Training for Fall Races (August 10-16)

Happy Monday everyone!

The past few weekends have been filled with beach trips, parties, and concerts. We haven’t had many races in Charleston lately, and I’m fine with that- because I’m happier spending my summer weekends making non-running memories. I like to race once a month, so I’m planning to jump into the Race for the Ark 5K in Summerville on Saturday.


Race for the Ark will be hot, but the field and course are pretty fast, and in the three years I’ve lived here, I have never run this 5K. The race benefits Alzheimer’s research, which is a great cause and a very personal one. A few years ago, my uncle passed away due to complications from Alzheimer’s, so I can mentally dedicate this run to him.


This week, I ran 43.5 miles. I also did a BodyPump class, a sunrise yoga class, and some cross training.

Monday: 60 minutes BodyPump + 60 minutes cross training (bike/arc trainer)

Tuesday: 8.1 miles

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 5 miles speedwork

Thursday: 5.1 miles (AM, overslept) + 4 very easy miles (PM)

Friday: No workout

Saturday: 8.25 miles (Cooper River Bridge)

Sunday: 13.1 miles

I got a sports massage last Sunday, which helped my legs big time, and I had some great runs this week. I spent Monday cross training, then I ran 8 miles before work on Tuesday, starting out easy then progressing to faster paces. I got out a little earlier than usual (6:30 AM) so I was able to run a bit longer before I had to go to work.

Clay and I went to sunrise yoga on Wednesday morning, where we had a new instructor who made the class a little tougher. The class was more flow than restorative, so both of us modified a few poses. Clay is really enjoying American Top Team Lowcountry, which is an MMA/BJJ/Kickboxing gym so he does yoga for recovery too. Going to yoga with your husband is a fun way to start the day.

Wednesday night’s track workout with Summerville Tri Club was super fun. We ran 1 mile to warm up, then ran 3 x (8 x 200m), then 1 mile to cool down. We rested for 30 seconds between each 200m and 3 minutes between each set.


Writing out the workout makes me feel like it’s a math problem, but it was neat because 200s are short so the whole group stayed close together. It felt more like a group run than a track workout. We had a couple of newcomers so our group is getting bigger. We took another fun selfie (even though it looks like Theresa’s twins are headless because of the stroller visor).

I ran the bridge on Saturday morning with slightly cooler temperatures- only 75 degrees and 89% humidity. The bridge was packed, I saw a lot of runners I knew, and I felt strong on the run. I went grocery shopping after my run, came home and showered, then headed to Hampton Park for a fantasy football draft party. I’m more of a college football girl, so I don’t know much about the NFL players I picked- I just go with it.


On Sunday morning, I met up with a few friends for some extra mileage before OnShore Racing run club. They are training for marathons, so I ran 4 miles with them at their pace. Then, I ran 4 harder miles, then 5 miles at my usual long run pace. I didn’t really set out to run 13 miles, but it kind of happened and I felt strong.

I skipped out on brunch to go to Stella’s birthday/pool party. Stella is Virginia’s daughter and she turned two. It seems like just yesterday Virginia was pregnant and Stella was born. The Mickey Mouse party was fun. It’s hard to find gifts for a 2-year-old because all the toys seem to be for ages 3 and up, but I got Stella a set of hand puppets that are farm animals. She immediately knew what all the animals were- smart girl!

Plus, birthday cake and swimming are the best ways to end a busy week and get ready for the next week.


Hope everyone has a great week!

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6 Responses to Training for Fall Races (August 10-16)

  1. Nice job last week!! I need to try Bodypump – everyone seems to love it!! I went for a massage, too – I think they are so necessary when putting in high miles, long runs, and speed work! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      BodyPump is my favorite cross training/strength training workout and I think it helps me a lot with running. I think all the Les Mills classes are great but Pump is my favorite because it’s strength training but has a cardio component and great music. I bet you’d really like it.

  2. Another solid week! I still haven’t been to BP but hoping to get there by the end of the summer. Love that Mickey cake -> my cousin, who just turned 3, is obsessed with Minnie. Going to her bday party next weekend and my guess is they will have a VERY similar cake! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I modify poses a lot in yoga as well. Its always interesting when you show up for a class that is normally restorative and the instructor ups the ante on you!

  4. Farrah says:

    Sounds like a great week of workouts! 😀 I need to check out the yoga classes at my gym sometime this week!

  5. Another nice solid week!
    I think its sweet you and Clay went to yoga together
    : )

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