Training for Fall Races (July 20-26)

Another week of training is done!

I don’t have any races coming up, so my short-term goal is to benefit from training in the heat and humidity. We had a few slightly cooler mornings so it wasn’t so bad this week. I don’t like to post paces for each run, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say I could tell a difference on the cooler mornings.

I hope to increase my long runs again. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve run more than 10 miles in a single run. Clay and I have gone out of town for the past few Saturdays, but we’ll be in town for at least the next 3 weekends. Also, my iPod died and it’s hard for me to do longer mileage alone without music.


This week, I ran 40.5 miles. I also did a BodyPump class, a sunrise yoga class, and the 30 Day Squat Circuit Challenge.

Monday: 60 minutes BodyPump + 5 miles

Tuesday: 7 miles easy

Wednesday: Sunrise yoga + 5.2 miles (speedwork)

Thursday: 7.2 miles

Friday: No workout

Saturday: 6.2 miles

Sunday: 10 miles (2 miles + 8 mile OnShore Racing Group Run)

Nothing much out of the ordinary this week. I went back to BodyPump on Monday, and unfortunately, the nice instructor was out. I’d already driven to the gym and didn’t have running gear, so I begrudgingly stayed for BodyPump. At least I was not as sore after BodyPump this week.

On Wednesday, I hit the Summerville High School track and we did a different workout. We ran 1 mile to warm up, then 4×300 repeats with 100 meters at a slightly easier pace between each 300. We did that 3 times, then ran a cooldown mile. It’s hard to wrap your head around unless you’re running it on a track, but we logged a little over 5 miles.


We had a good crowd for speedwork. Lots of us are surprising ourselves by running faster than we thought we could or completing workouts we weren’t sure about a few days before.

After speedwork, Virginia, Kendall, and I headed to Icehouse Summerville for recovery beverages and apps. It was delicious and I would recommend it for good eats in Summerville.


On Saturday, Clay and I headed to Hartsville for a funeral, so I squeezed in a quick 10K on the West Ashley Greenway before we left. It felt a little cooler at 6 AM. After the funeral, we went out to dinner at Sophia’s Pizza in Hartsville and just spent the day with the family.

I logged 10 miles on Sunday, where we also had a big crowd and cooler temperatures. It’s sad when 82 degrees for a long run feels like a cold front. A lot of people were out and about downtown, and we had some newcomers. Plus we had water, gatorade, beer, and freeze pops after the run again. Big shoutout to the OnShore Racing team for providing refreshments.


I hope everyone has a great week!

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24 Responses to Training for Fall Races (July 20-26)

  1. Nice week of training! I’d say you are doing pretty great with your mileage, keeping your base long runs at 10 miles is great. You’re going to kill it this fall! Have a great week!

  2. Is it sad that I also get way too excited when it’s ONLY 80 degrees outside? The heat is seriously killing me! I use a calculator tool that shows how the heat affects your pace and it makes me feel much better about running my super hot miles really slow since it can add up to 20 sec per mile to your pace compared to a 65 degree run.

  3. supereli23 says:

    Absolutely love summer but I’ll be so happy when long runs and speedwork sessions don’t have to be completed in 80+ degree weather with ridiculous humidity!

  4. Great job this week!!!!
    I think you will really surprise yourself this fall with your times! Your pretty speedy in the heat,so I can imagine cooler temps will bring the ideal conditions for you to see your hard work in the heat pay off!!
    (and I don’t like to post paces either but I do for the speed work so I can make comparisons later-it also is holding me accountable on social media to get faster,lol!!!!)
    I have my sights set on a couple fall half marys as well. Not this sunday but next I will finally get my rear end to meet up with and the onshore group. I’ve been doing my longer runs on the treadmill and not outdoors like I need to be….
    Anyways, here’s to another solid training week ahead!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Let me know when you’re coming on a Sunday! I am there every single Sunday although I will have to miss one Sunday in August due to being out of town. But I’m in town for the next 3 weekends.

