Training for Fall Races (July 27- August 2)

It’s finally August!

College football starts this month (Go Gamecocks!), fantasy football drafts are this month, the kiddos are going back to school, and we’re a little closer to Fall.


I’ve started thinking about Fall races and decided on a few local 10Ks coming up in September, the Bohicket Marina 10K and the Fall Equinox 10K. My friend Pat is the race director for the Bohicket race, and running his race is the least I can do for all the freeze pops he brings us on Sunday mornings. Bohicket/Seabrook is one area of Charleston I haven’t explored, so running a race there gives me a chance to do that.

The Fall Equinox 10K is another flat 10K and the week after Bohicket, so if it’s hot, I feel crappy, or I just have a bad race at Bohicket, I can treat it as a practice run.


This week, I ran 41.35 miles. I also did a BodyPump class, a sunrise yoga class, an Arc Trainer session, and the 30 Day Squat Circuit Challenge.

Monday: 60 minutes BodyPump + 60 minutes Arc Trainer

Tuesday: 8 miles

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 6.1 miles (pub run)

Thursday: 7.25 miles

Friday: No workout

Saturday: 8 miles (Cooper River Bridge)

Sunday: 12 miles

I finished the squat circuit challenge. It took me a few extra days, but this is the first “30 day challenge” I’ve successfully completed. I like the way it’s structured because you get a rest day from the squats every three days, and the number of squats is never excessive. If you like to do these kinds of challenges for cross training, I highly recommend this one.

I didn’t do any “hard” workouts this week. Normally I do speedwork in Summerville on Wednesday. Unfortunately, a head-on collision happened on Ashley River Rd., killing two people and blocking the road for a several hours. Hearing about deadly accidents is so sad and scary, and that’s a dangerous road anyway.

Since I couldn’t run at the Evil Oval, I attended the Fleet Feet Pub Run at Palmetto Brewery. Since the pub run route was only 2.8 miles, I logged some extra mileage before the run. The pub runs are bigger than some races, and they are a little bigger than what I like. Still, it was neat to run somewhere different and run with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.


On Sunday, I went to Hampton Park early and met up with Jacci to run a few miles before the 8-mile OnShore Racing group run. I got in almost 4 miles and made up for it with a little extra at the end of the group run. For long runs, my goal is to not start too fast and keep a consistent pace. My last 2 miles of the 12-miler were my fastest miles. For 10Ks and half marathons, if you “bank time” (start too fast), you withdraw it with interest and I’ve learned that the hard way.


After group run, we all headed to Moe’s Crosstown Tavern. After running 12 miles and craving pancakes for a few days, the banana and walnut pancake special was a no-brainer.


I hope everyone has a great week!

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15 Responses to Training for Fall Races (July 27- August 2)

  1. Awesome week! So sad about that accident, though. That’s terrible. That pancake special looks aaaahhhhmaaaazziiinng! I can’t believe it’s August already, either. Where did this summer go?! It always flies by so quickly!

  2. Pam says:

    Wow, I hate hearing about fatal auto accidents. Recently someone I know got hit while riding her bike and it was totally the fault of the woman driving the car. Luckily my friend is okay, but a hospital visit, cracked handlebars and helmet were the fallout. Great job with your long run. I also agree that finishing a long run strong or at least negative splitting long runs is the way to go. It really makes race day so much better when you have trained that way.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m glad your friend is okay! I hate to hear about any accident, and I felt bad about the one on Wednesday. I mean, I was bummed for missing speedwork but then, someone’s friend/family member died, you know?

      Strong long runs are definitely a confidence builder for me, too.

  3. Killer week, keep on rockin!! My friend has been dying for me to go to a BP class with her! My first one would be free so I should just go check it out!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should try BodyPump- it’s low weight on the bar with a high number of reps, and it’s good cross training because you are doing strength training but it provides a cardio effect as well (you will sweat if you are lifting heavy enough). Great class for runners and people like me who just don’t know what to do in the weights area of the gym ;).

  4. runninrocker says:

    Great week of training Amy! It took me a couple years, and running with a pacer, to discover what you mentioned above…starting out too fast is not a great idea (for me anyhow). I found that consistent races are the best, end in the fastest times, and I feel so much better afterwards too. Have a great week Amy!!

  5. Liz says:

    That’s a bummer about that accident! I’m such a paranoid driver now. Not even necessarily about just driving, but things like people driving with an arm out the window (you should see the arms that come in when people do that), or putting their legs up on the dashboard, or sitting too close to the steering wheel well. I see things I would have never even thought of in car accidents! That is also a HUGE pub run group! I don’t know that I’d enjoy running with that many people either, but it is always nice to see friends!

  6. Laur says:

    Those pancakes!!!

  7. Christine says:

    I’m hoping to get back out to some OnShore runs this fall once I get my mileage back up in a few weeks. Moe’s. Yum.

    One of the reasons I avoid the pub runs is because there are so many people. How do that many people fit on the sidewalk reasonably in some of the areas you guys run? Or do you just take over the road? That also falls on a night when I’m usually on B patrol and I’m a little leery of bringing the stroller out in that crowd, too.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Wednesday, people just took over the road… which probably wasn’t safe and there were a LOT of people there running in the road. I went to the one on Monday night at Fleet Feet and it was smaller so everyone ran on the sidewalks and it felt a lot safer. The sidewalks downtown aren’t the best anyway.

      You will absolutely love the Moe’s pancakes :). Definitely come out to the group runs, we have some people who only run 5-6 miles as well.

  8. I tagged you to fill out the How I Run Q&A (if you want!!)

  9. girl, you missed a doozy of a workout last week but so glad you still had the chance to be surrounded in good company and run
    : )
    and holy pancakes,batman!!!!!!!!!
    my kiddos would LOVE that!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      All their pancakes are delicious at Moe’s. They have a different special each Sunday. The 2 pancake stack is like $4.50 + tax and tip, that’s what I always get. It’s just enough food.

      See ya tonight for another crazy hard workout….

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