trucks.

5. Pool time

Along with the beach trips, I’ve spent a lot of time hanging by the pool this summer. I’ve been to a few pool parties with friends, but I’ve also spent some afternoons laying out by my neighborhood pool, catching up on reading and working on my tan. I don’t swim much and our pool isn’t very large or deep, but it’s fun for cooling off from the heat.


It’s been a fun summer without straying very far out of town. Summer isn’t as exciting when you’re not a kid anymore, but I hope everyone’s had a lot of fun beating the heat.

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18 Responses to The Friday Five: Five Things I Did This Summer

  1. Ahh, pool and beach time are some of my favorite summer activities. Catching up with friends in the summer can be more fun since you can spend time outdoors. I love lunch at restaurants too and also especially after long runs on Saturday or Sunday. Tom is usually playing golf so I try to get friends to go!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I also love going to brunch on Sundays after our long run, at least on days when I get to go and am not getting a massage or something (which I do occasionally after long run). You can’t beat pancakes after a run 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    Fun times!! You’re so cute! Glad you’ve enjoyed summer!! Oh how I love beaches and pool!! 🙂

  3. wanderwolf says:

    I had to look up “Word Crimes” after seeing your post.
    I love Werid Al. I’m even mroe impressed by the fact that he’s a true genius of parody videos. They’ve been good from “Eat It” through the ones from his latest album.

  4. SO jealous of your beach access! I love laying out by the water as well 🙂

  5. Charleston is a place I want to visit sometime soon! All of the beaches and restaurants sound so fun! Living 20 minutes from the beach must be so fun!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should definitely visit- we have quite a few races here if you ever want to do a destination race trip. I am 30-40 minutes away from like 4 different beaches which is really nice!

  6. Hollie says:

    It looks like you had a great summer Amy!

  7. John @ run. geek. run(disney) says:

    Even eith out any big trips, that sounds like a pretty fun summer. Nothing wrong with the way you do the beach. Sounds nice and relaxing.

    I almostbsaw Weird Al in concert up here in VA. Kicking myself for not getting the tickets early to go see him.

  8. What a fun and relaxing summer you’ve had! I’m so glad you were able to take some days off and hang out in the local area and just have fun with that! Saving money can still be fun 🙂 or at least it’s what you make it, you know? How neat that you got to go to a Weird Al concert! I remember thinking his songs were so awesome when I was younger, and it’s impressive that he’s still around and making funny music to this day! #3 on your list sounds like an absolute blast, too! Of course, swimming and the beach are amazing as well! That’s a given :). Thanks for sharing all the fun things you’ve been up to!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Weird Al has been making great music for so long and it transcends generations. I liked how many families went to the concert and the adults loved it as much as the kids- if not more. I remember listening to Weird Al in the late 90s with the Anakin Guy/American Pie parody but he was big in the 80s too.

      When you can’t get away for a vacation, you start to notice the fun free activities around. I’m glad we have so many in Charleston and if nothing else, the beaches are always close by!

  9. How nice that your neighborhood has a pool you are able to use.

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