Training for Fall Races (August 3-9)

Hey everyone! I hope you guys all had a great week.

The best thing about keeping detailed training logs is looking back at prior weeks and seeing patterns or trends. When I started writing this post, I noticed it immediately- I was fatigued from a mileage-heavy week last week. I ran 41 miles last week (including a bridge run and a 12 mile long run, my longest long run in awhile) and arc-trained. No wonder I was wiped out.

My training week ended on a high note, but I had my share of ups and downs. Even down runs are better than being down and out with an injury.


This week, I ran 40.5 miles. I also did a BodyPump class and a sunrise yoga class.

Monday: 60 minutes BodyPump + 4.6 miles easy

Tuesday: 7.6 miles

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 5.1 miles speedwork

Thursday: 6.2 miles

Friday: No workout

Saturday: 6 miles (including 3.5 mile tempo run)

Sunday: 11 miles

On Monday, I switched up my running a little and attended the Fleet Feet Mt. Pleasant group run. It was fun hanging out with different people and running a new route, but after running 12 miles on Sunday, I felt pretty poopy.

I ran 1 mile before the Fleet Feet run and my legs could hardly go. I’d planned to run the 5 mile route but opted for 3.5 miles, and I ran with a girl who just moved to Charleston so it was fun chatting with her and talking about the area and running culture. Slowing it down paid off- I met a new person and I felt better on Tuesday’s run.

Wednesday was my weekly date with the Evil Oval (You can read all about my Wednesday in the Day in the Life post.) We ran 400 repeats with 200 recoveries between them. The 200s weren’t *really* recoveries. The 400s were supposed to be just under goal 5K pace and the 200s were supposed to be around marathon pace (faster than easy pace).


My 400s started out just under goal 5K pace and ended up around my current 5K pace. I didn’t time my 200s but they were around my easy pace. We didn’t have any (scheduled) standing rest breaks and with the heat, we all knew we’d be adjusting the workout.

After the workout, we headed to Icehouse Summerville for recovery beverages. Some of the girls talked about running the Kiawah Marathon but I did not succumb to Beer Pressure- signing up for a race based on peer pressure while under the influence of post-run endorphins and alcohol. Think I’ll stick to the Kiawah Half and cheer them on at the finish.


I took Friday off working out and technical writing job. I ventured shopping and bought some house stuff at Costco, then Clay and I went to Cinebarre to watch Vacation. We ate at Zen Asian Fusion this weekend- the best Asian food in West Ashley. Post-dinner Cook Out milkshakes were involved, and I consumed enough dairy, fat, sugar, and gluten to make up for all the health nut bloggers out there.

Saturday, I woke up to cooler temperatures and low humidity. It was 75 degrees and 83% humidity with a breeze. This was a legitimate cold front and did not feel like Charleston at all.

I resisted the urge to break out gloves and tights and took advantage of the Fall-like temps with an unplanned 3.5 mile tempo run and some mile splits I hadn’t seen since my last 5K race. I guess this summer running is paying off.


I went to Folly Beach and hung out with the OnShore crowd until about noon. I love Folly Beach- it’s known as the fun beach in Charleston and where all the surfers hang out. I should hit the beach more often, but I’ve enjoyed the few times I’ve gone this summer.


Sunday was my usual long run with the OnShore Racing Sunday group. I arrived at 8:30 and put in 3 miles with Jacci before the usual 8 miler. I’ve been trying to practice starting slower in my long runs and finishing faster, and it’s working well- last mile was my fastest.

We had freeze pops, beer, and ice-cold orange slices after the run. The orange slices were amazing- I’m buying oranges next week to slice up and eat after my hot morning runs.


After the long run, I headed to Mt. Pleasant for a sports massage. It’s a nice little splurge on myself. Since I was already in Mt. Pleasant, I followed it up with splurging on a new tank top at TrySports since it was tax-free weekend here in SC.

I hope everyone had a great week, and good luck surviving the last few hot weeks of summer!

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18 Responses to Training for Fall Races (August 3-9)

  1. Nice job this week! Your long run crew looks awesome. Great job on starting slower and ending faster on your long runs!

  2. Steph says:

    Haha. I lol’ed at “beer pressure”. That is definitely a thing

  3. Theresa says:

    HA The Evil Oval! Love that! And don’t feel bad I’m not going to be running the Kiwah full either – MAYBE the half…..maybe…..

  4. Ha! yeah I actually entertained the idea of signing up for the Kiwah full. In my mind I was like, I could totally sign up and BQ! Then reality hit me and reminded me how insufficient my conditioning is right now,lol!
    BUT once I a get myself back in shape I am planning on some serious races next year-and perhaps(meaning maybe but not for sure yet) I will join Theresa and Tammy on the dark side ie triathlons!!
    Nice training week btw- love how you start slow and end fast for your long runs!!! This will totally pay off for fall races!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You are still in better shape than probably 95% of people, but I totally get it. Big difference in being in shape and being in shape for a specific run distance or sport. Once the cooler weather hits all of our times will dip!

  5. The weekend was uncharacteristically cool here in VA this weekend too! It was lovely! Orange slices after a run sound delicious!

  6. Christine says:

    Nice job on your workouts this! HA! The Evil Oval and Beer Pressure. So true on both counts. I still haven’t decided if I want to run a full marathon ever again (I’m jaded from this summer running nonsense, I think), but I’m thinking I do want to run the Kiawah Half this year.

    Love Folly and it looks like such a fun time. Jealous of the surf time you guys had. I need to get my butt out on a surfboard.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ll run another marathon one day, but not until I have memory loss of the one I did a few years ago. To think I could’ve raced a 5K or 10K that day (and wrecked my body a lot less!). A few people have told me I should try it and hope to qualify but I don’t think I could do a 3:35, my fastest half was only 1:42 anyway.

  7. SuzLyfe says:

    Beer Pressure. i would do track workouts if you beer pressured me :D. hahaha. And great job on your workouts–seriously great miles.
    I think one of my crowing acheivements is the fact that I’ve never been burnt out going into/out of a marathon. That isn’t to say that I’ve not had hiccups, but I’ve managed to develop a pretty healthy approach that has allowed me to enjoy my live and training and still qualify! And we had pretty similar times–I think you’d be fine if you wanted to go for it. But it needs to be your decision!

  8. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Great job on your workouts! That 400/200 run sounds challenging to keep a steady pace on the recoveries and you totally owned it. It’s amazing that 75 degrees is cool in Charleston – that’s our high most days here in Seattle!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      75 is our high temperature in say, October. We do have legitimate seasons and times when it isn’t hot… but I can barely remember how that feels right now. I think I’m just so used to running in 90+ degree heat…

  9. Are those paddle boards on Folly or surf boards?
    I love paddle boarding,but can only do it in still water like lakes.

  10. Oh wow! 75 degrees! Drool please send some of that down here to Mississippi! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m in SC, so I’m not sure sending you our weather would be much relief- although I can imagine that parts of Mississippi are hotter.

      The 75 degree, low humidity morning was short lived… it was hot again Sunday morning! Glad I enjoyed it while it lasted ;).

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