Goodbye Dinners and Saying See You Later

After moving to Charleston in June 2012, David and Nadine were some of the first friends Clay and I met.


Over the course of three years, we’ve had a good friendship and done a lot together, from cookouts to concerts and board games nights to road races. We’ve also celebrated holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas together.




Nadine and I ran the Charleston Marathon races in 2013 and then the Race for Taylor in Florence. We shared a few runs together in Summerville as well as a couple of Kaminsky’s trips.



In three years, we’ve been through adventures in moving, house buying, and having kids. I threw Nadine a baby shower and went to the hospital when Alice was born. It snowed that day and that was the only day it has snowed since any of us have lived in this area.



Even though David and Nadine love Charleston, the Navy had other plans and they are headed out to San Diego, California. This week, the five of us got together for one last double date and Alice as a plus one.

For our dinner, we headed to Mellow Mushroom Summerville. We’ve shared quite a few dinners at Mellow Mushroom, and they don’t have any locations in California, so it was only right to go there.


Even though Mellow Mushroom is a chain, each location is a little different, and I was excited to visit the Summerville location. I love the décor because it’s very nature-y and a tree is “growing” inside the restaurant.


The best thing about Mellow Mushroom? They will make a half-and-half pizza out of their menu choices, as long as the pizza has the same sauce base.


Everyone left with boxes because the portions at Mellow are so huge, and the drive back was pretty nostalgic for Clay and I.

Seeing friends move away is difficult, but we’re sure that David and Nadine will be visiting Charleston (they own a home here) and Clay and I plan to visit the West Coast someday. Plus, we can secretly hope that they move back someday.

Thanks for the memories, guys. You will be missed.


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16 Responses to Goodbye Dinners and Saying See You Later

  1. Pam says:

    The hardest thing about friendships are the moves that involved with careers. We moved so many times and leaving friends behind was the toughest part. We did not always love where we lived, but made many wonderful friendships over the years. Just remember that they will always be your friends and hopefully they will be back on the east coast soon.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’ve only moved a few times, and none were out of state. Moving to somewhere on the West Coast, or in the Northeast or midwest, would be really difficult with the culture change too.

  2. Awwww, so sorry to hear that your friends are moving away!! My sister-in-law’s husband was in the Navy and they moved around a lot. After his 4 years, he decided to discontinue and they moved home…so maybe, when your friend has served his time, they will return!

  3. Laur says:

    My best friend is going to have to move away with her husband soon for deployment. I am so, so sad. We’ve been friends since we were two years old. I’m going to miss her so much. I don’t see her often, but the fact she’s not just a short drive away is going to drive me crazy. I know how you feel to let special people go! It’s hard with the armed forces since they move so often!

  4. Angela says:

    I’m sorry your friends are moving away. These situations are always sad but now you have a reason to travel to California!! It seems like you had a nice time the other night! Hopefully you will stay just as close no matter how far the distance is

  5. Aww. It’s always sad to see good friends move so far! But hey, now there’s a good excuse to head up to the west coast!
    Sending hugs your way!

  6. Theresa says:

    A good friend of mine just moved to Hawaii with the Air Force. Its always sad to see them go.

  7. Oh so sorry your friends are moving, that is so hard.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Aww it is always sad to see friends move away, but you are right you will get to see them soon. Thank goodness for technology! One of my good friends will be moving to Richmond in a few weeks, luckily that is still pretty close to DC.

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