      Also if you ever want to do a Saturday long run, I can run in Summerville (I usually drive for my long runs and either do them in Mt. Pleasant or Downtown). I love running on the Sawmill Trail and Virginia and we’ve run up to 16 miles out there when training for races. No plans to run a 16 for awhile…

      Sawmill is basically hallowed ground because that’s where all our BQ girls train!

      • Sawmill is 5 minutes from my house!
        (the trail head at the Y soccer fields). My husband along with Sandy and the rest of the Dorchester leadership team built all the fitness stations and added the water fountains and such…
        : )
        Would LOVE to run there with you! (not 16 just yet though! 8 is about all I can handle right now)

  5. I like to keep my base long run at 10 when not marathon training. 10 is my favorite distance I think… Last weekend was my first longer longish run since April! Back at it!! Yoga=love. I practice vinyasa at my local club in Wednesdays and I swear it’s so good to my body. Runners tend to be wound up tight! Looks like you have a great running group!! You’re so fortunate. The local group here runs at 5:15 am and I really struggle…

    • Amy Lauren says:

      We have some group runs here that start at 5:15 or even 4 AM. Those runs are not for me. Our Sunday run officially begins at 9 AM but lately people come earlier to beat the heat (and either run extra miles or turn around earlier). I think the organizers figure most people have a late night on Saturday and need to sleep in a little!

  6. Pam says:

    I was interested to see that your group did 300’s instead of the usual 400’s. My coaches often put us at weird distances on track and not only does it make you think more during your running, it also gives your body a change which I think is really beneficial on speed days. All the summer running in heat and humidity usual leads to good fall racing. It will be worth it in the end.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The 300 workout was interesting but everyone seemed to like it, including myself. Virginia posts these things and I don’t know where she gets them from but this one was a winner for everyone.

      We ran 300 hard, 100 easy, 300 hard, 100 easy, 300 hard, 100 easy, 300 hard, 100 easy, then break/rest. It was 1 mile of constant running, with 1200m of that being fast running. It was a 300 workout that was also 1200m or slightly disjointed mile repeats, depending on how you look at it.

      And you’re right- summer running makes us stronger for the Fall.

  7. Looks like you are getting those longer runs in even with this heat. It’s been pretty hard to run the past few days for me.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I’m sticking with the “base” long run of 10, although I really hope to increase it a bit soon for some fall 10Ks I want to run. I’d like to get in a nice 12 miler soon… ;).

  8. I hate it when the regular instructor isn’t there! I have found a solution though – now I always do yoga at home with Rodney Yee – he’s always there on my DVD!!!

    Training in this heat is so hard. I still have to run today and it’s 80 degrees and humid out…

    I actually prefer the kind of track workout you described, rather than intervals with complete rest. Just feels better to me to keep moving.

    Have a great week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, if I only I had that option for BodyPump! At least the gym had someone teaching, I have been there a few times where the instructor didn’t show and no sub.

      I could go for 80 degrees… ;).

  9. Wow great mileage! Looks like you are getting in some solid training! What fall races are on your schedule?

  10. Jennifer says:

    Nice week! I have no idea where my iPod shuffle charger is… ugh since I want to use it for my long runs going fwd. Its just a matter of me cleaning up my room/office area 🙂 So glad to hear people were getting faster at the speed workouts. I noticed more and more people have been attending my gyms “body pump” class lately – I wonder if it was word of mouth or they cut a class. It was packed (usually that room is 50% capacity)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Our class attendance varies. Sometimes it’s packed and sometimes it’s just the regulars. A lot of it depends on what’s going on that day too. I used to do yoga on Sunday afternoon and it was fun, loved it, but it would have poor attendance in the summer because everyone went to the beach (haha).

      If you don’t find the charger, you can buy one on amazon pretty cheap ;).

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